On Monday I tagged along with Patrick and several of his co-workers on a business trip to Redlands, partially because my sister and grandma live only about 40 minutes from there.

I spent some time with my grandma and sister one day, and just my sister on the next. And no trip to California is complete without In-n-Out, and when we were dining we were told there was an In-n-Out company store in Baldwin Park, we hopped in the car and drove there.


If you’re one of those people who always has to get each and every In-n-Out shirt every year, but missed a few years…then the company store is for you! They have every single shirt ever produced, along with many more palm tree festooned items!  I ended up buying a few things for my dad for Christmas.

Aside from the old downtown and immediate surrounding neighborhoods (which includes some amazing old homes!), Redlands isn’t much to boast about. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s a destination spot.  But I encourage a stop in if you’re on your way out to Palm Springs, since there are quite a few antique shops and a few thrift stores, which I visited.


I didn’t buy much, mostly due to the fact I didn’t have much room in my (or Patrick’s) suitcases. But I did score a pair of Re-Mixes at a consignment shop for only $20!! And, yeah, I left the tag on in case you didn’t believe me!

I bet I’ll find myself in Redlands again due to Patrick’s business, and plan to revisit the shops.

Hope the holiday weekend treats you all well!!

11 thoughts on “Insta-California

    • Oh, yes, we don’t even have them in Oregon. They were originally only a southern California thing, but now they are all over California, and even in Nevada and I think even Arizona and Texas.

  1. Those Re-Mixes are all kinds of timeless awesomeness! I just love the little peep-toe front and triangular cutout design. Wonderful find – and such a great bargain to boot (or should I say, “to shoe” 🙂 ).

    ♥ Jessica

    • In-n-Out is a burger joint that started in 1948 in southern California. Up until the late 1990s their restaurants were solely in California. Now they have locations in Nevada, Texas, Arizona and Utah. They are known for their quality and high standards. And is one of the few fast-food restaurants to receive positive praise in the book Fast Food Nation.

      You can visit their website here:

  2. I wanted to say that I really do like the shoes. Do they carry them in red? There aren’t very many shoes out there that I can wear. I have arthritis in my feet, and it makes shoe shopping torture.

  3. OMG you so scored with those ReMixes! I know I will never have your amazing luck here around NYC – that and I have King Kong size 11 feet, so I know the only way I will ever score a pair of ReMixes is to buy them full-out retail 😦 LOL. Definitely a lucky lady, you be!

    I hope you have a great holiday, Janey!


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