Etsy Shop Sale

Since being cast at the Disneyland Resort I have been contemplating closing my Etsy shop, The Atomic Hideaway. First of all, I have only listed a handful of items since I began working for the mouse. Additionally part of the reason we moved to California is that there is simply so much more to do down here. So, during my time off, we are off exploring, or I am doing necessary chores around our home, and of course blogging. This leaves little time for the lengthy process of sourcing, sorting and listing patterns. Also  I have amassed quite the fabric stash and personal pattern collection as of late, and I haven’t done any personal sewing since our move, with the exception of a few essential repairs.

So what I have decided to do is to take an indefinite hiatus from selling Etsy. I love selling patterns, and I would love to reopen my Etsy shop one day, but for the time being I am offering a coupon code to help clean out my patterns.

If you are interested in any of the patterns in my Etsy shop, please use the coupon code “HIDEAWAY” to receive 40% off your purchase.

I will deactivating listings two weeks from today, May 15th, and then possibly officially closing it. The nice thing about Etsy is that you are able to reopen your shop at any time, and it will be just as you left it.

To those who have been customers of mine over the years, thank you so much for your support! I love that I have been a part of your sewing journey.

Days with Dad

When Patrick goes on business trips, I often decide to just go to my dad’s for the time he’s away.  I love spending time with my dad since we share the same passions.  The last few days were spent shopping, pricing inventory for the shop in Coburg, working on the newly acquired Cadillac hearse, and car cruise.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Shopping with Dad

Not sure how you spent your weekend, but I spent mine shopping with my pop.  There were two antique shows back to back down south, combined with visits to various thrift stores.  Plus, putting the finished touches on the 1960s rickshaw we purchased awhile back and seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark on the really big IMAX screen!

While neither show had much with regards to clothes, I still scored quite a few items.  Saturday brought Antiques in the Streets in downtown Albany, and later that day my dad and I brought some fresh items (including the rickshaw! So if you’re interested, you must visit Retro Rejuvenation) into our space at my friend Lyndsie’s shop, Retro Rejuvenation, in the tiny town of Coburg in preparation for the Coburg Antique Fair on Sunday.

Retro Rejuvenation was hoppin’ all throughout Sunday, and Lyndsie had recently got a huge consignment of Bauer ware that drew many people into the shop.  Now I rarely talk about items I didn’t buy…but this is too cool not to talk about… I found a perfume spray vending machine…yes, you read right, a perfume spray vending machine.  You put in your dime under the cologne of your choice, then, holding your wrist or neck close to the spray nozzle push in upon the plunger to receive the spritz.  It was a little rough, but tempting at $65.  I ultimately passed, and instead dished out big bucks on a sweetheart bracelet.

In terms of purchases, I picked up this fabulous south of the border themed table runner, along with two Disney magazines featuring Zorro on the cover, and the Zorro plate and bowl that go with the Zorro cup I purchased awhile back at Antique Alley! So now I have the complete set!  I also bought this great salmon colored bangle from Lyndsie.

More scores included two Starburst bowls – one berry and one cereal, the previously mentioned sweetheart bracelet and an Egyptian revival brooch.

I also picked up two fabulous 1940s hats!  I’ve been craving one of these ladies fedoras for sometime, but never came across one that worked out, until I found this beauty.  Then I also got this glorious black velvet number.

And last, but certainly not least, I bought this amazing 1950s desk!  The Ikea creation we had when we first moved was planned to be temporary until we found something more suited to our mid-century needs.  But finding old desks is quite difficult if you are in the market for something that isn’t a roll-top.

I also picked up the final pieces for my Halloween costume…which I am planning on getting done before the end of the month.  I still have so much embroidery to do! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Buying Extravaganza

At the last minute, Patrick was called upon to attend a conference out of state Sunday through Wednesday, so I telephoned my dad to see if I could come down to Eugene and spend some time down there.  He very graciously took time off work and we spent four days shopping. Yes. All day, every day. Well, and partially cleaning out the attic. Which was almost shopping in a sense because we were cruising for inventory.

We visited thrift shops, junk stores and antique malls.  At one shop we spoke with the owner and the conversation ended with us purchasing a vintage rickshaw/pedicab as well as a 1970s Schwinn tandem to add to our bicycle collection.  We also dropped off fresh inventory at the second location of The Atomic Hideaway, located inside my friend Lyndsie’s brand new antique mall Retro Rejuvenation.  (You can read more about her shop in this entry.)  Where I happened to pick up yet another little sheer nylon blouse that I’m sure you’ll see plenty of in these warm summer days.  Cleaning out the attic some revealed some of my old Batman toys, coloring books from the days when my mum was a kindergarten teacher, as well as stationary from the trucking company my dad’s dad was vice president of! Pretty nifty!



