New Kid on the Block: Hollywood Babylon

Today, Patrick and I ran around doing some errands, exciting, I know! But we stopped by the new vintage shop, Hollywood Babylon, located just a few blocks away on NE Sandy.

Inside the quaint store there is a fair variety of vintage to shop – mens clothing, womens clothing, loads of sweaters (a must in Portland!) and shoes.  Very little accessories so far though, but they’ve only been open less than a month.  They also stock items from local designers including revamped t-shirts and earrings.

As for prices, they are really good.  Patrick and I both bought a shirt, each were under $18.00.  You’ll pay a bit more for some shoes and other earlier vintage goodies, but overall their prices beat out much of the internet prices.  I also bought this outstanding Jane Andre little black dress for a great price.

Be sure to click the image to see a larger version to see what makes this thing so amazing.  I was rendered near speechless when I laid my eyes on this dress.  It’s collar and back really make it stand out.  Plus, the thing fits like a glove.

I hope you all had a lovely and safe New Years!  I’m off to help keep some of those New Years resolutions right now by picking up the living room from a day of errand running!

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