The BBR: What Katie Did Padded Bullet Bra

Previously on my new series The Bullet Bra Revue, I reviewed What Katie Did’s Maitresse bra. Today I bring you another bra by What Katie Did, the Padded Bullet Bra.

Unlike the Maitresse, which is simply fabric that has been stitched to give support and shape, the Padded Bullet Bra is exactly as it sounds. This bra actually has foam support and shape (akin to modern bras) to create a very pointed silhouette that stays perky.

One thing that should be said about the page for the Padded Bullet Bra is that WKD does not give you a side profile, so you really do not get a perfect understanding of just how pointy the Padded Bullet Bra really is. Well, here ya go!

I feel like I should be in an Ed Wood movie or something!  But I love it! The light padding in this bra keeps the pointed, bullet shape without need for the bullet bra pads that some gals may need if wearing the Maitresse and it will not have that “deflated” look that other bloggers have complained about with other bullet bras.  For the most part, this bra is for 1950s attire, but some early 1960s garb may require something this pointed.

I found the bra to be comfortable and had a wonderful structured and secure feeling while wearing.  Not to mention it made my attitude change a little too. I felt like a character out of John Waters’ film Cry-Baby, and I could claim “our bazooms are our weapons!”

Also like the Maitresse, my traditional fit did not work, and I purchased a cup size up.  Additionally, this is one of the bras I purchased at The Foundation, and was able to try the bra on in person.

The Padded Bullet Bra is $55.00, made in India and of polyester with elastic straps, elastic near the hook and eyes and an elastic panel along the bottom of the front triangular cut out.

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9 thoughts on “The BBR: What Katie Did Padded Bullet Bra

  1. Thanks for this review, it is nice to know how these pieces fit and feel. I must say that I haven’t purchased any of the What Katie Did products for the very reason that you can’t try them on before buying…I wish I had a stockist here in Melbourne. Fabo as usual. xx

  2. My stars, that is an eye-catching side profile for sure! It’s a fantastic, don’t get me wrong. I just love the look of a traditional bullet bra and how well they often help ensure period garments fit exactly as they were intended to back in the 50s when such bra styles were often the norm.

    Thank you for another terrific bra review – can’t wait to for the next in this uplifting series! 🙂 (Sorry, couldn’t resist a wee little bra pun there.)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Great review! I tried this bra on last weekend…but it just looks so strange on me! Maybe I am just not used to the really pointy shape? The only one that really fits me well is their cone bra – it’s a new one, I believe, and it gives a great everyday bullet shape. I shall look forward to your next bra review! 🙂

  4. I found that by going a size down in an unpadded bullet bra (34DD to 34D) I did’t get the deflated effect. It really fits quite nicely, and everything is perky without a harsh point.

  5. I love cry baby! A bullet bra is not for me, but I can see how it adds authenticity to some outfits. And that green dress is fabulous.

  6. Dang, those are some pointy bazooms! I like it, though. I find my bullet bras to be very comfortable and I like the look. I just bought a black 50s bullet bra yesterday at a thrift store that I found for $10 but I couldn’t try it on – it turned out to be a bit big for me in the boobie area so I guess I’ll be hunting down some of those bullet bra pads and get pointy.

  7. Janey, I was wondering what size to order, so can you please tell us you cup size, you look like the same size as me, ie a B cup? I therefore assume that you bought a C cup?

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