Antique Adventures

I spent this past weekend antiquing with my dad. He came up from Eugene to pick me up, and we drove back along 99, hitting up all of the shops and malls along the way. On Saturday we went to the small town of Brownsville. Located about twenty miles north of Eugene, Brownsville is a quaint little town with a handful of antique shops in its old fashioned downtown. It is also the location of where Stand By Me was filmed, and every August they host a Stand By Me car cruise weekend, followed a few weekends later by their antique show in the park. I love going to Brownsville, and I love that this show is in the park, under the shade of large trees, however you have to comb over the show about three times to make sure you got to every booth, since it isn’t exactly the most organized show, meaning there aren’t aisles really, but just sections that follow pre-existing walking paths. But regardless, there are always wonderful things to buy and see!

The hunt is on!

Some of the highlights…this wonderful crimson Alison Ayres dress that I picked up for $8.00. Sorry about not being able to see the neckline, but it’s just a simple circle neck, nothing special. Also picked up a 1940s brochure for Seaside, a brochure from the 1946 Rose Festival, and an information guide for Civil Defense in Portland from 1959, and my favorite item, rhinestone Ike earrings! How outrageous, right? I had to have them since I have a brooch that matches them exactly!

Additionally, over the course of our antiquing road trip, I bought some things for my shop and my dad provided me with some items as well, including a collection of 1970s softcore porn posters…


No, my dad is not a porn fanatic or anything…about 25 years ago he bought all of the movie posters from this cinema that was closing. About 2000 posters in all, and these were among them. I figured the softcore ones may be hot right now, considering the grindhouse and cult market that is out there. Some come with lobby cards and/or stills. These will be available on Etsy in the near future.

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