Feeling Legit!

As some of you may have experienced, when you mention having a blog, some people ask what it is, and some may even ask for a card.  For many years I was just printing my own cards at home, using card stock and keeping the design simple, but recently I was longing for cards with more character and panache, and just last week Patrick designed me some fresh business cards!

Patrick asked me what I wanted, because usually I have an idea for what I want, and either draw or describe it, and Patrick whips them up in the computer, but this time I was really lacking in ideas.  I said “Oh, maybe something that reflects my blog’s look…” And then I also had a small argument in my head…I wanted my interest western imagery to be somehow showcased too, and Patrick said he could design two cards, and he designed one that reflected my blog well, and with the other, he took a vintage postcard that featured a cowgirl and altered it to accommodate my information.

We went to Moo for these cards, as they are easy, relatively inexpensive, and you can have the back side an image, so we went through my blog selecting an array of photos to feature on the back.  I wanted to highlight my wide style range, as well as feature my cosplaying.  And these beauties came just in time! Expo is this weekend, and I do get asked a lot for my information there! And we’ll be heading to Palm Springs soon too, and it’s nice to have cards to offer when I ask if I can take photos when visiting shops.

Do you have business cards for your blog?

14 thoughts on “Feeling Legit!

  1. Oh these are totally adorable! I’m currently in “I want a logo for my blog” mode (before I do business cards) and I’m drawing blanks on ideas (great marketing person I am lol). I really do love the cards and think they reflect your blog & your style perfectly. Excellent choices 🙂

  2. How neat, what a great idea! I love the photos you picked. Still, there are a couple I just adore and always remember that I would have chosen along with these ;).

  3. Oh, those are great! They make fantastic cards, don’t they? I looked into Moo cards a while ago and ordered samples, but never got around to buying the real deal. I still don’t have any business cards at all for my blog… I think I should get on that!

  4. These are so beautiful! I really love the cowgirl image – it’s so you!

    I don’t have business cards for my blog, but am feeling the need to get some. I may go check out Moo and see what they offer! Thanks!


  5. Yes, of course! But mainly because I would never be able to keep spelling my name to folks over and over 😉 Having a card is a easy way to let people follow up with me later.

  6. I do, and I give them out all the time! A friend designed mine, and the icon–a top hat with a brassiere-shaped band–is just perfect. And like you say in the title, it makes me feel really legit.

  7. These are flat out awesome!!! I’ve had business cards for my blog for a couple of years now, too, and find they come in handy so often (I do regret not putting my cell number on them though, but we were in the midst of a cross country move and I didn’t have my new number yet when I ordered them – kind of bad timing in hindsight, I know – so I’ll just have to wait and put it on the next run). These designs are soooo you and soooo super fun!!!

    ♥ Jessica

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