Hello, 2010!

Well, the holidays are finally winding down and I can breathe freely, if only for another few says…classes start back up on Monday.

As for Christmas, it was a lovely, and typically awkward, day spent with my family. In the morning my mom and I went to my dad’s to meet up with my brother, sister-in-law and her son to open up presents and in the evening, my brother hosted a wonderful dinner of turkey, ham and rib roast. Among my Christmas loot I received…

Robert Morton Wholesale Catalog, 1957

The go-to guide for everything 1957My dad gave this to me, and explained that it was a wholesale catalog that a small town mom-and-pop department stores would use to purchase items for their store. It’s from the Robert Morton Wholesale Distributors, “a western firm serving western merchants”. Located in Glendale, California, the Robert Morton Company provided everything imaginable to those with the catalog in their hands, it provides the wholesale price, as well as the suggested retail price. Anything and everything can be found within its pages…diamond rings (around $1200 for a 1 carat diamond ring) to purses to furs ($1950 for a mink jacket) to umbrellas to handkerchiefs to razors to dishes to portable bars to golf clubs to toys to furniture. It’s amazing! It’s also the go-to guide for everything if you want to recreate 1957. Thanks, Dad!

Giggles magazine, 1943

A redhead for the first issue!During World War II an array of pin-up magazines were published, Beauty Parade, Eyeful, Titter where among some of the most known, all of which were produced by the same man, Robert Harrison.Giggles was another pin-up magazine, however not produced by Harrison. This is the first issue with a stellar give done by Peter Driben. The issue includes several war related cartoons, a two page spread about stocking paint, and even includes an image of Lucille Ball.

Pin-Up Tray and Canister Set

Pin-ups ready to serve!This adorable set is new, however I know nothing as to how new or who produced the set. The only text on them is a copyright symbol and “REX”. But nevertheless, it’s a fantastic kitchen set to store coffee, tea, and sugar and a cute little tray to serve on.What I find interesting is there is an array of artists displayed, Driben, Elvgren and Vargas all appear.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and a wonderful New Year! Here’s to 2010 and a bright year ahead of us!

One thought on “Hello, 2010!

  1. I was just googling for a picture of this pin-up-girls tea set because I wanted to show my friend mine. I got mine years ago and don’t know where I got it. Love it though!

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