It’s Boysenberry Time!

Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm has quickly developed as a tradition for us each spring. It is a time when Knot’s Berry Farm really showcases its history along with creating new boysenberry concoctions. It’s also a perfect excuse to break out all of the purple items in my wardrobe! I had planned a totally different ensemble, but at the last minute I decided to wear a dress I picked up during our stay in Palm Springs.

Like previous years, Knott’s offers a tasting card for guests to try out all of the new boysenberry creations! This year they have really upped their game. Previously the tasting card featured six items, for $25, and you were basically forced to get each of the items. This year year they have added two more items, and now you can have any of the items listed. So say you’re allergic to something, you can decided to have two or more of something else, and this year it costs $30. Sadly, we cut our visit short due to rain, so we didn’t get to try everything. But like past years, we will be visiting again soon! The boysenberry flavored fun doesn’t end with the tasting card, many of the restaurants and shops continue to offer items that used to be on the tasting card, among other items, including a boysenberry pie milkshake (which was beyond amazing), new boysenberry chocolate creations, the glorious hand crafted “Calico Soda” (one of my favorite items) and more. Even though my birthday is in spring, Boysenberry Festival is honestly the highlight of spring for me now. As someone who isn’t too adventurous with food, the event gives me ample opportunity to try things I normally wouldn’t. Honestly, if you are a foodie though, you need to seriously consider visiting Knott’s Berry Farm during Boysenberry Festival.

Not only is Boysenberry Festival a food festival, it also offers fun games for children and families and a variety of stage shows, as well as a craft fair. One of my absolute favorite vendors at the craft fair is Miss Doolittle, who made the darling mini pie hair clip I wore during one of our visits last year. Well this year she made a matching purse which I snapped up instantly! So I’m eager to use it during our next visit and share it with you guys! In the meantime you can check out Miss Doolittle on Etsy here.

Dress: Route 62 Antiques, Yucca Valley, California
Belt: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Wagon Wheel Earrings: ???
Horseshoe Necklace: Knott’s Berry Farm
Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm Charm Bracelet: Some antique mall…?
Shoes: Re-Mix

Shields Date Garden

Shields Date Garden has been on my radar for sometime, but there was always something else I wanted to do in and around Palm Springs more every time I was there! But this time I was hellbent on going and getting my hands on a famous date shake!

Shields Date Garden was founded by husband and wife team Floyd and Bess Shields in 1924. They were pioneers in the field of date farming in the Coachella Valley. They even went as far as to create their own varieties as the “Blonde” and “Brunette” dates. Shield truly believed in date farming and gave presentations on the process, and later created a slide show. By this time the Coachella Valley was filling up with date farms, and the Shields were in need of a new lure, especially with all of the fresh traffic of people traveling to the new resort hot spot, the Salton Sea. So he created a documentary, The Romance and Sex Life of the Date. The word “sex” was pretty taboo to have in large letters across a billboard or building in the 1950s. But it certainly made people curious and Shields thrived. Today, the documentary (albeit a slightly modified version) still continues to play continuously, and people are encouraged to walk the Garden and indulge in a variety of date goodies!

In 1953, in beautiful classic roadside tradition, Shields added their now iconic large knight to beckon visitors.

One of the things the Shields developed the the date crystal, which went into their very own date shake and date ice cream. All of which is still available at Shields today.

Today, Shields Date Garden even has its very own cafe, serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We arrived early for breakfast, where Patrick had the date pancakes, before we stepped out to tour the actual grounds. I had initially expected to just roam around the beautiful date palms and take some pictures, but what I wasn’t prepared for were the over 20 relatively life size statues documenting the life of Jesus. Yes, Jesus. Like, from the Bible. Apparently in 2011 William and Lillian Vanderzalm of Vancouver, Canada, had recently closed their Biblical garden, and were looking for a new home for their statues in the Palm Springs area. They called Shields, who accepted them, and the statues were installed in 2013. The presence of the story of Jesus isn’t as random as you would initially think, as dates originated in the middle east, becoming a dietary staple for those living in the area, especially in Egypt and Israel, and palm trees are mentioned multiple times in the Bible. As fitting as it is, I will admit I would have loved to have walked the grounds prior to this change.

