Great Scott!

Today is the day! It’s Back to the Future Day! Today is the day that Marty McFly went into the future! Fans of the Back to the Future trilogy have been awaiting this day, as well as their hoverboards, which still have not arrived! Seriously, Mattel? Get with it. Anyway, while we may not have flying cars, hoverboards, clothing that automatically adjusts, or dehydrated pizza, but we still have made quite a lot of technological advances. The Back to the Future films have always been a favorite of mine, especially the third film. My favorite scene happens early when Doc needs to send Marty to 1885, from 1955, and does from a drive-in movie theatre that is western themed called the Pohatche. It is one beautiful drive-in, and I did some digging to see if it was real, or made up, and the background, which is Monument Valley, was a matte. I learned that the drive-in was in fact built just for that scene, and I came across this t-shirt, which I instantly had to buy.

I wore it out shopping for a flapper gown (for an event in April, I plan super ahead) before going into work for the day. I am kind of bummed I didn’t have the day off, I would have loved to have returned to Universal Studios or ran around completing this fabulous Back to the Future filming location map! I hope to visit each of these locations sooner or later though. How about you? Are you a Back to the Future Fan? Are you disappointed in our lack of hoverboards?

T-Shit: The Sloth Brain
Shorts: I honestly don’t remember
Shoes: Olvera Street, Los Angeles, Ca.
Purse: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Or.
Turquoise Jewelry: Ortega’s Capistrano Trading Post, San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

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