Greetings from Salton Sea!

I hope you enjoyed my snapshots from our visit to the Salton Sea. Shooting Americana is one of my biggest passions, and I look forward to continuing to share the images that I capture with you in the future. But for right now, how about a look at what I wore for our outing! I wanted to go for an outfit that was practical for shooting in such an environment, while also something that looked like an outfit a gal out for a vacation along the shores might have worn. So I opted for my one and only romper (something I hope to change!) and a pair of Minnetonkas.

We shot these outside of the North Shore Yacht Club, which was designed by one of Patrick’s favorite architects, Albert Frey. Stay tuned for a guest post by Patrick about the club!

Romper: Buffalo Exchange, Fullerton, California
Mocs: Minnetonka
Purse: Found by my dad

Let’s Get Some Shoes!

Last night a little birdie told me that Re-Mix was having a warehouse sale that began yesterday and carried on through today. They were doing the sale in tandem with Loco Lindo at their warehouse. The sale for Re-Mix included “overstock, old stock, and second quality” pairs of shoes and prices between 40% to 75% off of regular retail! Since I adore Re-Mix’s shoes, I was elated over the opportunity to score more pairs, as I often get one pair about every other year due to their hefty price tag, that is unless I happen upon a pair at Buffalo Exchange or somewhere similar.

The sale was up in Glendale, about a 45 minute to one hour drive for us, and we left early as to arrive a little early, as I had some concerns that there may be quite the line, which is known to occur with other vintage inspired lines, like Pin-Up Girl Clothing‘s infamous yard sales. Thankfully, it was low key, with only a handful of girls already in line.

I felt there was little chance for me, as I am a fairly average size in shoes, a 7/7.5 depending on the shoe, but I walked out with four pairs of shoes!

I was so excited to find one pair that I had been ogling over for some time, the Spectator. Not only did I snag a pair in classic black and white, but also a pair in brown (which apparently is no longer offered) which I think will look swell with some of my Adventurer Chic ensembles.

I also picked up a pair of their Veronicas, a style I wasn’t necessarily on the hunt for, but since they were available in my size and in white I scooped them up, as I was in desperate need of a new pair of white shoes.

And a girl can never go wrong with a pair of classic pumps, which for Re-Mix is their Babydoll. I have many pairs of red shoes, but my classic pumps have been on their last legs for awhile, so I was pleased to get a pair to replace them.

I was a little bummed there were no pairs of their Pleated Toe shoe, as I practically live out of my pair that I have because they are incredibly comfortable. But I am so pleased we went! If I were to purchase all of these from their website, I would have been looking at a total of $698! But the total of all four pairs at the sale was $367! Talk about a deal! I can’t wait to step out in each of these!

A Visit to the Studio

Another one of the perks of being a Cast Member for the Disneyland Resort is access to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. Of course it is limited access, I can’t just go stepping onto a sound stage during filming, but it is access nonetheless! Recently, the ultimate Disney fan club, D23, announced the recent lobby display for the Disney Archives, which celebrates the 75th anniversary of Walt Disney Studios. The display boasted a wide variety of items from the archives, from models to furniture to props, and I was extremely excited. But before I geek out too much about the archives, how about a peek at my outfit.

Read on for a glimpse into the Walt Disney Studio…

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Knott’s Berry Farm

Some of the perks of being a Cast Member at Disneyland is that we are offered discounted tickets to other amusement parks in southern California, including Knott’s Berry Farm. I hadn’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm since the mid-90s, and in all sincerity, all I remember is getting so drenched on Bigfoot Rapids that we had to go to our car to change clothes, and the Camp Snoopy store, which I thought was pretty nifty especially since it offered plushes of Snoopy’s siblings. Additionally, Patrick had never been to Knott’s! So, with a Saturday off, we decided to head over there!

The origins of Knott’s Berry Farm are incredibly humble, and unique, and not as well known as Disneyland. What we now know as Knott’s Berry Farm today began just as that, a berry farm, owned by Walter Knott and his wife, Cordelia, where they sold berries, preserves and pies. Eventually Cordelia began selling chicken dinners. Soon, word of how delicious her chicken was spread like wild fire. Massive crowds began to line up, and to entertain them, Knott began relocating buildings from real ghost towns, as well as constructing buildings inspired by other ghost towns, including Calico, and Knott’s Berry Farm and Ghost Town, as it was officially called then, was born. Over the decades the park has grown and expanded. In 1983 Camp Snoopy was added, an area themed used the world of Peanuts created by Charles M. Schulz, including character meet-and-greets, and now the park has many thrilling roller coasters, various kid friendly rides, and of course the famous Ghost Town.

