Pumpkins for the Picking!

Yet another gorgeous, incredibly blue skied day here in Portland, and the pumpkin patch was calling. So Patrick and I piled in the car with our friends Paul and Yolanda to check out the corn maze and pumpkin patch on nearby Savie Island.

We got lost in the corn, which this year was shaped like the extremely popular ‘Heart in Oregon’ design. If you’re in Oregon, it’s hard to drive anywhere without seeing one slapped on a car’s window or bumper. And after grabbing a quick bite to eat, and taking a gander at the farm animals, we hopped onto a hay wagon and set out in search of the perfect pumpkin.

After finding just the right one, we headed for home. I must admit, I miss my Lone Pine Farm that I attended for many falls, which also boasted amazing pumpkin flavored ice cream, but I could not believe the amount of pumpkins The Pumpkin Patch had to offer! There were so many! It was fun seeing various families pick out pumpkins…some wanted the classic, others went for something a bit more funky.

Now I think I better decide what I’m going to do with the pumpkin I picked!

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