Palm Springs Postcards

Eons ago I shared a selection of vintage Los Angeles postcards I had collected over the years, mentioned it would be a series, sharing other vintage postcards from my collection. Well, here we are well over a year later and I am finally going to share some more gems with you! I decided to share vintage Palm Springs postcards, as Patrick and I just returned from there, after spending the weekend for some of the Modernism Week events, and I don’t have anything to show for it! So vintage postcards it is!

One of my favorite areas in Palm Springs is La Plaza, a shopping center from the 1930s located in the heart of Palm Springs.

Here are some bonuses regarding La Plaza. I snapped these enlargements of articles and pamphlets during my 2013 visit to Palm Springs. Click to enlarge them and read what La Plaza offered in the 1930s and 40s.

To see what La Plaza looks like these days, check out the following posts.
La Plaza
La Plaza Dos
Out and About in Palm Springs

I’ll end with two postcards from Smoke Tree Ranch.

Smoke Tree Ranch is made up of privately owned homes, as well as rentals for getaways and facilities for events. One of its most notable frequenters was Walt Disney. Walt loved Smoke Tree Ranch, and could often be spotted sporting a tie featuring the Smoke Tree Ranch brand embroidered on it. In fact so frequent was it, when the first Partners statue (the statue of Walt and Mickey) was created for Disneyland Park in 1993, the brand was placed on the tie. Look for it next time you visit the Disneyland Resort. You can read more about Walt and Smoke Tree Ranch here.

I hope you enjoyed! Hopefully it won’t be over a year between this and my next vintage postcard post!

Goodbye Gill’s

Last Sunday was a sad day in the Los Angeles history books, Gill’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream at Los Angeles’ Original Farmers Market closed up shop after 80 years scooping ice cream. I cannot lay claim to many fond memories spent at Gill’s, as I had only been there once, but I can still mourn the loss of a true “home spun and family run” (as Charles Phoenix likes to say) business. For generations, the Gill family has dished out cone after cone, and legend has it they created the flavor rocky road. So, when we heard that this LA landmark was vacating, we had to go over to bid farewell.

I was very inspired by the look of Gill’s when I picking out what to wear, selecting a pink and white stripe shirtwaist that reflected the pink and white stripes of the stand itself, and taking from the green awning, I opted for a green bolero. As I selected my outfit, I lamented about a lack of an ice cream or Coca-Cola brooch, when true inspiration struck me! As I was getting dressed, I looked at my dresser, atop which sits a vintage Knott’s Berry Farm ashtray, full of my Knott’s jewelry, and I remembered discussions at Knott’s of making brooches out of some of their fun magnets. I then remembered we had a Coca-Cola magnet reminiscent of the signage that Gill’s had! So I used a plain magnet on the inside of my dress to secure the Coca-Cola one. I also chose to wear my vintage, Los Angeles themed charm bracelet, which features a Farmers Market charm on it!

It was delightful to see the outpouring of love that people had for Gill’s, as the line curved its way through the aisles of Farmers Market, and people shared their stories of their visits to Gill’s over the decades. I even had the delight of talking to the great-grand daughter of the founder, which was a really wonderful moment, as she shared her memories with me.

Farmers Market has announced another family-owned ice cream shop will take up residence in the same stall in the near future.

Bolero: Gift from Patrick, but I know he got it at Hollywood Babylon, Portland, Oregon
Dress: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Nordstorm
Shoes: Re-Mix
Purse: Lux de Ville
Scarf: I don’t remember
LA Charm Bracelet: Found by my dad I think…


It’s still hard for me to believe it’s mid-November, and that Thanksgiving next week. And with that comes thoughts of Christmas, so over the weekend Patrick and I went out to do a bit of shopping at the antique malls near us. I can honestly tell you I’m clinging to fall color palettes like crazy. I have so many ensembles that aren’t getting worn, let alone photographed for the blog! But, luckily we snagged the camera before stepping out the door so I can share this one with you!

Also over the weekend Patrick and I went to Universal Studios, so don’t be surprised if you spy a post about that soon!

Blouse: Thrifted
Gauchos: West of Texas, Redlands, California
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Anubis kartush pendent, and bracelet: From by dad
Scarab pendent: Expo, I think… I’ve seriously had it since I was like 12 or so.
Scarab ring: Antique Mall of Treasures, Orange, California
Scarf: The Clothes Horse, Eugene, Oregon
Purse: The Original Tiki Marketplace

Clifton’s Pacific Seas Bar

After much anticipation, Clifton’s (which I have blogged about on several previous occasions, including its grand re-opening, Thanksgiving, and the first Fur & Feathers in LA) finally opened the doors to the newest addition to its cabinet of curiosities, Pacific Seas, a tiki bar inspired by the first ever Clifton’s, under the same name.

The Pacific Seas was the first of Clifford Clinton’s chain of cafeterias, and featured a gorgeous pacific island theme with lots of bamboo, gorgeous faux rock features, both inside and out, and even neon palm trees. It was gaudy, outrageous, and utterly amazing. Honestly, what I wouldn’t give to go back in time and experiences it. Seriously, take a look…

Pacific Seas opened in 1939 and closed its doors in 1960s, when it was demolished and became a parking lot, which it has remained since. But now Clifton’s guests can either re-live, or experience for the first time, a small taste of what the Pacific Seas was like with its all new tiki bar. On Friday Patrick and I had the pleasure of going the night before its grand opening thanks to a friend. My eyes couldn’t stop darting around at all of the amazing details, and these photos simply don’t do it justice. One of my favorite details was the original plaque to the outside of the Pacific Seas location that discussed the exterior and gave thanks to the artists behind the creation. Sadly, I failed to get any real outfit photos with the exception of a quick snap at the end of the night.

