Flea Market Morning

It’s been awhile since I updated, but it’s been a busy week. I’ve been frantically buying last minute gifts, not to mention all the wrapping (this year I’m boycotting gift bags! Boxes, paper and bows all the way!), we shot our Christmas photo ourselves, which was a trying experience that lasted two evenings, I have a pile of Christmas cards to create, and not to mention the mother-in-law came over for dinner! But in the meantime…

This morning we popped over to the Antique Alley flea market to see what goodies we could find…

While there were many, many items I wanted to snatch up and call my own, I had to resist…My new favorite holiday outfit, as seen above as I was explaining the poinsettia, was getting loads of comments, as was my new snood (purchased here) and poinsettia, which I purchased along with some other vintage Christmas corsages at Bohemian Vintage.  You’ll be seeing loads more pictures of this favorite new dress and bolero set as more holiday posts roll in…

As for my purchases…well, I did buy a few gifts, and then a few for myself, including…

This fantastic Rudolph brooch and this celluloid greens and lantern pin – I can’t seem to get enough of the figural Christmas jewelry. And then I snatched up this pair of turquoise and gold metal flake earrings.

Well, I guess it’s back to the Christmas card grind…Ho ho ho!

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