A Toast to Pin-Ups

After tending to my space at Antique Alley, I popped into Hollywood Reruns, the antique mall next door.  Now, this place doesn’t look too much like an antique mall as much as it looks like a glorified garage sale, since most of the items aren’t vintage.  You’ll find a slew of contemporary shoes, hats and clothes, home goods, and that creepy unfinished pine furniture.  But, mixed about are wonderful vintage goodies, including these beauties…

Above are three from a set of eight glass tumblers with water transfer decals of pin-ups, from 1942 that were produced by Phillip Ronald Products in Chicago.  The full set of eight includes those above (Medical Corp, Auxiliary Fireman, and Messenger) as well as Air Raid Warden, Demolition & Clearance Crew, Decontamination Corp, Bomb Squad, and Auxiliary Police.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to dig up much more on these, like who the artist was and such, but they are a fine addition to my pin-up collection and I hope to eventually find the rest! Maybe at Expo next month…?

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