The BBR: Exquisite Form Original Fully Support Bra

Previously on the Bullet Bra Revue, I reviewed two bras by What Katie Did which were rather on the spendy side. Today I bring you a more inexpensive bra by Exquisite Form.

The Exquisite Form was the first new “bullet bra” I purchased, after a few months of hit-or-miss vintage bra purchases.  I had heard good things about it from a friend, and she also commented on how cheap they were!

The Exquisite Form Original Fully Support Bra is not marketed as a “bullet bra” or even as a vintage style bra, but more as a “full support” bra, which just happens to result in a bullet bra like silhouette.  In fact you will find many of the reviews on Amazon complain of the Madonna-esque qualities of the bra.  The silhouette of the Exquisite Form is a very soft bullet shape, akin to the Maitresse by What Katie Did, but maybe even a little softer, and lends itself to be a good late 1940s and early 1950s style bra, or even the “everyday” bullet bra, for those days when you need the lift that a bullet bra gives, but without being too bullety, if you will.  Like the Maitresse, the Exquisite Form has cups that are soft fabric and without padding.

The Maitresse and the Exquisite Form are very similar in silhouette, however the Exquisite Form does have a bit softer, less pointy curve than the Maitresse.

The downsides to the Exquisite Form is that the cup does come up rather high and is best suited for attire that is not low cut.  Additionally, the straps are rather on the thick side, with even wider cushions on the strap. The cushions aren’t too cushy to be honest, and just lend a bit of extra padding for comfort, but nothing fancy like those gel pads in some bras.  The cushions can however be easily removed by cutting them off.  The majority of straps themselves are made of somewhat stiff cotton that becomes softer with washing.  There is a small elastic portion about two inches long near the back of the strap.

I found the Exquisite Form to run true to size, and a 34C suits me just fine.

The Exquisite Form Original Fully Support bra is available at Sears or can be purchased on Amazon from $12.80 to $16.95, made in Sri Lanka, and has a body made of 65% polyester and 30% cotton, with elastic made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex with plastic adjustments.

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6 thoughts on “The BBR: Exquisite Form Original Fully Support Bra

  1. I too have noticed reviews on a few bras before that complained of their Madonna-like quality, and always saw that as a very good thing, wondering why anyone wouldn’t like the classic bullet quality that such undergarments present. If you’re not a 50s wearing gal though, I do get that this might not be desired. It certainly appeals to me though! 🙂

    Great review and silhouette! This bra is bullet-esque for sure, but not as “torpedo tail fin-ish” as some. I think it would make for a really nice, inexpensive day-to-day bra for any mid-century loving lass.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I’ve really been enjoying this series. It’s been a challenge for me to find the right bullet bra, and it’s great to hear your opinions.

    I see that this bra isn’t available in a 32 band. Do you think this bra would be easy to alter? I couldn’t find a good picture of the back of the bra.

    Also, do you have any experience dyeing bras? In my experience, the available colors are very limited. Thank you!

    • The back of the bra contains two panels of elastic, which I think could be easily removed, and the hook and eye portions attached to the cotton portion of the bra to make a 34 smaller. When it comes to dyeing I have no personal experience with it, however Twila Jean dyes bras and panties herself and sells them! So you could either buy from her or ask her about dyeing garments. She did do a blog post about it awhile back, however it seems to be lost to the interwebs since it appears she lost her domain name. :/

  3. I just ordered the Exquisite Form on your recommendation, and it fits great! Very comfortable and sturdy feeling. I like that the power net around the neckline allow it to lie very flat against your chest.

    I also have the same problem of really being a 32 band size so I will be attempting to alter the back and move the elastic over. I’ll let you know how it goes! I am also going to attempt to add circle stitching on mine to give it just a little more of a bullety shape.

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