Garage Sale Goodies & Flea Market Finds

Saturday my mom visited and she, my friend Angelina and I spent the day garage sale’ing. Mostly in Coburg, which boasted its city wide garage sale. We also hit up a few in the northern part of Eugene. While each of us found an array of goodies, one of the highlights of the day was walking into a garage to find this on their wall:

Real life pinned up pin ups!

I was in awe. Here was a man who had actually pinned up (or rather decoupaged) pin-ups in his garage!! However, there was also a bit of me that was a little sad. I saw how they were discolored and just falling off of the wood wall, and within a few years, they would no longer exist. At least they were loved and adored.

Sunday was the Eugene Picc-a-Dilly where I also found some great vintage swag.I’m really going to miss the flea market, but I think I’ll find myself coming back more often than not to attend. It seems I just can’t resist vintage shopping.Plus it gives me opportunities to see my dad and brother.

As for the booty from both events…it is much more impressive than the conservativeness of Portlanding…

So much vintage, what is a girl to do?

Going clockwise…this stellar oriental cocktail dress, which is a bit on the tight side I couldn’t resist because of its cut and color! Not to mention it was only $20.00! Thankfully, it has some room to be let out! Next up, the vintage swimsuit, which I’ve been dying to own one for awhile now, and have been hard pressed to part with $50 or more to own one…this one only cost me $25.00. The score of the day was the poodle, which was mere ten cents! And the compact next to it was only 25 cents! Vintage barware is some of the most hilarious, and at times, utterly impractical stuff, but here we have something both great and practical…drink tags! Each tag clips onto a glass and has the drinks contents and a number so partyers know which is theirs! For $3.00 I couldn’t resist and can’t wait to use them for our next party! Then I got these two glasses for 25 cents a piece, I just had to have them since they are just like the ones Don has in Mad Men!

Now it’s back to work…I have three papers due within the next couple of weeks, along with engagement and senior photos soon, and getting grad announcements!

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