Peanuts has always been one of my favorite comic strips, and has been present in my life since I was born. My mother is a massive Peanuts fan and collector, and I grew up with the strip and the various animated features. While for some A Charlie Brown Christmas is where their Peanuts films begin and end, I love all of the holiday films and TV shows that starred the characters of Schultz, and It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown is my favorite of the holiday specials. By and far Linus is my favorite character, with Lucy a close second, and certainly relatable, she’s a bit of a drama queen, and fights for women’s lib.

The Ghost Town portion of Knott’s is especially neat. There are actual blacksmiths at work who can make you unique souvenirs, many shows to enjoy, a stagecoach, and best of all, you can pan for real gold! Which we did! And it was pretty gosh darn nifty! One thing that is rather interesting about Knott’s is that it didn’t shy away from some topics of the wild west (like Disneyland does) and even includes nods to the the west’s infamous ladies of the night.

Since it has been so long since I had been to Knott’s I opted for a pretty casual look, not knowing how many wild rides we would do. I was also very pleased to take my new cactus brooch from Match Accessories for a spin. I picked this, as well as two others brooches, up at the Dapper Day Expo last week. Before you ask, no, I didn’t go to Dapper Day. I was actually working at the Resort that day. But swung by the Expo to see what was going on. There were many tempting vintage goodies, as well as some vintage repro/inspired lines, including Pin-Up Girl Clothing who debuted some samples from their upcoming Mary Blair collection. I also wore my vintage Knott’s Berry Farm charm bracelet. I’m a sucker for a good charm bracelet, especially touristy ones!

We had a pretty swell time, and I can see a return to Knott’s in the future, but it still can’t ever replace Disneyland in my heart. But I love Knott’s for its unique origin and many original gems, and details to the old west.

Top: Magpie, Portland, Oregon
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Mocs: Minnetonka
Knott’s Berry Farm Charm Bracelet: An antique mall somewhere!
Cactus Brooch: Match Accessories
Purse: My dad…or Stars in Portland…I don’t remember!

Look Not into the Eye of Mara!

On March 3rd Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure, the Temple of the Forbidden Eye turned 20. Yes, the Indiana Jones attraction is 20 years old. I remember when when the attraction wasn’t even there! And I remember when it was being constructed, and guests could walk up to the imposing temple for a peek. We visited again the summer after the attraction opened and how absolutely terrified I was when I rode it for the first time! But it was fun none the less! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the attraction, Disneyland hosted an exclusive, after hours party for annual passholders.

For the event I was inspired by the attraction, and wore an “adventurer chic” outfit with elements of the attraction, including an eye of Mara pendant from the shortly lived Adventureland Trading Company adventure, and a cobra belt, as the attraction features a giant cobra.

The party offered live entertainment with bands, fortune tellers and, best of all, a special presentation with Disney historian Tim O’Day and Disney Imagineer and Legend Tony Baxter to discuss the development of the attraction. Baxter is one of my favorite behind the scenes Disney guys, and I’ve even labeled myself a Tony Baxter fangirl on occasion, because his credits include some of my favorite attractions at Disneyland, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the development of New Fantasyland, and of course Indiana Jones. It should also be noted Baxter started his Disney career scooping ice cream! Baxter and O’Day shared with us the many ideas were discussed in the attraction’s infancy, showcased concept art, photographs of models (including outlandish plans to integrate the Jungle Cruise and Disneyland Railroad) and the technology that was developed for the attraction.

When the attraction first opened, Guests were given cards to aid in deciphering the Maragliphics (named after Mara whose temple it is) that adorned the walls of the temple. The cards were discontinued, finding their ways into antique shops with dealers who specialized in Disneyland memorabilia, or Ebay, and soon the strange writings on the wall were left to be thought of as just decor. But for the celebration, Guests were given the card again! And could once again decipher the various warnings and hidden gems throughout the attraction’s queue, including a room that features the initials of those who worked on the attraction.

It was an exciting and fun night, and I was thrilled to be able to see one of my favorite Disneyland legends in person, and speaking about one of my all-time favorite attractions.

Coat by Desert Suedes: Some antique mall in California, I don’t recall!
Blouse: From my dear friend, and fellow blogger, Christine of Smitten
Skirt: Skirt: Made by me, McCall 7153
Shoes: Miz Mooz
Snake Belt: Antiques at the Market, Las Vegas, Nevada
Watch: Fossil

La Vie en Rose

Oh my! It has been awhile hasn’t it? Well, with good reason. Shortly after hitting the “Publish” button on my last post, Patrick and I drove into LA to pick up my brother and his girlfriend, who took the train down from Oregon to spend some time at Disneyland. I ended up spending most of the days they were here with them at the park, and the day they left was my first day with the Disneyland Resort as a Cast Member, so the last few days have been taken up by training. (Which has been both interesting and tiring.) And today I bring you yet more Disneyland! Yesterday we joined our fellow vintage and Disney loving friends for an afternoon at the park. Last month’s theme was blue, and taking inspiration from Valentine’s Day, this theme was pinks and reds! Once again, my planned outfit was thwarted, but not by heat this time! Instead it was a chance of rain!

