Prepare to be Dazzled

This year Disneyland celebrates its 60th anniversary, and in keeping with landmark anniversary traditions, like with the 50th, in which the park gleamed in gold, this year, the park has been bedazzled in diamonds. While the actual anniversary of Disneyland is not until July 17th, the Resort kicked off the celebration (which is slated to last a year) Friday by keeping the Disneyland Resort open 24 hours.

While this isn’t the first time the Resort has been open for 24 straight hours, it was the first time I had attended one of these events, and it sure was crazy, but worth it to be among some of the first to watch the new nighttime parade, Paint the Night, (which offers nice nods to the beloved Main Street Electrical Parade) as well as the new fireworks show, Disneyland Forever. Patrick and I did not stay for the full 24 hours, we left around 1:30 in the morning. And, yes, I did have to work that day, but thankfully I lucked out with a short shift in the afternoon, leaving the morning and evening available to enjoy the park.

We spent most of our time running to the various new pressed coin machines. I guess now is as good of time as any to admit I am obsessed with those pressed coin souvenir machines that are throughout the Disneyland Resort, as well as overjoyed when I see them at other tourist locations. I have been collecting Disney’s pressed coins for over ten years now. We also peeked into the shops to gaze upon the mounds of new merchandise commemorating the anniversary, including these new rhinestone and sequin Minnie ears!

We snapped loads of pictures of the lovely decorations along Main Street, and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle sparkles from top to bottom! Also be prepared for lots of photos through the 60th anniversary celebration! Especially as we didn’t even set foot over in Disney’s California Adventure, which also received the dazzling diamond treatment!

For those interested in visiting the Disneyland during the Diamond Celebration, but sure to keep an eye out on the Disney Parks Blog, specifically the Disneyland Resort tag to learn about all of the fun offerings throughout the celebration.

Fleece Sweater: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: I honestly don’t remember!
Shoes: Actually my work shoes…Target
Disneyland Scarf: World Vintage Fashion
Disneyland Charm Bracelet: Expo I think…
Disneyland D Brooch: Match Accessories
Disneyland Compact: Christmas gift
Minnie Ears & Purse: Disneyland

This Ain’t My First Rodeo

Oh my, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, and then it actually rained for a couple of days. But last week I tagged along with Patrick when he went into Redlands for work two days, and did a bit of shopping. Surprisingly enough, Redlands has quite a few antique malls and a few thrift stores, where I found a handful of things, but nothing too crazy, mostly practical items, like hatboxes and buttons. Then the following day I decided to head into Riverside after dropping Patrick off at work. I moseyed down aisle after aisle at antique mall after antique mall and wasn’t finding anything! It was sorely disappointing, then at my last antique mall my jaw hit the floor. There in the window was quite possibly one of most magnificent skirts I have ever seen. A western themed border print skirt I had never seen before, so I rushed to the counter to request them to take the skirt off of the mannequin, where I quickly whipped out my tape measure and check to see if it would fit, and it was perfect! I continued to shop, clutching and, a few times, petting the skirt, looking quite possibly like James Bond’s nemesis, Blofeld stroking his cat.

I couldn’t wait to wear the skirt, so it was an easy option when getting dressed to go out for brunch at Arthur’s Coffee Shop, a western themed breakfast joint here in Orange. Sadly my purse strap broke as I stepped out of the car, and it instantly turned into a clutch. The skirt is a most welcome addition to my growing border print collection, as well as to the western themed items. Another new addition is my Siesta jacket. I’ve been wanting one of these wool fringed beauties for awhile, along with a Chimayo, and recently scored this on Ebay. I’ll openly admit, I loathe buying on-line, and it could honestly be a blog post within itself, but sometimes there are items you will have better luck finding on-line, and a Siesta is one of them. And despite how much I love this jacket, and its reasonable price, it still perpetuated my hate of purchasing on-line, as it arrived reeking of cigarettes. Despite shoving it in a paper bag of newspaper and baking soda and letting it sit for a few days, it still smelled. It’s now being shot with Febreze daily, and sitting outside on our shaded patio.

Sadly, the skirt features no label, which doesn’t surprise me, as I believe most of these border print skirts were homemade, and whoever did make it, did a great job, and the hem has one of the best blind-stitch jobs I have ever seen. Additionally, the folded over twice, so the edge is hidden, which is where the makers text would have been. I haven’t come across this print anywhere else, and I would love to know who made it! So, please, if you have any ideas, comment below!