I honestly cannot recommend Shields Date Gardens enough! It is a must if you are in the Palm Springs or Indio area. It’s only about a half hour drive from the heart of Palm Springs. It also makes for a perfect stop if you’re on your way to another religions folk art oddity, Salvation Mountain! You can check our our visit from a couple years ago here.

That wraps up my Palm Springs post this spring. Unlike previous visits, we didn’t stay at a nifty old hotel (which I usually do a post about), instead opting to stay where Patrick’s company put him up at, which is free! And seeing as we are still making improvements on the house, we kind of need to save where we can!

Dress: Portland Antique Expo, Portland, Oregon
Copper Belt & Tooled Leather Purse: ???
Copper Jewelry: Here and there…the ring with wee little turquoise stones came from my dad
Shoes: Olvera Street.

El Mirador Hotel

While Palm Springs is extremely well known for its mid-century modern architecture, it should be just as well known for its stunning Spanish revival architecture. No where was this better executed than the spectacular El Mirador Hotel, which operated from 1928 to 1972. El Mirador is a perfect example of Palm Springs’ glorious Spanish styling and the city’s innovative repurposing to save its history.

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Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

I once again find myself blogging direct from Palm Springs. As some of you might already know, each spring the company that Patrick works for hosts a week long conference in Palm Springs, and I’ve tagged along each time because who can resist staying in Palm Springs for a week? And despite visiting Palm Springs every March for the last six years, I am still finding new things to do!

This year I traveled a short distance outside of Palm Springs to Desert Hot Springs, another resort town in the Coachella Valley that has a great number of spas, but what many don’t know is that Desert Hot Springs’ reputation for being a health resort town is all thanks to one man, Cabot Yerxa. Today Yerxa’s legacy lives on at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum.

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Adventureland Day

Over the weekend Disneyland was met with a new theme day, Adventureland Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the wild jungle of Adventureland. I was super excited about this, because while I love Tiki Day, I love what I call “Adventurer  Chic” more, and this was the perfect excuse!

Since it was on the cooler side, I decided to wear this spectacular vintage leather jacket my dad procured for me but has yet to be on the blog! A shock! I know! And it inspired my whole look, which ended up being a bit of an aviatrix/Amelia Earhart type.

Sometimes I wish clothes could talk, and if they could, I’m sure this jacket would have some amazing stories to tell. It is such an utterly unique piece, and with so many pockets! Including the back! Yes, the entire panel on the back is a large pocket. You can spy the zipper along the ride side in the photo of my back. I also adore the stud details on the back. The jacket has just the perfect amount of wear – it’s been beaten, but not to death, and looks well traveled, perfect for adventurer look.

I hope Adventureland Day becomes another annual theme day at Disneyland, because I always love a good excuse to put on a good lady adventurer look.

Adventureland Day was put together by the talented Tiki Tony. And you can like Adventureland Day on Facebook to stay up to date on future events.

Leather Jacket: Found by my dad
Scarf: I borrowed it from Pat…it’s vintage…not sure where it came from though.
Tie: Thrifted
Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
H bar C Slacks: Paper Moon, Los Angeles, California
Belt & Ring: ???
Shoes: Re-Mix

Long Form: The Truth Behind Blogging

Recently I had one of most annoying and upsetting things that happens to bloggers happen to me. It wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, I’m sure of it. Two of my pictures were taken from my blog and used on a website without my permission. The pictures in question were not of me; they were of a location, and the website was using them to showcase what their business looked like, and they even chose to remove my watermark (which says “”) from them. One was cropped out poorly, and on the other they chose to Photoshop out my watermark. I’m still in the midst of clearing it up. The business has yet to respond to my e-mail.

This move really hurt. It kind of felt like the ultimate betrayal. And I feel a need to both vent and clear up some common misconceptions about blogging.

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History of Sambo’s Restaurant

So, sometimes I do crazy things. Like drive two hours to go to a restaurant. Yep. When reading Charles Phoenix’s book, Addicted to Americana, he talks about the chain of coffee shops known as Sambo’s. Now, Sambo’s wasn’t totally unknown to me prior to reading the book, as there was one in my home town of Eugene, but it is long since gone, and well, I thought they all were. That is until I read that just one remains, and it happens to be the very first one, located in Santa Barbara. So how does a restaurant that started in 1957 and grew to have over 1,000 locations across the United States only have one today? Well, the funny thing is, this story begins all the way back in 1898 with a Scottish woman who lived in India for 30 years.

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