Splendid Spring Finds!

Over the weekend, Patrick and I went out for a little spring shopping to brighten up his wardrobe, but, as always, I ended up making a few purchases as well…

First off, this latest addition to my silly vintage collection – the Jello dress!  At first I thought it was patterned with gumdrops, but as I looked closer I realized it was Jello!  Crazy!  Then I found this fantastic early 1950s Helen Powell dress with pockets!  And I love the pompom detailing around the collar and pockets!  And last, but certainly not least is this brilliant Enid Collins box purse from 1966!  I’ve been craving an Enid Collins for some time now since they are a staple of the 1960s, but my pocketbook has not allowed for the purchase of one, and I really haven’t found one I’d been utterly in love with, and when you’re going to spend at least $75 and upwards of $200, you’d better be head over heels in love!  However, I found this somewhat sad but not too far gone darling for a mere $15!  It’s missing some jewels and I know that replacement ones crop up on Ebay from time to time, but I think I may just get some from the craft store since I’ll be keeping it for myself.

I’ve been listing quite a few items on Etsy lately, and will be listing some more tomorrow – lots of hats and dresses and a few bits of jewelry are finding their way into my hands and need homes!  So check in and see if anything catches your fancy!

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