Into the New Year

As I said in my previous post, I tend not to take New Years all that seriously. And with that I forgo resolutions, and sometimes even celebrating. Originally Patrick and I gave thought to ringing in the New Year at Disneyland, but eventually we opted to loaf about home… Until about 4 o’clock that is when I couldn’t stand the loafing and packing up of Christmas anymore (yes, I’m one of those who begins to tear down on December 26th, unless we have any belated celebrating with relatives). We decided to go see Into the Woods at the Downtown Disney AMC and spend the rest of the evening with tiki drinks in hand at Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland Hotel, and not even attempt to get into the extremely crowded park. For the last minute decision I just threw on a rather casual outfit for the holiday, knowing the area around the Disneyland Hotel would still be quite crowded, though not as sardine feeling as Disneyland itself.

How about you? Did you go out or stay in? Whichever you did, I hope you had fun and a safe holiday!

As for 2015, there is lots to look forward to on my front, and one starts tomorrow! Patrick and I are off to Vegas for the weekend! Patrick has a work event, and as we can drive, and I’m not tied down to anything, I am fee to tag along. Plus we have some friends in Vegas who I haven’t seen in ages!

Blue Velveteen Coat: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Blouse: The Girl Can’t Help It, San Diego, California
Castle Print Skirt: A gift, but from Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Bow Tights & Shoes: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Fur Earrings: Don’t remember!
Fur Bow Chocker: Thrifted, if you can believe it!!
Purse: My Christmas present this year from my sister

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