Latest Finds: Vintage Dresses, Stockings & Girdle

On a day of running errands, I decided to swing by Nobody’s Baby, a fabulous vintage clothing store in Eugene. While the ladies of the store were reorganizing their costume selection (Nobody’s Baby also runs Time Warp Costume Rentals within the store) I chatted and dug through The Trunk; a large truck just inside the door full of items that are slightly damaged or imperfect items at bargain prices…what did I find?

Orange Gingham Sun Dress

A fun find!This adorable piece was in the trunk due to two small stains and cost only $5.00. The dress is unmarked and there are no tags in it to speak of. It has a fun boat neck and zips up the side. There is also a nice beading around the waist, which I think it almost a lost accent in dresses these days, and often adds a lot.







Kaufman Brothers/National’s First Quality box and stockings

I love owning local finds!I usually don’t buy seamless stockings, but this box was too great not to pass up, since it is from Kaufman’s, one of the hot spots for fashion in Eugene through the 1970s.Plus, the printing on stocking tops is fantastic. Paid: $1.00



My current job is at another resale shop in Eugene, which specializes more current fashions, but once in awhile we get some great vintage goodies like this beauty!

Rago Open Bottom Girdle

Oo la la!The moment I saw this, I couldn’t contain my excitement!

This fantastic little number is by Rago, a company still in business. Girdle Bound sells them on their website and girdles comparable cost around $52.00-$56.00. I paid $14.00

The girdle has no zipper, and a total of six garters for extra stay up.

With no zipper, the girdle is one pain to get on and off, but it is the perfect foundation to vintage dresses due to the brazier portion being that classic “bullet” look that many vintage dresses were designed for.

For more on girdles and links to other vintage foundation pieces, please visit this more recent entry, Vintage Must Have: Girdle

3 thoughts on “Latest Finds: Vintage Dresses, Stockings & Girdle

  1. Awesome finds all around! I echo the sentiment of the others, that Rago girdle is amazing and looks great on you. I have one of their waist cinchers and I can attest to their quality.

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