Science and Honor

The Phenomenauts rock the stand-up bassImagine Elvis Presley…now, imagine if Elvis were a commander on a space mission, but instead of those drab NASA uniforms, he was given an awesome rockabilly space uniform and sang out about space girls, rockets and planets – you now have The Phenomenauts.

The music of the Phenomenauts is pretty much this: Sci-fi infused rockabilly.Their songs and their look are all about space and science – sounds geeky? It may be, but it’s also awesome. Dressed in custom made uniforms, the Phenomenauts are led by their fearless leader, Angel Nova, who is lead vocals and guitar, the band also includes keyboard, another guitar, drums, and an stand-up bass, played by Deck Chief Nick Wayzar – who is crazy to say the least.

Last night, Patrick and I had the honor of seeing them – my second time, and Pat’s third. Opening with fog and laser pointers, the Phenomenauts don’t do anything half-way. They come with their own uniforms, incredible mike-stands, and banners. Plus fog machines, flashing lights, a modified leaf blower that blows out toilet paper (sounds strange, but it’s fun and hilarious) and a giant balloon of Earth when they play “Earth is the Best”. Their songs and production put them in league with only one other band: The Aquabats, who are more ska, but it is the rockabilly vibe of the Phenomenauts that makes them so fantastic.

The Atomic Redhead has dreams come true with Angel NovaThey have three CDs out, and are also into vinyl. I purchased their vinyl copy of Re-Entry, which is their second album, and got each member to sign it. Needless to say, I had a blast, and if you’re into rockabilly (and sci-fi) you’ll love The Phenomenauts.

This marked the first of three concerts I’m seeing this month…next Thursday brings The Koffin Kats (who I’ve never seen before), and on the 30th, Patrick and I are heading to Portland to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, plus I’m also see the Broadway show, The Rat Pack is Back next Friday with my dad! Sheesh!

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