I can imagine we shall be visiting Pacific Seas as often as possible, as it is nothing short of spectacular, and I highly encourage both locals and visitors to LA alike to visit!

Dress: LA Vintage Expo
Shoes: Re-Mix
Coconut Bangle: ???

Spooktacular Season

It’s October! And with it brings one of my favorite holidays, Halloween! While I decorated last week I am still recovering some a bit of a cold, and just now got around to photographing! I was so happy to add a few new pieces of vintage Halloween decor this year that I acquired between last Halloween and now, including a new addition to my devil girl collection!

The honeycomb cat is one of my favorite pieces, yet it rarely goes out, since he is so fragile, but he hasn’t been out in a few years, so I felt it was time. I found him at the Goodwill outlet (aka The Bins) if you can believe it!

This month is quite busy already…October always seems to be. In fact later today we are off to a wedding, then Tiki Day in the Park is Sunday, and of course we will be going to one of the Halloween parties at Disneyland a bit later in the month. I hope to squeeze in a few visits to some of SoCal’s creepy haunts and share them with you!

Have you decorated for Halloween yet? And what plans do you have for the holiday?

Flowers and Ferdinand

On Sunday there was the Vintage Visitors April meet-up with a floral theme. I saw this as a perfect time to do a Ferdinand the Bull Disneybound, as the event and its timing combined flowers, which Ferdinand loves, it fell just a few days after my birthday, and I’m a Taurus and I had a Ferdinand Taurus pin! It was also a perfect time to debut my Ferdinand parasol!

Ferdinand was one of the first things that came to mind when I started doing parasols, as he is one of my favorite Disney characters. I attempted it multiple times, screwing up each time. Characters that feature a lot of black, where lines must be shown within that black, are more difficult, and after two or three failures on Ferdinand I chose a different approach and different image to work off of, and I am thrilled with how it came out!

Oh, and you all get a bonus pic! A shot of one of Disneyland’s infamous cats!

I believe her name is Becky. And we spied her on the docks along the Rivers of America across from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We even saw her catch a lizard. For those who may not know, the Disneyland Resort does “employ” feral cats. They are there, ironically, to take care of the rodent population, keeping Disneyland rodent free, with a few rather large exceptions of course, like Mickey! The Disneyland Resort does take care of them too, both feeding them, and spay/neutering them. If you spy one you may observe a clipped ear, that is to indicate they been spayed/neutered. It’s important to keep in mind that while they are “maintained” they are still feral, and skittish around people. You can read more about Disney’s cats here.

When I look at my week ahead I am frantic over the thought that Dapper Day is now in less than a week. For those who may be unfamiliar with Dapper Day, it is one of the unofficial “theme days” at the Disneyland Resort, where you are encouraged to dress, you guessed it, dapper. While Dapper Day is technically Sunday, May 1, it has begun to take over the weekend, especially since they started the Dapper Day Expo, a “dapper hopping experience”, if you will, where Guests can peruse vintage and vintage inspired merchandise. Now, while I routinely live by the notion of “Every day is Dapper Day”, this will actually be my first Dapper Day! While living in Oregon, Patrick and I never visited the Resort during a Dapper Day, and I worked during the ones that have occurred during our time here. So, needless to say I want my outfit to be pretty amazing. So I better start looking in my closet or get shopping!

Dress: Buffalo Exchange (but is a super old number from the original Bettie Page Clothing)
Belt: Nordstorm
Shoes: Re-Mix
Jewelry: Made by me from bits and bobbles from Michael’s
Parasol: Made by me

Imperial X-Mas

Now that Patrick and I have seen the latest Star Wars film, I felt I could now properly enjoy and appreciate all of the items from The Force Awakens that are on view at Star Wars Launch Bay and inside the various shops at Disneyland more. So, I convinced Patrick to take a long lunch break and we went to the park for lunch.

Yeah, I broke down and bought one of the Star Wars “ugly” Christmas sweaters that have been floating around. This one I shockingly bought at Target, against better judgement, but I love it to no end.

This jacket is one of my favorites, and I’m shocked its taken this long for it to appear on the blog. It’s one of my prized pieces and I’ve had it for several years, however one of those years it spent switching between the back porch and garage at my dad’s because it reeked of cigarettes. And seriously, leather is the worst when it comes to ridding it of scents. But it was well worth the wait. Vintage leather motorcycle jackets, especially ladies ones, are extremely rare, so I was willing to put up with the wait of ridding it of the cigarette stench, especially because it was…are you sitting down…? Ten dollars! I KNOW! I had to prevent myself from screaming when I tried it on and it fit perfectly. It was originally from J.C. Penny’s – take a look at this label! Which I believe dates to the 30s. Anyone know for sure?

Speaking of crazy awesome ladies leather motorcycle jackets, my dad actually found another one, though brown, that also fits beautifully, and I look forward to featuring it.

Motorcycle Jacket: Thrifted
Sweater: Target
Skirt: I don’t remember…
Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstorm
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Imperial Officer Cap: Disneyland