Thrifting Extravaganza

Yesterday Katie and I spent the entire day hitting up thrift stores, and oh what a day it was!  After lunch at Burgerville, I took Katie to The Bins, a place she had only heard about… Now, I’ve discussed The Bins before, but just a recap…when stuff doesn’t sell at regular Goodwill retail stores, it goes to their outlet stores, which is a large warehouse full of large blue bins (hence the name) that you dig through and then pay by the pound.  After a day of driving and digging I walked way with quite a bundle – note: not all of the items in the picture came from the Bins, this is my load after the entire day at various stores.

First off, I found this fantastic 1940s suitcase that everything is sitting in, it’s pretty clean despite its age and the fact I dug it out of the Bins.  The last suitcase I found there had a horrific amount of staining on the inside and was slightly crushed on the outside.  I found two Pan Am pamphlets for Hawaii from the 60s, a Pattie Page Christmas album, a Perry Como album, and the soundtrack from Thunderball.  I also bought several books from the 1920s and “First Reader for Antique Collectors” from 1947 along with a grade school math book from the 1950s, and two British magazines from the 50s.  I was also happy to purchase two wonderful 1940s hats, a slew of 1960s patterns, and a wonderful red and white striped shirt from the 60s.

I’ll admit, the Bins can be scary at times, and of course overwhelming, and also annoying.  You will get shoved, and will plow through sharp and broken items combined with downright dreadful looking stuff to find that diamond in the rough, or as I put it yesterday “that pretty thing in the dump”.

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