A Coat that Made My Day

A top notch coat for a garage sale price!In a successful act of procrastination, I ventured out to the antique shops of Springfield to avoid completing my Brown v. Board of Education paper this afternoon.

First stop, Althea Lou’s just off Main St. A favorite haunt of mine, I’ve never left empty handed, and today was no exception. I left with the most adorable late 50s, early 60s coat. The coat has a Season Skipper “Two Complete Coats in One” label. Season Skipper coats were made with a satin/wool removable liner, making their coats versatile enough for fall, winter and spring. This coat still has its removable liner, and is in fantastic condition! It has 3/4 length sleeves and a fur collar. No moth holes or rips anywhere. The cost? $10.00! I’ve had no luck uncovering any female coats available for purchase on-line, so I don’t have a ballpark value. But I can see it easily being a $40.00 coat.

ar-earringsNext on my rounds, Glory Days Antiques. Sadly, it looks as though several dealers have bailed out, leaving the spaces more scattered. I don’t have my ears pierced, and frankly I’m not keen on getting them pierced…I hate looking at little old ladies and their sagging earlobes…but that’s another story. The point is not having my ears pierced places me in a limited realm of earrings.But thankfully, a lot of fun costume jewelry earrings are clip-ons! So I was thrilled when I found these Judy Lee earrings to be clip-ons! Judy Lee was the Avon of costume jewelry. Beginning in 1949, Blanche Viano began a party planning style of sales (akin to Tupperware parties) and it caught on. I picked up these fabulous pearl/rhinestone for $9.50. More than I wanted to spend, but not bad. They are practically weightless and fairly comfortable to wear. Three piece sets of Judy Lee are priced around $25.00 throughout the internet, depending on its style.

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