Workin' at the Flea Market

Yesterday I did the Antique Alley flea market.  With just under 20 dealers, it’s a relatively small market, but unlike most flea markets, the event is free to attend!  I decided to get rid of a bunch of small stuff that had been building up in my storage closet and chose to do a $5 and under table – including everything from purses to plates and buttons to belts.

We set up at ten, and had an hour to get ready.  It actually took us only about a half hour to set up, and that gave us time to take an early peek at what other dealers had to offer and snatch up items before the public sneaked in.  Sadly, I spent just about as much as I made…included in my nifty purchases was the pair of ridiculously amazing earrings I’m wearing in the above picture.

There was so much to look at and pretty unbeatable prices.  One woman’s entire table was full of jewelry and every item was only $3!  I had to restrain myself from scooping up the entire table!  Then there was Alicia who had her table full of fabulous jewelry that she makes from salvaged bits of vintage jewelry.  You can buy uniquely made items for only around $22!  There was another table full of records and a few booths had some vintage clothes, including and adorable pair of 40s shoes for rockbottom prices – sadly they didn’t fit.

The next show is May 8th, and I doubt we’ll do it, since that’s Patrick’s birthday.  But we’re in for the one in June!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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