A Perfect Match!

Most product reviews I do here on the blog are typically from one of two types of companies; ones I have never heard of, or ones I have heard of, but never purchased from. So today’s product review is different in that I am reviewing something from a company I already know and love, Match Accessories. Recently they revamped their wildly popular Disneyland inspired “D” brooches, and I was recently given some of these newly revamped brooches, and asked to share my thoughts on the changes they made, as well as host a giveaway!

Match Accessories, best known for their Disneyland inspired “D” brooches, sells brooches, earrings, and necklaces, all with vintage vibes, and I can honestly say I’ve never been disappointed in a piece. But, I’m not everyone, and, sadly, some people had issues, and Match listened. Previously, Match was gluing on their pin-backs, and they were getting a few reports of brooches separating from their pin-backs, falling, and shattering. They have now remedied that in several ways, and I’m really impressed! This new generation of “D” brooches are thicker, by a good margin. Just check out this side by side image. The new brooch is on the left, the older brooch on the right.

They also moved away from just glue, now pin-backs are riveted on, and much more secure. The new pin-back sturdier, and still features the locking clasp. The new D is on top of an older one in the image below.

Since receiving my new brooches, I’ve worn several to the Disneyland Resort, including wearing them on attractions such as Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Mountain, and haven’t had any issues. I also got a slew of compliments! Minnie Mouse even spied it on me and simply loved it, pointing to it and jumping up and down excitedly.

And best of all, you can enter to win your very own “D” brooch in their latest style, a new faux tortoise shell! Perfect to wear with any and all tortoise shell jewelry or “root beer” bakelite!

Just follow the rules below, you have until September 29th to enter!

  1. Follow Match on either @matchaccessoriesTwitter or “Like” them on Facebook.
  2. Visit Match’s website and take a look around!
  3. Comment below with which form of social media you follow Match, and what your favorite piece off their website is!
  4. You may enter only once!
  5. Cross your fingers!

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Giveaway ends at 11:59 PST, Thursday, September 29th. The winner will be announced, using Random.org, a week from today, on Friday, September 30th! The winner then has until October 3rd e-mail me (using the Contact Form) with their shipping information or another winner will be selected. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I was given a selection of “D” brooches, including one to giveaway, free of charge, in exchange for a honest review. All Match Accessories are designed and hand-made right here in the USA, by Samantha and Jeremy, founders of Match Accessories.

A Song for You

Patrick and I didn’t have much down time after leaving Portland, because I had booked the weekend at the Joshua Tree Inn months ago, as the weekend marked the anniversary of Gram Parsons’ death at the Inn, and I was lucky enough to secure room eight, the very room in which Parsons passed away in. Yeah, call me morbid, but to me, it’s one step closer to history.


During our visit to Portland, I hung out with my friend Alicia, an amazing artist who recently started designing gorgeous ouija boards. I told her I wanted one featuring a cowgirl and a jackalope, and over lunch we discussed the design, and I was blown away when she presented it to me while we were out for drinks the night before started our journey home – she knocked this out in just two days! She even told me it was Gram’s eye that she drew on the planchette. So it was this ouija board I took out with me during our stay to see if I could make contact with the legendary musician.

Sadly, there was no response from Gram, but if I’m honest, I think he’s either too cool to stick around as a ghost, or has found peace.

This was my third time staying at the Joshua Tree Inn, and I love it more and more with every visit. Gram’s connection aside, it is one of the most relaxing places I have ever stayed. It’s just the most perfect place to chill out and recharge, I can’t wait to return.

Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels tee: Worn Free
Skirt: Fables by Barrie
Shoes: Minnetonka
Coral & Mother of Pearl Necklace: Ebler’s Leather & Saddlery Emporium, Columbia, California
Turquoise & Coral Cuff: West of Texas, Redlands California
Rings: Here and there, included West of Texas

Swimsuit: Esther Williams

Oujia Board by Alicia find her on the following sites: Facebook, Instagram, Etsy

Ghost Towns along Highway 49

I am sorry to report I don’t have any images from our time spent in Portland. I was incredibly busy constantly visiting with friends and family, and shopping of course! What I do have to show for our trip though are some shots I took of some ghost towns. we visited during our journey back home.

