Veterans Day & Other News

As most of you know, today is Veterans Day, a day in which America honors those who have served in our wars.  I am a granddaughter of two WWII vents and while one sat behind a desk, the other fought in the Pacific and needless to say saw things he would have rather forgotten.  What I want to highlight today is not war itself, but stories.

I have never asked my mom’s father about the war.  For some reason I felt that it was insulting.  War is so brutal, why should I ask them to talk about it?  My father’s father died before my parents were even married, so needless to say, before I was born.  The stories I have heard about him were never related to the war, but instead what a great father he was in the post-war years.  I feel like I have missed out on something – I have missed out on great opportunities to hear their experiences, which are a part of history.  I want to encourage any of you out there who have relatives who feel comfortable sharing their stories – some may not – and hear what they have to say! Record it! Write about it! Do something to preserve their personal history!

Other News…

Yesterday, Patrick and I went to the county clerk to pick up our marriage license!  Can you believe that it costs $60 to get one of these things?  I guess that may be one of the smallest expenses we’ll pay though.  We have decided that we are going to have a friend perform the ceremony (Yay for Universal Life Church!), which isn’t the ideal for many of my family members, but at least I’m settling on having a real wedding and they can just be thankful that the event is taking place, because I can’t tell you how often the thought of having a small court house wedding has crossed my mind…one moment I am incredibly selfish, thinking, “It’s my wedding for god’s sake! It’s about us!” but then the thought of disappointing my family and friends crosses my mind…it may be the last time I get to see some of my family due to age and health issues.  We are doing a lot of stuff that is purely us, so I think that our fine line between selfishness and pleasing others is being walked fairly well.  Oh my! Only 33 days to go!!

One thought on “Veterans Day & Other News

  1. Last year, I interviewed a WWII veteran for a school journalism assignment. He was my cousin-in-law’s grandfather, and he was a fascinating man. He spoke openly about his experiences, and even showed me photographs. Both of my grandfathers were in the war, but both have died and neither one really talked about their experiences. My grandma was also in the army, but she died a number of years ago, as well. I’ve always taken Remembrance Day (Veterans Day) very seriously, but since last year, I think I take it even more seriously.

    I’m so excited for you and Patrick! Congratulations on getting your marriage license! I can’t believe people have to pay for them, though.

    As for a court house wedding…just today I was thinking about whether I’d want to have a wedding ceremony with friends and family present. Sometimes I think I do, other times I think that I’d rather just elope and get married without anyone around. As long as I get to wear a dress, I’d be happy. But it’s super premature for me to be thinking that, since I won’t be getting married anytime soon…

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