Weekend Rewards

Last week I plowed through a presentation on Tuesday and wrote three essays in three days, combined with also going to a birthday party and seeing Iron Man at midnight. So, needless to say, come the weekend I was dead tired, but also felt like I needed some sore of reward for basically turning super-human. So I popped by Buffalo Exchange and a thrift store near by.

That'll do just fine!

The dress on the left isn’t vintage, but I loved it regardless. It reminded me of those wild dresses out of Grease. I saw it on the mannequin as I bicycled into the parking lot and knew I had to try it on. I feared it being too small and too much money, but I was thrilled to find it fit and only cost $16.00! The dress on the right is a Burt Stanley of California. It’s velvet and slipper satin collar and cuffs and has plastic buttons with rhinestones set in them, talk about stunning. What made it even better was that I found it on their 50% off rack, so it cost only $8.00.

I also swung by a local thrift shop, where I found some fabulous 1960s wedding gowns that I had to pass on buying simply because I don’t have the room to currently store them, but what I did find, I nearly keeled over…

Put a spring in your step!

I’ve been hunting for a pair of Spring-O-Laters for some time now, and discovering that (1.) they cost a pretty penny and (2.) they are for women with tiny, tiny feet. When I saw this pair, I was screamed with joy. I didn’t even try them on, I just bought them they were so cheap. Sadly, they don’t fit with a darn, but I love them so much that I’m not quite sure I can part with them to sell them. I might just hang onto them and keep ’em as art.

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