Siesta Jacket: Ebay
Blouse & Tooled Leather Flats: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Guerrero’s Treasures & Collectibles Antique Mall, Riverside, California
Saddle Brooch, Horse Brooch, & Rodeo Queen Ring: Gifts
Turquoise Shadowbox Ring: West of Texas, Redlands, California
Turquoise Bracelet: LA Vintage Expo
Belt: Thrifted
Tooled Leather Purse: Redlands Galleria, Redlands, California

This Year’s Smartest Headress

During my birthday getaway in Joshua Tree I couldn’t help popping into the handful of antique stores in Yucca Valley. At one store I came across something I have never seen before… a Visor-ette.

Part snood, part visor, the Visor-ette came with a slip of paper boasting “The year’s smartest headress. Hides curlers, pins and unruly hair. Attractive, practical, washable. Visor-ette will take care of wind-blown and unruly hair.”

The item reminded me possibly of something a gal might wear while gardening, or even perhaps while horseback riding, and I thought it may work well with my adventurer chic looks. Along the bottom of the paper it noted that its patent was pending, and it was trademarked 1952, and funny enough it was produced by Ellis (which is my last name) Manufacturing Company of Glendale, California.

Sadly I can’t find anything on the internet about this unique accessory. But for now I’ll just enjoy it. So, what do you think? Have you ever stumbled across one of these? Would you wear a Visor-ette?

Giant Rock

When I told my dad we were headed out to Joshua Tree for my birthday he suggested we visit Giant Rock.

Giant Rock is pretty much exactly how it sounds, an enormous rock out in the middle of the Mojave, and accessible only by dirt roads with small, wooden, hand written markers to point the way. My dad had his reasons for suggesting the place too. While the rock has ties to Native Americans, it is mostly known as the location of UFO conventions in the 50s and 60s, and its easy to see why. All but isolated from the closest town of Landers, the area has no light pollution, and offers a big expanse of the sky, perfect for spotting UFOs. Sadly, we didn’t spy any visitors from outer space.

Prior to era of the UFO conventions, a German radio enthusiast dug himself a subterranean home under the rock, and after his death, George Van Tassel took up residence in the humble home, while also beginning work on the desert icon The Integratron. The other reason for the visit is that it is yet another odd location in the list of places that have ties to Gram Parsons.

Parsons had made friends with film maker Tony Foutz, who was working on a film of his own creation called Saturation 70. The film was suppose to be a 60s counter-culture style update to the classic tale of the Wizard of Oz, starring Michelle Phillips (of the Mamas and the Papas), acclaimed rodeo tailor, and the man responsible for the suits that blazed the cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers’ debut album, Nudie Cohn, and the main character was played by Julian Jones, the son of Rolling Stones member Brian Jones. Douglas Turnbull, fresh off 2001: A Space Odyssey, was slated for effects (Turbull would go on to do the effects for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Blade Runner). Filming was done guerrilla style and without permits. However part way through filming, the project ground to a halt and was abandoned.

Saturation 70 never takes up more than a page or two in any Parsons biography, if it is mentioned at all. The film has been credited for the reason behind the biohazard suits the Burritos don for images on their second album, Burrito Deluxe. In September of last year, what little footage there is of Saturation 70, as well as stills was show and displayed at London’s Horse Hospital, but has yet to make it to any other museum.

For those interested in visiting Giant Rock, make sure you either have an SUV, or your car is in good shape, as the dirt roads are bumpy to say the least, and you may drive only 20 mph or less along the roads. It takes roughly 30 minutes to drive from Joshua Tree up to the rock, and Google even knows how to get there.

Well that rounds out our Joshua Tree explorations for my birthday! I hope you enjoyed!

Cowboy Hat: Found by my dad
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Costa Mesa, California
Boots: Buffalo Exchange, Los Angeles, California (yes, I shop a lot at Buffalo, I know)
Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace: Birthday present from Patrick (but I know it came from Magpie, Portland, Oregon)
Turquoise Ring: An antique mall in Astoria, Oregon, I think…

A Girl and her Jackalope

Have you ever just had an idea for something with no real reason behind it except that it would just be cool? Well, I had one of those when we made plans to visit Joshua Tree National Park over the days we were spending out there for my birthday. People love taking pictures with their pets, and sadly, we are a petless household right now, with the exception of one, rather stiff, little buddy, Mr. Van Cleef, our jackalope, with whom I have wanted to do photos with for sometime.

