Simply Vintage

Just a few weeks ago, Portland was blessed with a new vintage store, Simply Vintage Boutique.  The gal slinging out the vintage? Some of you may already know her! She’s Sarah of the Etsy shop Stutterin’ Mama!

Sarah’s shop is a vintage lover’s dream come true.  Lush and elegant vintage garments hang from plush satin hangers on buttery yellow walls and nearly every piece in her shop could be the prized dress in any retrophile’s closet.  Sarah has carefully hand selected each and every item in her shop.  There are many beautiful dresses as well as a wonderful range of separates.   Another thing that is wonderful about Sarah’s inventory? A lot of really wearable sizes.  People often complain about vintage being tiny, but at Simply Vintage, that’s not the case.  I found plenty of gorgeous items that were too large for me, which, while a bummer on my part, I knew some other gals were going to be thrilled because finding “plus size” vintage is always a little tougher.

Sarah also stocks menswear too! So there’s something for your man as well.  Simply Vintage is strictly for the hard-core vintage lover or even collector – Sarah has some stellar, very high-end items.  Lovers of the 1940s and 1950s will be in pure heaven here, because true vintage is all she stocks. Her inventory extends only into the 1960s, which is like a giant sigh of relief.  It does get tiresome to go to a “vintage” shop, only to have to sift through rack of 80s.

You can visit Simply Vintage at 3640 SE Belmont St. Mondays and Wednesdays through Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm.  “Like” her page on Facebook or learn more on Yelp.

9 thoughts on “Simply Vintage

  1. How fabulously exciting! I have adored Sarah’s expertly curated selection of gorgeous vintage goods on etsy for ages now, and love that she’s branched out and opened up a bricks and mortar shop, too. One of my biggest travel dreams is to see Portland, and Sarah’s new store just adds another reason to why I cannot wait to hopefully get there someday.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I’ve added this to my list of shops to go to when I hit Portland in July, can’t wait to spend a few hours in vintage heaven.

  3. That looks amazing! And only through the 60s?! Incredible!!! I get quite frustrated with vintage stores in my area. Mostly 60s-80s stuff. What a fun store!

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