A Trip to the Middle East

Today is a bit of a special day for my blog. Why you ask?  Today marks the first ever guest post here at Atomic Redhead. Brought to you by the lovely Emileigh of Flashback Summer is! And what she has in store for you is marvelous! Her outfit has my stamp of approval as I think it’s nothing short of spectacular. I hope you enjoy! And thank you, Emileigh!

Hello, friends!  I’m Emileigh from Flashback Summer, and as I pondered what kind of guest post I would do here on Janey’s blog (thank you again, Janey!), I thought about the different interpretations of vintage Janey and I have.  Janey, as you probably know if you’ve been following her blog long, does an amazing job at incorporating a “lady adventurer” feel to her outfits.  She uses chunky leather belts, pith helmets, and flowing fabrics to evoke a sense of thrilling adventure in her looks.

On the other hand, I tend to incorporate elements from the Middle East because I used to live there and have very fond memories of it.  Then I got to thinking…. what perfect way to salute Janey’s style on her blog while bringing my own spin to it than to combine our two “niches” into a Middle East-adventure sort of look?  Sounded great to me!

I went with a 1920s vintage “base” because the 20s actually did have a lot of lady adventurers in the Middle East!  The discovery of King Tut’s tomb in the early 1920s and the increase in travel helped cultivate an interest in the Middle East and even a phase known as “Egyptomania.”

My outfit from this shoot, although sadly not shot in the Middle East, is made to pay homage to the ladies who trekked across the desert to see the pyramids in Giza, braved the hot sands and wind to take in Petra in Jordan, coolly reclined along the pristine beaches of the famous Red Sea.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to my husband who took the photos for this shoot.  He’s never done a photo shoot before and was unfamiliar with my camera, and yet he still produced this amazingness!  Pretty great for a first try, I thought!

Outfit Details
pants: from Kenya
white shirt: The Loft
belt: gifted
earrings: from Kenya
1930s boots: Honeytalk Vintage Etsy Shop
purse: from Kenya
bedouin necklace: from Egypt
beaded blouse: from Kenya
red scarf: Had it so long I don’t remember!
bedouin bracelet: from Sudan

12 thoughts on “A Trip to the Middle East

  1. What a treat!! I’m a huge fan of both of your blogs, so I’m glad for the collabo!! Those boots are fantastic and I LOVE the jewelry.

    • Thanks Alicia! I appreciate your kind words!
      And I love bedouin jewelry. It tends to be hugely chunky and somewhat gaudy… which is perfect, basically.

  2. Gosh everything about this post is excellent! The location is so cool! I want this location in my backyard:) Those boots are 1930s? Amazing!! Love the whole outfit, look, and vibe of this post:)

    • Thanks, Joanna! And yeah, the boots are from the 30s! Isn’t it amazing?! I had to replace the soles, but the leather itself is still in great condition! They just don’t make boots like this anymore. Sniff. (But if they do make boots like this and I just don’t know it… somebody save me from my ignorance and tell me where to find them.)

  3. Super amazing! I love this ensemble, those boots are incredible! I seriously can’t say enough about how much I adore this look right now.

  4. That is a great look you’ve put together, and the location and the photography take it up to an even higher level. Nice work by your husband with the camera! These are amazing shots indeed.

  5. What a ravishingly magnificent, memorable and gorgeously styled ensemble, dear Em. You look as though you could be playing the lead in a movie in which Laurence of Arabia was reimagined as Lorena of Arabia.

    ♥ Jessica

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