Introducing Mr. Van Cleef!

I’d like to take this time to introduce the addition to our home, Mr. Van Cleef, the Jackalope.

I had been wanting one of these mythic creatures for sometime now, and Patrick was lucky enough to score one on Ebay for us.  He’s the first in what I hope becomes a large collection of taxidermy in our home.  Currently he’s sitting in our living room, but when we get an apartment with a second bedroom or a house, he will go in what will become our sewing room/guest room, which will be decked out in the finest western and Mexican themed kitsch, complete with black velvet matador paintings and Mexican blankets.

One thought on “Introducing Mr. Van Cleef!

  1. Mr. Van Cleef’s really cute! Traveling the Southwest as a child, I wanted so badly to believe these jackalopes were real. I think I halfway convinced myself that they were. When I was around ten years old and bumming around the ranch where I rode horses, I found an abandoned jackrabbit baby whose mother had been killed by a barn cat. Now I had myself a live jackalope…well, sans horns. But I’ll bet I was the only kid with a pet jackrabbit in my town. Good memories.

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