Koffin Kats Rock at the WOW

What a week it’s been and still will be! I’ve been working a lot on my seminar paper, Vice in the Rose City, mentioned a littler later on, plus I have been asked to hand address some envelopes for my boyfriend’s boss, 300 of ’em, but at $9.00 an hour, I can’t really complain.

As for my essay, so far I’ve been using Phil Stanford’s book, Portland Confidential as a kind of guide to write my paper. Several pages in Portland Confidential are images of newspaper pages, yet they were hard to read. Thankfully, the university library has loads of newspapers on microfilm and yesterday I had my first experience in the microfilm collections. Sheesh, what a trip. But it’s also very nostalgic. Flipping…er, scrolling…through all of the old 1950s newspapers is a real window into the past. From the ads, to the movies being released, to the photos of people, back when men wore hats and women wore gloves. I only spent about an hour getting to know the system – I had a few hitches (i.e. trying to get the roll into the machine) but I eventually got three stories printed that I wanted about the senate hearings. I’ll need to make a few more trips in the near future.

The Koffin Kats tear it upAs for other aspects of life…last night Patrick and I returned to the WOW Hall to see the Koffin Kats. There were two opening acts, Toxic Zombie of Portland and The Sawyer Family of Eugene. With zombie make-up and a pink zebra fabric covered upright bass, Toxic Zombie certainly qualifies as psychobilly rather than rockabilly. And while a lot more hardcore than I normally go for, they were highly entertaining, as well as very nice.The bass player even got into the mosh pit for the artists who followed. The Sawyer Family I expected to be rockabilly, yet turned much more punk, despite the upright bass. Have I mentioned how much I love upright basses? Their slow songs though were outstanding and their performance on stage was stunning. As for the headliner, Koffin Kutiethe Koffin Kats, I already knew what I was in for, rockabilly, but a little heavier on the rock part.Their lead singer, who also plays upright bass has that classic rockabilly twangy voice you’d expect, however their music is a little more on the rock side than say Brian Setzer’s solo work. But nevertheless, I enjoyed myself since it’s always nice to go ultra rock out now and again. If you want to see more pictures, just check out my Flickr. I did pick up a shirt (I usually can’t leave a concert without one). How adore able is a little demon kitty playing with an eyeball?

As for today, Patrick has his gallery opening at the student union, and tonight, my dad and I are see the Broadway show, The Rat Pack is Back! So, a review of that to come. Then tomorrow, some friends and I are headed to Lone Pine Farms to do the corn maze and pick pumpkins. Should be loads of fun!

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