Playing the Haunting Hostess

Last night Patrick and I played host to our annual small get-together for Halloween. We invited a handful of friends over to share in costumed amusement, libations and fondue.

This year, I chose to dress as Satine from the film Moulin Rouge – a favorite of mine. I spent about 16 hours making my costume this year, up from about five or so from last year when I was a cigarette girl. But I must say that my costume was trumped by my friend Angelina, who showed up in her homemade Carmen Miranda costume. Stunning? I’d say so! Patrick chose to go as a chimney sweep this year, and I must say, I’m rather proud of my quick $2 chimney broom that I whipped up!

With chocolate fondue and cider all ’round, we entertained ourselves with chit chat and games, and stories of Halloween’s past. I’m just sad that Halloween (and fall for that matter) comes only once a year.

Angelina is hosting a Halloween bash at her house this Saturday, and I must admit, I still haven’t made up my mind with regards to my costume. I had planned on going as Joan from a specific moment of Mad Men, but no one attending the party watches Mad Men, (the horror!) and the joke would be lost. So I am entertaining other ideas at the moment as I tear apart my closet.

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