Honestly, I can’t recall when I first fell in love with the old mining towns along California Highway 49. What I do remember though is being very young and marveling at the old buildings the small town of Mariposa, where my great aunt and uncle used to lived (they have since moved to Seal Beach). We visited them every so often during our trips to California, and I always loved returning to that town. California’s gold rush is a unique moment in time, and a driving force in California’s rich (no pun intended) history, much like the Spanish missions and Hollywood. The towns that sprung up from it continue to draw me in whenever I get the chance to drive through them.

After crossing the border between Oregon and California, we peeled off I-5 just before Sacramento and made our way down Highway 49 visiting Amador City, Sutter Creek, Mokelume Hill, Murphys, Angels Camp, and Columbia. Sadly, we didn’t make it into Mariposa (it’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since I was there) but there are still many more gold rush towns I wish to visit, and I know we will make it there one day. But today I just want to share with you some of the images I took during our visit to these quiet and peaceful towns.

A couple of years ago we visited Coloma, where gold was first discovered in California, and you can take a peek at here.

Patrick and I didn’t have much down time after getting home. In fact we are off to Joshua Tree for the weekend! So I better go repack my suitcase! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

The Jewel of the West!

Recently I have seen a wanted shift in my blog. I want to write about experiences more, sharing what I wore will always be an aspect of that, but I want to share experiences of the fun things that I’ve done, and the unique places I’ve been, such as museums, abandoned locations, etc. I hope to inspire others to go on and have their own unique adventures and maybe travel to one of the places I mention here. Today’s post is an example of that. Albeit a more exaggerated example. Today’s post is much more of an exception than the rule. The number of photos in this post is more than any other post I’ve shared. But it is because the experience of Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghost Town Alive is unlike anything else. This is also the first time I have written an open letter on the blog, something I doubt will become the norm, but something I feel is well suited for today’s post.

At first glance, Knott’s Berry Farm looks like any other amusement park, and may not appear all that unique, but it has always been unique in its origins, and its Ghost Town, which helps separate it from other amusement parks, and this summer Knott’s Berry Farm stepped up their Ghost Town Game with Ghost Town Alive, which was unlike anything I had ever experienced, and wanted to revisit over and over again. It should be noted that Ghost Town received a proper town name, Calico, during Ghost Town Alive. I say this as to not confuse readers with the real town of Calico. The following is both an open letter to Knott’s Berry Farm, as well as a thank you to those who helped create it and bring Ghost Town to life.

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Yeehaw for Calico!

Patrick and I just returned from our trip to Portland. I had hoped to blog while away, however I ran into a few hiccups, so now I’m blogging on events much later than I prefer, but better late than never! So before I dive into our travels, or other recent happenings, I must share two more Knott’s Berry Farm posts from our visits before leaving.

Over the summer Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghost Town celebrated its 75th anniversary. As mentioned previously, normally the buildings within Ghost Town are there just for you to peek in and observe a scene taking place, such as a man getting a shave, or the sheriff in the middle of a card game, but for the anniversary, Knott’s opened up this buildings and the citizens were no longer wooden figures, but real life humans for you to interact with!

This move by Knott’s quickly became the highlight of my summer, and my friends I spent roughly the last two weeks of the event (as it came to a close last Monday, September 5th, and we left for Portland that evening) enjoying it as much as possible. Patrick shot hundreds of photos, and I wore many outfits, but only one day did I get to properly take outfit photos. Which I will share with you today. But stay tuned for another post, which will likely be an open letter to Knott’s Berry Farm, but will contain loads of other photos, including some snaps of me in the various ensembles I wore. But for today I’ll focus on my favorite.

It should be noted I became a deputy, hence the badge you’ll spy in the photos, but I’ll share that story in the next post!

The interior shots here with the red wallpaper is inside Goldie’s Place, which quickly became my favorite go-to place for a rest, along with the sheriff’s. But I honestly wanted to live inside Goldie’s Place, with its amazing wallpaper and fainting couch. I won’t lie, I kind of want to base my dressing room on it, if I ever get one.

Look for another post soon that discussing more on Ghost Town Alive, and sharing loads of photos that Patrick snapped. It was such an amazing experience that I want to share and praise.

Peasant Top: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
John Wolf Textiles “Western Town” Skirt: VintageCritter
Shoes: Olvera Street
Vintage Knott’s Charm Bracelet: Not sure…
Sheriff’s Badge: Earned at Knott’s
Calico Brooch: Made by me from a poker chip from playing cards at Knott’s.

