Autumnal Hues

I am feeling on the up and up with this cold I’ve had for awhile, and yesterday Patrick and I went out to do a bit of holiday shopping at some of the antique malls in town. Though this is often my problem when I catch something, I start to feel better, run around and do things, and have a relapse, making my cold last longer. Which I think is why this has stuck around for so long, between Joshua Tree and several trips to Disneyland. So Patrick put a cap on the number of shops we went to, limiting it to just three. Currently I’m trying to put together a vintage shopping guide, like the one I did for Portland, for the area we now call home. It may be some time in the works, as there are many places to visit and get a feel for.

I am often a very seasonal color palette kind of girl, and while I have Christmas decorations up, and the streets of Orange feature garlands spanning the streets, inspiration for a very autumnal colored outfit hit me, and while it is still technically fall, I had to wear it! Not to mention I wanted to wear something comfy, as I’m still sniffily. The blouse is on the boxier side, so it’s loose and comfy, though I may put darts in it eventually. And the skirt, is a bit on the big side, but the print was just too marvelous to pass up on when I saw it at my friend Lyndsie’s shop.

For now it’s back to the sofa with some tea and television. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Do you find yourself drawn to seasonal colors when looking for something to wear? Do you have any regiments when you catch a nasty cough or stuffy nose?

Blouse: Simply Vintage Boutique, Portland, Ore.
Skirt: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Ore.
Tooled Leather Shoes: Villains Vintage, Orange, Cali.
Purse: Lafayette School House, Lafyette, Ore.
Saddle Brooch: Found by my dad!
Turquoise Bracelet: Don’t remember…
Saddle Ring: Central Park Antique Mall, Bakersfield, Cali.

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