“All Wings Report In.”

Back in November Star Wars took over a good chunk of Tomorrowland with “Season of the Force” (you can read the original blog post on it here), which included turning Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain, where Guests could join the Rebel Forces and help battle the evil Galactic Empire. Season of the Force had an original end date of May of this year. However, due to its popularity it was extended, and while it does not have a specific end date as of now, typically Space Mountain gets its Halloween “Ghost Galaxy” overlay in mid-September, so I expect to see Hyperspace to disappear in the coming weeks. With this in mind, Patrick and I made a special visit in my Rebel best to ride it and enjoy Season of Force.

I wore this exact outfit to San Diego Comic Con last month, however, as I was on my own, failed to get any snaps of it, but I didn’t mind too much as I figured Disneyland was a much better place to get pictures. The dress is another one of the creations from Her Universe, though was exclusive to Hot Topic’s website. After purchasing one garment from Her Universe in the same style, the Leia dress, I felt safe in going forward with purchasing the Poe X-Wing dress. Unlike the Leia dress however, the Poe dress has a generous amount of stretch, and if it were not for this stretch I wouldn’t have been able to get the garment on, as the zipper is for some reason ludicrously short! But the dress is also very comfy, and features pockets!

The fascinator of Poe’s X-Wing is akin to my Millennium Falcon I did back in April, which you can see here. I really want to do a TIE Fighter next, but still working on the logistics of it.

And believe it or not, I did indeed ride Hyperspace Mountain with the X-Wing in my hair! For those unfamiliar with Disneyland, Space Mountain is pretty much just a roller coaster inside a dark building, but with projections and lighting effects to make it appear as if you are flying through space. For Hyperspace Mountain they change the audio and insert images of various crafts, such as X-Wings, and TIE Fighters. It also happens to feature a photo op, so if you need the photographic evidence, here is your bonus pic!

I guess this would be a good time to mention that you will be seeing quite a lot of Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm in the next week. Both Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are ending their landmark anniversary celebrations on September 5th, sadly, Patrick and I will be out of town during that time. We are headed to Oregon for about a week, as Patrick has to return for work, and as I am not working anymore, I don’t have a reasonable excuse not to go, and visit with friends and family.

X-Wing Dress: Her Universe for Hot Topic
Shoes: Re-Mix
X-Wing Fascinator: Made by me
Bangles: Here and there…

“The young ape with a shovel.”

Beginning last Thursday lovers of all things tiki flocked to San Diego for Tiki Oasis. While not obsessed with tiki, I do love a good tiki bar, Patrick and I collect select tiki mugs from the bars we go to, and we each have a few tiki and Hawaiian prints in our closet, but we knew many people who were going, including vendor friends, and opted just to go for a day to explore, shop, and meet up with friends.

Every year Tiki Oasis boasts a theme and this year’s was Monster Island – yes, just imagine everyone getting super creative with classic horror and tiki. For myself I pulled out Shag’s Planet of the Apes print dress I bought last time I was in Palm Springs. While not necessarily horror or monster, themes of what a monster is are pondered within the film, and I thought it worked well. And, as the event also had outdoor happenings, I decided a matching parasol was in order.

A funny thing about me, I have a weird obsession with actor Roddy McDowell. I’m not sure when it started, but I distinctly remembering him as Bookworm in Batman (which was only two episodes), and he starred in two of my favorite very underrated live action Disney films, The Cat from Outer Space and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, as well as Louie in the even more underrated TV series Tales of the Gold Monkey, all of which I watched growing up. This is of course to say nothing of his countless other TV appearances as well as his best known claim to fame, Planet of the Apes. Plant of the Apes remains, in my opinion, one of the best films of all time, with one of the singular best endings of all time. To me, the first film is so perfect, and while its original sequels fumbled, I still find myself compelled to watch them again over any of the silly remake/reimagining that has been going on over the years. Oh, and not to mention Twilight Zone master mind Rod Serling penned the original script. And we all know how I feel about him. So, it is with this bizarre passion I walked into Shag’s store in Palm Springs to find this dress. I nearly passed out when I saw it. And even though the cut is one I do not normally go for, for a variety of reasons that I will spare you, I simply had to have it. Shag also offered the print in a mens shirt, but I was unable to convince Patrick he needed one.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

