I'm Gonna Sew Up a Storm!

Last week I received the packages I shipped myself from my grandmother’s estate, which included two boxes of clothing and jewelry (some of which I will be keeping for myself, other which will find their way into my booth or on Etsy) and two boxes of sewing supplies.

While my mother classified her mother as a “thrower-outer” she certainly held onto her sewing, knitting, and embroidery supplies.  There were four dresser drawers full of yarn, patterns, fabric, needles, zippers, and spools of thread in the guest room for her daughters and granddaughters to sift through.  My cousin, who crochets, took the yarn and crocheting booklets, and I was left with the rest.  There were some great 50s patterns, loads of buttons and thread, needles galore, a multitude of bias tape, and the most amazing pair of pinking shears I’ve ever laid eyes on! Then there was this bit of fabric that has chess knights woven into it! There’s only 3 1/3 yards of it, so I’m not quite sure what I’ll make…maybe a blouse.  While these two boxes alone cost $30 to ship, they were well worth it, since sewing supplies only seem to be going up in price, and nearly all of these items were made in the good ol’ US of A.

Speaking of sewing, my repairs pile has grown into a monster, and all I want to do is work on my 4th circle skirt and my Halloween costume.

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