Looking to the Labor Day Weekend

Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind here in Portland, the past few days were rain filled, and today were in the 80s, however, as I look toward the Labor Day weekend, it’s back to the 60s…You can only shake your head and say “It’s Oregon”. I can’t say I don’t mind the sun though. Today I did some grocery shopping, and I must admit, I enjoy Stepford Wife’ing it, and today I enjoyed showing off a special item from my closet fitting for the upcoming weekend…

This fabulous 1960s find was among a few other vintage goodies that I got from a friend whose grandmother was clearing out. It’s by Vested Gentress, and the pelicans are screen printed on. The hat (with an “It’s a Buddy!” label) and shoes are thrift store finds, and the bangle was bought at the Copper Penny antique show in Eugene.

As for my Labor Day weekend, no big plans really. My lovely Maid of Honor is coming over for dinner tomorrow, and Patrick and I will be hard at work printing our invitations during the weekend. My mom comes to visit Sunday where we’ll spend time addressing envelopes and hopefully get those suckers outta here by September 14th. My goodness, only three and a half more months!

Just a friendly reminder, I’ve listed some new posters on Ebay! Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for future listings. Same goes for my Etsy! Additionally, I’ll be putting in loads of new items in at The Atomic Hideaway inside Antique Alley on Wednesday, so check in next week to see all sorts of new items and new mark downs!

Hope you have a fantastic and safe holiday!

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