Saying Goodbye to the 60th

With September beginning tomorrow, Halloween and all things pumpkin flavored are on the mind. But come September 5th, Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration for their 60th anniversary will finally end. Yes, the Diamond Celebration lasted well over a year, but it was such fun. With our visit to Portland coming up, we popped in to experience the 60th one last time, including the much beloved Paint the Night parade.

As the 60th anniversary comes to a close, Mickey, Minnie and all of their friends will return to their regular attire for a wee bit, before Halloween kicks into high gear in mid-September, and they don their Halloween costumes for the season. Also, the Disneyland Resort will say goodbye to the Disneyland Forever fireworks show, as well as the new electrical parade, Paint the Night. However fans of the original electrical parade, the Main Street Electrical parade will be happy to know that it is returning for a limited time next year.

As mentioned in my last post, not only is Disneyland’s anniversary celebration coming to an end September 5th, as is Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghost Town anniversary. I previously mentioned that Patrick and I would be enroute to Portland during that time, however we are currently contemplating postponing when we leave. We originally planned to leave early to do things along the way, however, I recently came to acquire some new information about the Ghost Town Alive story that makes me want to be their for the last day. I plan to do a post culminating a collection of photos we have taken over the course of the last two weeks showcasing the magic that is Ghost Town Alive. Once again, I apologize for all of the theme park spam that has appeared lately on the blog and on my Instagram, but I’ve been trying to cram as much of both Disneyland and especially Knott’s before their wonderful celebrations come to an end. I’m sure there will be lots of vintage to be had during our visit to Portland next month, and hopefully I’ll showcase some unique and historical destinations during our trip.

Peasant Top: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Skirt: Courtesy of Dolly and Dotty
Shoes: Re-Mix
Ears: Cast Member exclusive
Vintage Eisenberg Ice Earrings: I don’t remember
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace: Gift
Disneyland 60th Anniversary Charm Bracelet: Disneyland
Pin: Mickey’s of Glendale booth at D23

“All Wings Report In.”

Back in November Star Wars took over a good chunk of Tomorrowland with “Season of the Force” (you can read the original blog post on it here), which included turning Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain, where Guests could join the Rebel Forces and help battle the evil Galactic Empire. Season of the Force had an original end date of May of this year. However, due to its popularity it was extended, and while it does not have a specific end date as of now, typically Space Mountain gets its Halloween “Ghost Galaxy” overlay in mid-September, so I expect to see Hyperspace to disappear in the coming weeks. With this in mind, Patrick and I made a special visit in my Rebel best to ride it and enjoy Season of Force.

I wore this exact outfit to San Diego Comic Con last month, however, as I was on my own, failed to get any snaps of it, but I didn’t mind too much as I figured Disneyland was a much better place to get pictures. The dress is another one of the creations from Her Universe, though was exclusive to Hot Topic’s website. After purchasing one garment from Her Universe in the same style, the Leia dress, I felt safe in going forward with purchasing the Poe X-Wing dress. Unlike the Leia dress however, the Poe dress has a generous amount of stretch, and if it were not for this stretch I wouldn’t have been able to get the garment on, as the zipper is for some reason ludicrously short! But the dress is also very comfy, and features pockets!

The fascinator of Poe’s X-Wing is akin to my Millennium Falcon I did back in April, which you can see here. I really want to do a TIE Fighter next, but still working on the logistics of it.

And believe it or not, I did indeed ride Hyperspace Mountain with the X-Wing in my hair! For those unfamiliar with Disneyland, Space Mountain is pretty much just a roller coaster inside a dark building, but with projections and lighting effects to make it appear as if you are flying through space. For Hyperspace Mountain they change the audio and insert images of various crafts, such as X-Wings, and TIE Fighters. It also happens to feature a photo op, so if you need the photographic evidence, here is your bonus pic!

I guess this would be a good time to mention that you will be seeing quite a lot of Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm in the next week. Both Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are ending their landmark anniversary celebrations on September 5th, sadly, Patrick and I will be out of town during that time. We are headed to Oregon for about a week, as Patrick has to return for work, and as I am not working anymore, I don’t have a reasonable excuse not to go, and visit with friends and family.

X-Wing Dress: Her Universe for Hot Topic
Shoes: Re-Mix
X-Wing Fascinator: Made by me
Bangles: Here and there…