Tiki Day Adventures

Last Sunday fans of both tiki and Disneyland came together for the fifth annual Tiki Day in the Park. I was especially excited because I got to debut my latest vintage Disney tiki print dress that I scored recently, as well as my latest parasol I created just for the occasion!

This dress was the one variant I was missing from the tiki fabric Disneyland created in the 60s, and was overjoyed when I found it on Ebay a couple months ago and even more excited when I saw it had its label, which not all people chose to sew in.

My purple Enchanted Tiki Room dress does feature the label, which I wore it to the second Tiki Day and I wore my Enchanted Tiki Room pantsuit to the third Tiki Day.

And while my collection may be complete, one item (in the print and color scheme below) remains pretty much unwearable. I bought the dress on-line without looking at the measurements because I was so excited to find one! I am able to get the dress on, but I have massive “pancake boob” with it on. However, the dress’s style, an empire waist and full length, allows for the dress to be altered to a different style, and one that would fit. The problem is that this fabric is so rare that I’m terrified of doing a poor job altering it myself, and I have yet find a tailor I trust! And also because it is so rare I am not willing to part with it, unless I were to find another one first that fit better. So, if you ever spy one! Please let me know! I was so excited to see another girl wearing one of these vintage treasures yesterday! I had to snap a photo! She also rocked the Shag Enchanted Tiki Room purse!

The one thing I love the most about Tiki Day is seeing everyone’s creativity! I spied so many wonderful details to people’s outfits! One of my favorites was a girl’s dress that she made using fabric featuring Shrunken Ned!

Overall it was another wonderful Tiki Day in the books! And even though it’s October, and normally my mind is on spooky things, I can’t help but think about the other theme days coming up this fall! Pin-Up Girl Clothing’s Pin-Up Parade is later this month, and fall Dapper Day is next month!

Vintage Disneyland Tiki Print Dress: Ebay
Belt & Earrings: I don’t remember!
Shoes: Wanderlust, Portland, Oregon
Bangles: Here and there…
Shrunken Ned Parasol: Made by me

8 thoughts on “Tiki Day Adventures

  1. I was so excited to meet you at Tiki Day! I just knew you would look fabulous, and you did not disappoint!! I’m even more excited now to see that my Trader Sam’s Tiki pin is in your blog!! Thanks for adding to a fun day. Hope to see you again!

  2. Oh my, you look fantastic! Your hair looks lovely like this and your dress is wonderful! I never knew about this fabric being a thing, how interesting!

  3. I am so completely and totally in love with this awesome tiki inspired look – which is jaw dropping on you, dear Janey, I should add. The colours are warm, classic and eye-catching – not to mention really well suited to fall time – and create such an inspiringly pretty palette.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  4. I’m so jealous of your amazing dresses/pantsuits! I covet that tiki room fabric! I believe we met at the car show part of Tiki Oasis this year, you had an amazing Planet of the Apes parasol and matching Shag dress 🙂
    My family was all matching in woodie/pin up shirts.

    Maybe we’ll make it to Tiki Day at the park next year, my entire family was sick this year. Thanks for the great virtual tour of it!

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