Pin-Ups from the Flea Market

For the most part, every other weekend brings the Picc-a-Dilly flea market to the Lane County Fair Grounds. This go around, I found two great pin-up items.

Elvgren Playing Cards

Pin-ups in the plam of your handA classic staple in cheesecake – playing cards. Often playing cards can be the most scandalous of pin-up area, bearing images of nude photographed women, instead of the cheeky illustrations. Sometimes the playing cards only have the pin-up on the back, and only one or two images, limiting the players enjoyment of the lovely ladies.These however “bare” a different girl on each playing card and are illustrated by the famous Gil Elvgren, “one of the world’s greatest artists” according to the Joker card, which reads a mini-bio of Elvgren and his work. This deck is from the early 1960s, most likely printed in 1962, since several of the illustrations were painted in 1961 (source: Gil Elvgren: All his glamorous American pin-ups, Martignette and Meisel). Sadly the deck does not have its box, which would greatly increase the value, but all of the cards are present and accounted for. I paid $10.00, which was actually a bit more than I wanted to pay. Four decks with the box have sold on Ebay ranging from a selling price of $54.95 to $102.50. (I by no means deem Ebay a proper means of appraising items) There is a deck currently available for a buy it now price of $125.00, however the seller is misrepresenting the product, because she says they are “circa 1940s”. I sent the seller an e-mail, informing her. We’ll see what happens.

Chalk Wall Plaque

Ready for a swimThe 1950s and 60s brought an array of kitchy wall plaques for your bathroom. Usually they were sea related like fish and mermaids, but a few were of the more scandalous nature, such as this bathing beauty. Flat on one side, these plaques could easily hang on the wall and add a 3-dimensional effect to your decor. First made of chalk, like this one, then later ceramic or resin, and finally plastic, often in the late 60s or early 70s, which is when they went out of vogue, although your may have a grandmother or aunt who still has a rainbow painted fish or two hanging in her bathroom just above the toilet. I picked up this beauty for $18. She’s not mint, due to some small chips on her legs, but still a fabulous hand painted dear to add to my collection.

One thought on “Pin-Ups from the Flea Market

  1. HI
    I really love you bathing beauty and would love one . Where would I be able to maybe get a mould to make one? I don’t think we can get them in the uk

    kind regards


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