Portland’s Sinful Past

Long time Atomic Redhead readers may recall a few years back when I was a humble college student.  As a history major we were required to take part in a themed seminar where we would write a research paper.  I took the Oregon History themed seminar, where I settled upon a period of Portland history that really has not gotten too much attention…a time when the vice of gambling and prostitution was near rampant, and the police and politicians were in on it too.  I was literally buried in mounds of newspaper articles, city reports and first-hand accounts in the form of biographies and emerged with a 25 page essay that attempted to sum up the accounts.  Those interested can visit my About page and read the essay.

And prior to this endeavor, I had purchased the poster for a film based on the events of my essay, Portland Expose.  While I didn’t think the film was that great, I love it regardless, and I was both enthralled and flattered when I was contacted by Anne Richardson of Oregon Movies, A to Z.  Anne works on Oregon film history and is participating in a swell event taking place June 12.  The Mission Theater is showing Portland Expose! And Phil Standford, author of Portland Confidential, and Robert C. Donnelly, author of Dark Rose, will be in attendance.

I am so eager to attend and watch the film as well as hear Standford and Donnelly speak.

2 thoughts on “Portland’s Sinful Past

  1. Thoroughly fascinating – I love learning about the skeletons that lurk in the closets of cities. My own little town has always been fairly tame (though the one strip club that was here until a couple of years ago did burn down under very mysterious circumstances), so I’m definitely going to read your essay over the weekend (can’t wait!).

    ♥ Jessica

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