Off to Florida!

Tomorrow Patrick and I will be headed to Florida! Patrick has a conference and I’m tagging along because I’ve never been before! Also this conference is one that is very friendly and accommodating for significant others and families, and includes activities for significant others and families

The conference is hosted at a resort that is on an island, transportation is arranged for significant others and families to visit St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach. There is even childcare available. Not that I’ll be needing that, but it’s nice that they are so considerate and offer the option for those who do need it. I’ve done a bit of digging to see what vintage clothing shops the areas have to offer and found a few that I may check out, but I also may give consideration to going to Castillo de San Marcos, as it has quite the unique history. Have any of you been to St. Augustine or Fernandia Beach and have any recommendations?

Many of my friends have asked if I will be visiting Walt Disney World, but that is a no-go. Not just is it far from where the conference is being held, and we cannot take additional time after the trip to visit, but I honestly have little interest in visiting WDW. Part of the charm and allure of Disneyland for me is that it was built during the 1950s, and at the height of mid-century Americana. Additionally, Disneyland is the only Disney Park that Walt Disney walked in. He visited the site of WDW many times during development, but the resort was completed after his death.

There are some other areas of Florida I would like to visit, so maybe another, non-work related trip in the future!

I think I’ll be able to blog from the conference! So look for sunshine soaked posts in the near future!

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