Stockings in Wartime

The Second World War influenced fashion in a great many ways.  Between women going to work in huge numbers and war rationing, fashion got a huge make over.  One of my favorite bits of this time is what happened to stockings.

Silk and nylon was needed to make parachutes and other war items, but in the 1940s it was against the social norm for women to go out bare-legged.  Many women took to wearing pants to save their silk stockings for special occasions. With the “Make Do and Mend” mentality, many women were darning their stockings many more times than normal. Additionally, stockings began to be made out of other products such as rayon and cotton.  Then there were the slue of products that came out such as Silktona – Liquid Silk Stockings, and L’Oreal and Max Factor made liquid products for producing the illusion of stockings.  And then there was the classic solution – an eyeliner pencil.  A simple line up the back of your leg was a quick fix.

This process is shown, in an albeit in a fetish manner, in the pages of Giggles from 1943.

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