Happy St. Patricks Day!

Luck o' the IrishTop o’ the mornin’ to you all and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Honestly, St. Patty’s Day has never meant a whole lot to me despite having Irish heritage…leprechauns kind of creep me out, and I’m not into gulping down imported beer at the local pub and getting so wasted I don’t remember why there is a caution cone on my head.Besides, even if I was into that scene, it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do this week…it’s finals.

Monday I prepared for my Legal History and Film History exams and had an eye exam to get new prescriptions for my glasses before my time is up on my parents’ insurance…guh, the thought of being without insurance is horrifying.Anyhow, my eye exam went well. I found out I have an astigmatism in my left eye, but no biggie. The people at Rainbow Optics (Eugene only, folks) are fabulous, and while you have to wait a day or two to get your glasses unlike the hour that Binyon’s takes, the service of Rainbow Optics can’t compare, plus you’re putting money into the local economy.

Tuesday brought my Legal History exam at eight o’clock in the bloody morning, it was brutal. I stayed literally until the last minute, but I wasn’t the only one, and just a few hours later was my Film History exam at one, which went fairly well if I do say so myself…but it’s all in the hands of the GTFs now.

Today is a bit of rest and relaxation before my last final, a take home for my Civil Rights course. We are to analyze a children’s book that discusses the Civil Rights Movement (my book: Meet Rosa Parks) and how it tackles the issue of racism and if it is historically accurate, all in the form of a letter, strange if I do say so myself.

One thought on “Happy St. Patricks Day!

  1. I’m not doing anything for St. Patrick’s Day as well. I have to be at school for my 8 am class tomorrow, and I have far too much homework!

    I am looking forward to seeing your new glasses! I always love it when I get new glasses, because they can really change your face, especially if you go with a drastically different style…

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