Needless to say I purchased a lot of stuff…our car was pretty full when we hit the road to head back to Portland on Wednesday, but instead of just shooting straight up I-5, we drove over to Florence and took 101 up the coast visiting more antique malls.  By the time we finally arrived in Portland, the car was packed!  Much of what was bought is going into either of the Atomic Hideaway locations, but I did picked up a few things for myself, including a few slips, five pairs of shoes and a handful of other bits and bobbles.

I was also graced with some clothing by my dad’s girlfriend, Ann. Her mother is moving, and subsequently getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I felt very honored that Ann thought of me.  There are a handful of pieces that I will be keeping for myself, including a bubble gum pink Lipman’s sweater set! It’s super adorable!  Other pieces will make their way into the Portland location of The Atomic Hideaway in the very near future.  So keep an eye out!

Retro Rejuvenation

Earlier I mentioned that my friend Lyndsie is opening up an antique mall in the small town of Coburg (located just five miles north of Eugene).  Over the last few days my dad and I scoured the house top to bottom selecting items to fill out our new space at her mall, followed by hours arranging and pricing all of the delightful treasures.

Lyndsie and her family have spent the last few weeks getting the place prepped for opening.  With its candy colored walls, Retro Rejuvenation will be a perfect 2,500 square foot shop full of amazing vintage pieces of clothing, kitchenware, mid-century furniture, ceramics, and even “mantiques”, thanks to my dad.

I love to see new and local businesses come into being, and it is even better that I get to be a part of it.

Lyndsie was such a doll, she let me shop her gorgeous items and I picked up two pieces I simply couldn’t leave without. But tune in tomorrow to see those beauties!

Retro Rejuvenation will be opening it doors this Saturday, but join Lyndsie for her Grand Opening party on Sunday, July 15th.

Vintage Ventures

Today I received a mix of news.  First, the bad news…I received a text message from my friend Lyndsie, located down in Eugene, that one of our favorite vintage shops, Puttin’ on the Ritz, suffered a horrible fire.  We have yet to hear if their entire inventory is lost, and what this means for the future of the business.  All I can say is that I am devastated, and my thoughts are with the owners and I wish them the best of luck in moving forward in whatever direction they choose.

UPDATE: Puttin’ on the Ritz has decided to consign all of their recovered inventory to Julie of Fab Gabs Vintage.

Meanwhile, Lyndsie has been one busy gal! She recently leased out the space of my former upholsterer in Coburg and is looking for dealers for her new shop Retro Rejuvenation.  My dad and myself have joined her in her venture, and will soon being opening up another branch of The Atomic Hideaway inside her new antique mall.

Photo Courtesy of Lyndsie Denton

Next week I will be heading down to Eugene to help out with sorting, pricing, and moving items into the new space.  Since this location will be manned by my dad, we look forward to bringing in “man-tiques” (auto memorabilia, and such) and possibly older, turn-of-the-century items.  I look forward to spending time with my dad and helping out a dear friend.  I want Lyndsie to be successful in this business.  She is a girl who loves the style and glamour of the 40s and 50s, and has a super keen eye for fantastic items (just check out that dress already in the window! And the fact she’s using Starburst in her design)!  Sometimes I simply can’t believe the things she scores!  The antique world needs to know that it is people like myself and Lyndsie who are the future of this business, and we want to keep antique and vintage items alive and pass them along to homes where they will be loved.

I hope to keep you up to date on our progress.

O Christmas Tree…

Well, it’s that time of year again. With the Thanksgiving leftovers tucked away in the fridge, it is time to break out the Christmas decor and listen to some Nat King Cole.  Last night I donned my favorite kitschy Christmas dress (and this year it fits thanks to my newly acquired sewing skills!) and Patrick and I put up our aluminum Christmas tree…

This year I decorated our tree in space themed ornaments that I have been collecting for the last few years. Ages ago, I had found an ornament with planets and stars on it and I fell in love. I made a commitment to buy every one I saw and then one year do an entire tree with them.  Over the course of that time I found other space themed ornaments, some with stars or bursts, even one with an atom on it.

Well, it’s back to decorating and Christmas shopping…speaking of shopping…there is a sale happening at my booth as well as Etsy! 30% off at my space at Antique Alley and 15% off items in my Etsy Shop!