I won’t lie, I have completely fallen head over heels in love with chiffon maxi skirts over the last year, but have had trouble finding some without either spending an arm and a leg, or shopping at stores I hate. So when I found two chiffon maxis (including this one), a few weeks ago, it was like hitting the jackpot. I love the fact that they still evoke an old west feel, but also feel like something else entirely, not to mention are perfect for the heat of California.

Hat and Top: Found by my dad
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Costa Mesa, California
String Tie: Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, California
Sandals: Minnetonka
Turquoise Rings: Living Threads Vintage, Portland, Oregon and Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Bracelet: I forget…

It’s a Lazy Day

Not only do I have a long list of places I wish to visit day little day trips here in California, but also a long list of places I wish to stay at. California offers a lot with regards to unique accommodations, from the Madonna Inn to the Wigwam Motel, there are many neat places to visit for small getaways. For my birthday I picked one such interesting place, the Joshua Tree Inn, and specifically room eight.

To the average person the Joshua Tree Inn may not look like much, but it is home to a piece of unique music history – it is the place where country rock pioneer Gram Parsons passed away. Call me morbid, but it is something I have been longing to do since I heard it was possible.

We spent several days out in the desert, mostly loafing about the pool and in the private patio of our room. The Inn is quiet and incredibly peaceful, and was the perfect place to recharge.

Outfit 1
Cowboy Hat: Found by my dad
Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels Tee: Worn Free
Mexican Blanket Print Shorts & Cowboy Boots: Buffalo Exchange, Los Angeles, California
Turquoise Cross Necklace: Wanderlust, Portland, Oregon
Turquoise Rings: Here and there

Outfit 2
Cowboy Hat: Found by my dad
Mexican Blanket Print Playsuit & Cowboy Boots: Buffalo Exchange, Los Angeles, California
Jean Jacket: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace: Birthday present from Patrick (but I know it came from Magpie, Portland, Oregon)
Turquoise Rings: Here and there

That Voodoo You Do So Well

Recently I was contacted by the vintage inspired clothing company Voodoo Vixen asking if I would like to review an item from their new Spring/Summer 2015 collection. As noted in my last post I have recently felt the need to expand upon my vintage inspired/repro collection and was eager to see what was available! The Spring/Summer collection from Voodoo Vixen this year is adorable, with lots of great colors, and fun prints, including many items in a tiki print, which is what caught my eye and I selected their Constantia skirt.

After opening the package I was really pleased when I felt the fabric, as it was a heavier cotton, that felt quite sturdy. And upon inspecting the tag found that the garment was made of 97% cotton, and 3% elastane. I’m not the biggest fan of stretch fabrics, so whenever I find a garment that has over 80% cotton content, I’m pretty happy. Having a 27 inch waist, I selected the small, which is stated as a 27 inch, and and when taking a tape measure it it, is read as a solid 27 inches. The skirt fit perfectly and I was then overjoyed when I discovered the skirt had pockets! Seriously, I’m a sucker for pockets in skirts.

Another feature I love of the skirt is the faux tie belt attached to the front portion of the skirt’s band. It’s amazing what a small touch like this will add to a skirt. I feel like it give it an even greater Hawaiian flair.

When turning the garment inside out, I observed a solid stitch, followed by surging around nearly all of the edges. The areas lacking surging are where the pocket meets the skirt (visible in the below image, lower left), and where the band meets the skirt, which appears French seamed. In comparing the garment to a Pin-Up Girl Clothing skirt, I found the two very similar in construction and feel, and often PUG is hailed as one of the best made vintage inspired clothing lines. Where the two companies differ is their manufacturing, where as PUG is made in the USA, this garment was made in China.

For the majority of the week, Patrick was up in Portland, and when he returned home we decided to go out for dinner and drinks at Trader Sam’s, and I felt it was a perfect place to take my new skirt out for a spin.

I also just ordered the palm brooch from Match Accessories that I know will go swell with this skirt, and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I would like to thank Voodoo Vixen for this opportunity, as well as this amazing skirt that I can’t wait to wear again and again.

Top: Buffalo Exchange, I think…
Skirt: Courtesy of  Voodoo Vixen. Thank you, very much!
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstorm
Shoes: Re-mix
Purse: Belonged to my grandma
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Bangles: Here and there. Though I know a few came from Retro Rejuvenation
Hair Flower: Fancy Fruits, International Tiki Marketplace

Disclaimer: I received this skirt free of charge from Voodoo Vixen in exchange for an honest review of their garment.