Birthday with the Family

A pin-up cake!Well, Wednesday was my birthday (22 years old!!), and my mom came from Salem to visit and she, my dad, my brother, my sister-in-law, Patrick and I all went out to dinner, then back to my dad’s place for ice cream and cake, which my sister-in-law, Erin made! And I simply adored it! I just couldn’t put candles in her!

As for gifts, I got some old James Dean press photos, vintage Batman drinking glasses, several gift cards/certificates, including one to one of my favorite antique stores in Springfield, Glory Days, and a new, but vintage looking fan (from my mom, since I complained about not having a nice fan). I’m a hard person to shop for, so I often get a lot of gift cards.

Today, I’m trying to plow through some reading before getting ready for my Mad Men bash with my friends tomorrow night. The counter and fridge are filled with food. Also, for my brilliant party favors I picked up some candy cigarettes from Candy Baron on 5th Street. I can’t wait!

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