Off to Canada!

Tomorrow Patrick and I are headed up to Vancouver, British Columbia for a few days. Patrick has a conference, and I’m tagging along since I’ve never been to Canada (actually, I’ve never been out of the US!) and I have a friend in Vancouver that I’m looking forward to seeing again.

I’ll also be on the hunt for vintage too! You can’t keep me away!  The lovely Canadian vintage blogger Jessica of Chronically Vintage, offered me a keen list of places to visit.

We’re taking the train there and back, which I’m excited for. I quite enjoy train travel. I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be getting in.  Patrick will be busy all the while we’re there, so I doubt I’ll have too many photos of myself, so maybe you’ll just get some of the sights from Vancouver.

13 thoughts on “Off to Canada!

  1. Check out New World Designs 306 W Cordova Street Vancouver (right by Gastown) amazing pin up finds! If you are here thru the weekend Cherry Velvet plus studio is open Friday thru Sunday for Eastside Culture Crawl!

  2. I absolutely, positively love knowing that you guys will not only be on Canadian soil, but in my own dear province for a few days. I hope you have both have a stellar time, complete with good weather, great vintage finds, and tons of fun new experiences. I sincerely appreciate the lovely shout out and hope that my wee list proves helpful – you’ll have to give me the skinny on which places you liked on it so that I know for when we finally get our tails down that way again, too.

    Happy travels – and may I be the first to say on behalf of Canadians everywhere, the very warmest of welcomes to our fine land.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. How exciting. I love the old 50s trains and buses. There’s an old box car train that runs right by my house everyday (my boys actually have races with it) so cute to watch :)When we moved to the house we were a little hesitant of the noise it would bring, but now it’s just a normal part of the day, and it brings back a little piece of nostalgia daily. Hope you have fun in Vancouver!

  4. How exciting! Have a fabulous trip! I am confident you will make good use of your free time solo….so much to see and do in gorgeous Vancouver, BC! Keep us posted…

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