A Find Here, A Find There

What a week it’s been. I’ve had loads of reading, but have also had some time to hit up the Goodwills and St. Vinnies. I found some things I needed…and some things that I didn’t, but had to have…such as this pair of amazing sunglasses…

Ready for that Summer Sun...in April.

Initially, I just saw the case, which is stunning within itself. The case was in one of their display cases, which needs to be asked to be open. I wanted to get a better look at the case, and what a surprise it was when I discovered the treasure inside! It was like getting the toy you always wanted from a Cracker Jacks box! $9.99.

Then yesterday I was at the downtown Smith Family bookstore and ventured over to Buffalo Exchange where I found these two beauties…

Ready for a Fourth of July BBQ!

I just get such a kick out of this 1970s Cole of California mini dress. It’s perfect for a swim cover-up, or for a hot summer backyard BBQ, especially on the Fourth of July! I just can’t get over the mesh sections, making it a swinger of a dress. $16.50. And I found this…

A tiki party you say?

I just adore this Alix of Miami wiggle dress. Its pattern and cut (just look at that neckline!) is just fabulous that I couldn’t resist, especially for $22.50.

And what does the weekend bring…? Well, the Picc-a-Dilly flea market for one…and working, not to mention some school work. Only 59 more days until graduation!

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