While perusing Pinterest one day I came upon this photograph of Russian model Natalia Vodianova…

It was one of the first pins I pinned to my “Adventurer Style” board (a small, but incredibly inspiring board for me), and planted the seed that I needed to get my hands on a chiffon or gauze draped pith helmet. Not long after pinning this photo, I recalled the marvelous costumes of Nicole Kidman in Australia.

While all of Kidman’s costumes in Baz Luhrmann’s film were amazing, this one also highlighted the need for me to own a chiffon draped pith helmet, and this too was added to my board. Then last month I came across this image…

Not only did it feature yet another pith helmet (or at least a hat with similar pith helmet lines) dripping with fabric, the look of the woman was exactly the direction I wanted to go with portions of my wardrobe! I thought “My god! Who is this woman?” Thankfully the pinner offered the caption of “Adele Blanc-Sec” and from that I came upon the IMDb page for the French film The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec and a quick check at Netflix meant that the evening was spent watching what proved to be not only a beautiful film to watch, but a hilarious one at that. And further cemented the notion of my need for a pith helmet with chiffon.

Not long after watching Miss Blanc-Sec tromp through Egypt, talk with mummies and ride a pterodactyl (yes, you read right, ride a pterodactyl) I scored a pith helmet in the style I wanted, sans chiffon, at Antique Alley! And a quick trip to Fabric Depot remedied the lack of chiffon.

I am fully prepared to live in this outfit for summer. The gauzy top is pure heaven, and the linen skirt I made for a 20s themed party awhile back is so breathable, and worth the pain of the fact it wrinkles when you look at it wrong. I’ve been spending a lot more time when at thrift stores and Buffalo Exchange in looking through blouses and skirts. It takes more patience to look at items and think “Does this work for a certain look” instead of focusing on the age of the item, and I think it’s opening a lot more doors for me to think creatively with my wardrobe.

How about you? Have you ever been inspired to seek out specific pieces that you’ve seen on Pinterest?

Pith Helmet: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Blouse, Belt, Bangles & Necklace: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Made by me, McCall 7153
Tights: Nordstorm Rack
Shoes: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Purse: Don’t remember
Ring: From my dad

23 thoughts on “Pinspired

  1. I just today did a post about this movie over on my blog! too funny! I too adore the lady adventuress style and will defiantly check out your pinboard. Your outfit is lovely and I am jealous of your fabulous hat!

  2. I have not gotten into Pinterest yet…because of this post I may have to! Great outfit. Very inspired and looks great on you! (All your looks are fabulous.) This particular outfit is just very unique and I absolutely love it. You’ll have many adventures in this look I’m sure.
    Happy Weekend!!

  3. Holy cow, this outfit is just perfect! You look fantastic!

    I actually saw The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec not too terribly long ago, and I loved her wardrobe, too. Really interesting movie; not at all what I was expecting, but still really enjoyable to watch!


  4. I saw that pin on your pinterest and thought that it might have been a movie, but had not looked it up yet. I might need to do that right away.
    I love that outfit. I do have a question about it though, Does the belt get hot to wear? I only have one wide belt and it is that yucky pleather with the soft underside. When I try to wear it, I get all sweaty under it and it is not pretty. I was wondering if that was because it was cheap pleather and if I got a wide leather belt it might not have the same problems.
    Then again it might just be me, I was never one to have a “glow” in the heat instead of the alternative.
    Ok, enough talk about sweat.
    You look gorgeous.

    • For a good majority of the day I was indoors (though a place that lacked AC) when I wore this, but when outside, which was around 80 degrees F, I didn’t find it too horrifically hot or uncomfortable. This belt is made of all leather, with the exception of the back which does have some elastic in the back. I’m sure that on days of 85+ it would be too hot though.

  5. OMG! What a gorgeous outfit. The hat! The colors look so good on you. I think next, you need to search for a pair of those culottes Nicole Kidman is wearing, those also would look awesome on you. When I was a teen we had a specialty store in our city that sold beautiful clothing from India. A lot of gauzy flowing pieces, and lots of beautiful accessories. I think you would have loved it!

  6. I also ran across this movie a while ago. I have now seen the movie three times. It is a fun movie to watch, what a pleasant surprise! Keep in mind, the movie is in French, so be prepared for subtitles. Her costumes are wonderful. I absolutely love your outfit.

  7. That belt is FABULOUS! I totally love it!
    And I also love the looks that inspired you! Especially after living in the Sahara, the vintage adventurer lady outfits and traditional desert clothing has inspired me so much. Why can’t I dress like a bedouin/adventurer?! I guess it would look extremely out of place in Missouri…. darn…

  8. I love this look, and where the adventurer look is taking you. I’ve gotta say, too, when I looked at the Nicole Kidman photo, all I thought was, “Wow, how did Janey get such a great set to take photos on?” Even looking at it now, it totally looks like it’s you!

  9. Gorgeous! i don’t know where to start …. ok, let’s start in the middle, what means …. eeeek, what a wonderful belt! …i don’t want to mention every fabulous single piece today, because the whole look is so inspiring … but i don’t want to leave without mentioning these shoes. wow. great find.

  10. I adore that film so much. Has to be one of my all time favourites. And I adore your outfit! Come summer here I may have to see if I can find one, a good hat is always necessary!

  11. LOVE Adele-Blanc Sec (I’ve been wanting to read the comics since I saw the film) and love this outfit! The pith helmet with the fabric tied around it looks great.

  12. This look is so creatively wonderful! Those images you found on Pinterest were great, no wonder a seed was sown. I love Pinterest, and am currently searching for a few items to complete looks that I’ve got my eye on. Sometimes it’s a vintage picture, sometimes it’s something completely modern, but it just gives you that ‘seed’ and hopefully will come to fruition! P x

  13. I am so wildly jealous of all the amazing wide leather belts you own. And that pith helmet is super nifty. I love where this adventurer style is taking you!

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