The BBR: What Katie Did CC09 Bra

Up to this point, the bullet bras I have reviewed have been more of the 1950s and 60s nature.  But now there is a bra for the 40s lover…  Today on The Bullet Bra Revue we have What Katie Did‘s CC09 1940s Satin Bra.

What Katie Did has slightly modified an original World War II era bra pattern to accommodate for modern cup sizes, as well as the comfort we modern gals have come to expect from our bras.

The CC09 has a soft curve, and is obviously less bullet-y, yet not as “globe” or “melon” like as modern bras.  This bra still creates the lift needed to meet the darts of vintage garments.

One thing that I noticed with this bra in contrast to the Mairtresse and Padded Bullet was the band fit.  The CC09 bra lacks the small bit of elastic between the cups that add a tiny bit of extra stretch to the bra.  A tiny bit that I felt I actually needed for a certain comfort level, so I put a bra hook & eye extender at the end of the bra, giving me the less than half inch I needed for a more comfortable fit.

The CC09 bra is $50.00, available only in “Peach”, made in India and of polyester with matching adjustable polyester straps (so no stretch) and elastic near the hook and eyes.

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6 thoughts on “The BBR: What Katie Did CC09 Bra

  1. I guess that will be a no-go for me, since I am rather endowed in the chest department. I seem to have a rather tough time finding vintage/vintage-inspired bullet bras that fit me just so. Thank you for sharing your experience, and not sugar coating everything LOL 🙂


  2. Spot on. I ordered this bra a couple years ago maybe and haven’t worn it much because it doesn’t have any ease, so it hasn’t been comfortable to wear. Great idea with the extender though, I must try that. I really want to wear it because the silhouette is what I want, perky and pointy but not too much.

  3. I’ve been really contemplating purchasing this bra, because I was looking for what you stated…the more subtle bullet point look. It looks perfect on you! Then I found these awesome nos vintage bras that had a shelf liner inside the bra that helps tremendously with support, and gives that high subtle pointy VERY supportive look, which gives the great sweater girl look. It really makes me wonder why they stopped making these extremely well made bras and went to underwire.

  4. I bought the Maitresse bra last month, and I found that the straps set so far out on my back that I felt it was almost sliding off my shoulders (it wasn’t, but it felt that way). I found this so uncomfortable that I sent it back. As I looked at the photos of the Maitresse on the web, it seemed this is part of the design. Has anyone else had this problem, or does it just irritate me?
    Photos of the CC09 bra online show the wide spaced straps on it as well. Is it typical of all bullet bras?
    Any suggestions or thoughts? Anyone know of a bullet bra for larger breasts (I’m a 34G) with a different strap design? Or, maybe I just need to try the Maitresse again and wear it a few times to get used to it?

    • Hi Anita!

      I think that the wide set straps are just part of the design of the WKD bras. I personally prefer it. However, understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You could try a Secrets in Lace bullet bra the straps don’t appear as wide set. They’re next on my bullet-bra-to-buy list, so I can’t speak from personal experience yet! But here they are:

    • Anita-

      I too am a little too endowed in the bosom department, and I have a Secrets in Lace bullet bra – the sizes tend to run small, and it is rather rare to see any sizes larger than an C in stock, unfortunately. Most of my trusty and reliable bullet bras are NOS vintage that I found on eBay. It’s certainly worth a look! I hope you find a bra that works just the way you want 🙂


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