Retro Rejuvenation

Earlier I mentioned that my friend Lyndsie is opening up an antique mall in the small town of Coburg (located just five miles north of Eugene).  Over the last few days my dad and I scoured the house top to bottom selecting items to fill out our new space at her mall, followed by hours arranging and pricing all of the delightful treasures.

Lyndsie and her family have spent the last few weeks getting the place prepped for opening.  With its candy colored walls, Retro Rejuvenation will be a perfect 2,500 square foot shop full of amazing vintage pieces of clothing, kitchenware, mid-century furniture, ceramics, and even “mantiques”, thanks to my dad.

I love to see new and local businesses come into being, and it is even better that I get to be a part of it.

Lyndsie was such a doll, she let me shop her gorgeous items and I picked up two pieces I simply couldn’t leave without. But tune in tomorrow to see those beauties!

Retro Rejuvenation will be opening it doors this Saturday, but join Lyndsie for her Grand Opening party on Sunday, July 15th.

Retro Rejuvenation is located at 32697 E Pearl St. Coburg, Oregon, just five miles north of Eugene. Visit them on Yelp.

UPDATE: As I no longer live in Oregon, I am no longer part of Retro Rejuvenation. My dad continues to operate a space within the antique mall, which has flourished, and become a destination of many out of town, even out of country vintage lovers! Lyndsie stocks a ton of vintage clothing and accessories!

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