Swell Sunday!

Home at last!Like always, I spent my Sunday at the Eugene Picc-a-Dilly. And what a flea market it was! I found loads of fabulous goodies (and at fabulous prices, I might add), and Patrick was shocked when I walked in the door with my hands full of paper sacks.

The thing I love about flea markets is the more you attend the bigger of a reputation you get. I’ve been going since I can remember and over the years, even in just the last three years, I’ve developed great relationships with people, and the better the relationship, the better the deals. So, when you have frequent flea market, like Eugene’s, which is pretty much every other weekend, go often, and build on those relationships, you’ll make good friends and great deals. Also, they get to know what you’re into, and if they come across something, they become eager to show you it, and sell you it – they may even hold it back for you , knowing you’ll buy it, so no one else can get their hands on it. It’s wonderful to hear the words, “For you, I’ll do…” and get a better price because they know you, and it’s an honest offer, instead of a fake “car salesman” deal.

And now, for the finds…

Scores Galore!

First off, this great late-1960s evening dress, sadly, washing has worn away any evidence of the brand, but at $6.00, it didn’t matter, especially since it was in pretty good condition. These pillows had me super excited the moment I saw them, $20.00 for the pair was a little steep for a young college kid, but I had to have them, and I knew it wasn’t that much in the grand scheme. This second dress really made my day. I loved everything about it! I’m thinking I may have it be my rehearsal (and dinner) dress. The pattern is just so romantic (I know it’s hard to tell, but it’s a raised rose pattern) and the cut is just so 60s, and for $20.00, I couldn’t resist! I also found this amazing TV antenna, which is also a prop in Mad Men! It’s in Joan’s apartment! And for $6.00, it’s a stellar convo piece. As you may know, I’m a sucker for turquoise, diamond shapes, so these glasses had my name on ’em! $9.00 for the set of six! Then I found these pin-up, and despite her rather tragic condition, I couldn’t leave her, especially since she was a red head, and I had to part with $5.00 to take her home.

My fabulous day didn’t end when I got home from the flea market and work.Around 7:30 my friends Angelina and Kali swung by to drop off a belated birthday present…the promotional 45 of That Thing You Do! Which I have been searching for for years! I and I mean years, but could never part with the money to buy one off Ebay. Needless to say I was ecstatic!

Doin' that thing you do!

I’m thrilled to have had such a high this weekend prior to a week where I have to crack down and crank out three essays and a presentation.

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