When in California In-N-Out is a must.  Our second day in California was spent with my sister, Shannon, and my nephew’s fiancee, Stacey and we stopped in at In-N-Out for lunch.

Like always, I was delighted to have such a delicious burger in my belly and spend time with my sister.  Afterwards we hung out in Downtown Disney for drinks and chit-chat.  It was also great meeting Stacey and I’m looking forward to hopefully spending more time with her in the future.  She’s into the rockabilly scene, and working on getting my sister into it more – she actually did my sister’s hair.  I wish we could have hang out some more, but hopefully in November if we go to Rock Around the Park we will be able to see more of each other.

In the evening Patrick and I had dinner with my dad’s cousin and her husband, who has worked at Disneyland for over 45 years.  It was wonderful catching up with them, hearing about their grandchildren, and learning more about the working atmosphere of Disneyland.  He had wonderful and hilarious stories to share.

Entries about Disneyland to come soon!  We dropped off our 120 film yesterday and it will be ready next week. I’m really looking forward to seeing those photos!

2 thoughts on “In-N-Out

  1. Cute! I’m hoping once the baby arrives that I can do some sort of vintage-esque mommy blog about being “practically” dressed for a baby in a vintage style. 🙂 Mostly I’m worried about shoes! I’m hoping baby weight goes quickly too. This looks like such fun! Oh and I love the new look!

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