We met up, rode a few attractions and enjoyed drinks at Carthay Circle before the rain started to put a dapper on our fun. It was a bit blustery too. Personally, I was beat from the days I spent at the park with my brother, as well as my two days of training, which were not limited to sitting learning about Disneyland, but also included walking about the Resort. Additionally I had another day of training was slated for the following day, so all of that, combined with the rain made for the decision for Patrick and I to bail early, spending the rest of the evening at home watching the Oscars.

The funny thing about this dress is that I have the exact same dress in pink with white accents! So when I spied it in silver with pink accents I snapped it up, especially because I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets. It was a difficult dress though with regards to finding shoes for it, as both silver and/or bright pink shoes are difficult to find! But I scored these pink shoes recently and they match not only the dress, but this coat perfectly too! They aren’t my favorite style of heel, as I am much more a fan of heels with a larger footprint in the actual heel department (I prefer about a square inch) but when it comes to certain colors, I’ll settle for nearly any style!

Have you ever had a dress that you had difficulty matching accessories with? Or have you ever found the exact same vintage dress in a different color?

Coat: Red Fox Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Dress: Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, California
Shoes: Thrifted
Purse: Christmas present from Patrick, but from Disneyland
Pin: From the Cultivating the Magic Tour at Disneyland

Will You Be My Valentine?

In all honesty, I care little for Valentine’s Day. Patrick and I don’t even celebrate the holiday. But I find it a good excuse to wear as much pink and red clothing as I can and accessorize with my heart-shaped jewelry as much as possible throughout the month of February. Like Christmas, Patrick and I figured why not go to Disneyland and see what was brewing there. It also gave me a good excuse to wear a newly acquired, and very appropriate pin!

My day started out wonderfully when I spotted Chip and Dale shortly after walking through the gates, who attempted to make a heart around me for the holiday.

My pin is a recent Ebay purchase, when I felt the need for more Clarice pins in my life, and Ebay seemed the best place, as the Resort seems to rarely carry merchandise with her on it! (If you don’t know who Clarice is, check out my Halloween post from last year!) And Chip and Dale expressed great interest in my pin, Chip even pantomimed his heart pitter-pattering at the thought of her.

Near where we snapped these photos is one of my favorite “hidden in plain sight” gems of Disneyland, one of the last remaining ticket booths.

You can spy one of these ticket booths in action in a close up of one of my family’s pictures taken in the late 70s.

Before the days of the one ticket for everything at Disneyland, Guests purchased entry to the park and tickets of varying values for the various attractions. Park entry could be attached to a ticket book, and you could purchase additional ticket books in the park at these ticket booth locations, very similar to a carnival. Tickets were graded on a value of A through D, with the E ticket being introduced in 1959. A tickets represented the lower key attractions, such as the carousel, working their way toward more intense attractions. E represented the best of the best, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Matterhorn, and the phrase “E ticket” went on to represent how awesome something was. Astronaut Sally Ride described her first space shuttle launch as an “E ticket” experience. Ticket books disappeared entirely in 1982, introducing the system we now know today, and today ticket books have faded into obscurity, though hard-core Disneyland fans will always have a soft spot for them, including myself. After purchasing the iPhone 5S (which was larger than its predecessor) I needed a new phone case, and was ecstatic when I found a ticket book one on Ebay, which is what you see in the photo above.

Awhile back the old ticket booth was home to a small film and memory card kiosk, for Guests in the event they ran out of film, or space on their digital camera’s memory cards. But I guess the need for film, and additional memory cards (as current memory cards can hold thousands of photos now) has diminished enough that there is no longer a need to use this location. Currently film and memory cards are available at Disney’s Photo Pass Service along Main Street.

After spending some time in Disneyland we popped over to California Adventure for awhile where I spied Chip and Dale yet again and I couldn’t resist wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

As you may have guessed, we’re home now, and are planning on running a few errands before needing to drive into LA to pick up my brother and his girlfriend who will be visiting for the next week, including several days in the park! So I’m very excited for that. I hope you all are having a lovely holiday and weekend!

Vintage Sweater: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Dress: Stop Staring, by way of Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Nordstorm
Shoes: Re-Mix, by way of a rummage sale
Pin: Ebay
Purse: My Christmas present from Patrick, though from Disneyland