Dress: Shag, Palm Springs, California
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange
Purse: Simply Vintage Boutique, Portland, Oregon
Bangles: Here and there…
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Parasol: Made by me

The International Printing Museum

Over the weekend Patrick and I went to what became his new favorite museum, The International Printing Museum. Patrick has always been entranced letterpress and print making, and the interest turned passion after taking a letterpress course in college, so when he found out about the International Printing Museum we knew a pilgrimage had to be made.

Before we peek into the museum, I’ll show of what a wore, as well as this gorgeous hand painted sign in their parking lot…

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Have Questions?

It’s been over a year since I did a Q & A post, and I thought it was time to do another one! I did a shout out via Facebook and Instagram, but I realize that not everyone who reads my blog uses those platforms, so I figured I would do a shout out here on the blog!

So, if you have questions about (almost) anything, I say “almost” because I will not answer inappropriate or lewd questions, and if any submitted, they will be deleted. But the point is that the questions don’t necessarily have to pertain to vintage and vintage fashion. Ask about food, music, books, etc. if you feel like it! A friendly reminder that some questions may not be answered, and for some questions that may be because I don’t have a good enough answer, or lack knowledge on a subject.

If you have questions, please submit them via the comment section below for them to be considered! Also, if you have a question, be sure to check my last Q & A post to make sure it was not asked last time.

Happy asking! And also, thank you dear readers! Your thoughts mean a great deal to me!

Ghost Town Alive!

Is there ever something you keep meaning to blog about, but you just keep never getting around to it until it’s almost too late? That has been happening to me all summer with Knott’s Berry Farm‘s Ghost Town 75th anniversary celebration. Yes, 75 years ago, Walter Knott created his Ghost Town, using a combination of actual old west buildings, and ones he and his team built from the ground up. And I’ve gone a handful of times over summer, but just never got around to taking all of the photos I wanted to to share their unique celebration with you! Which there are loads of photos of! Yes, this is quite the picture heavy post!

When Ghost Town opened to the public in 1941, it was designed as a way to entertain guests awaiting their table at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner, where they sometimes had to wait up to three or four hours, but it soon blossomed into what is considered America’s first theme park. Knott and his team of talented artists breathed life into the buildings by furnishing them not just with antiques of the period, but with amazing hand carved wood mannequins, and guests could peek into the buildings and see a full scene going on. Hence they were named “peek ins”. But when the 75th anniversary came, Knott’s Berry Farm decided to truly bring Ghost Town to life with real life citizens, such as the mayor, school teacher, doctor, newspaper man, and even a gang, along with many more wonderful and colorful citizens, and allow guests to finally enter the peek ins! Also, each citizen has stories that play out over the course of the day. They use the guests to help these stories blossom, including asking them to deliver letters, packages, join a posse, and even vote for the next mayor, all ending in a rousing hoedown at the evening!

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An Afternoon at Balboa Park

Over the weekend dear friend and fellow blogger Carla, of Tiny Angry Crafter organized a small get-together at Balboa Park. I asked my friend, Christine, of Smitten, if she would like to join us, and we headed down to San Diego together for a picnic lunch in the ever beautiful Balboa Park.

I wish I could say I had grabbed some snaps of us frolicking in the gorgeous park, but we had such a fun time talking and exploring the area, including visiting the rose garden and cactus garden, I just got these outfit photos. You can peek at photos from my July 2014 visit here though if you wish.

Honestly, Balboa Park is hands down my favorite park I’ve ever visited. It is beyond gorgeous, and my favorite building is this location, the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. I love the covered walkways the flank the grand proscenium. We even got to watch, and hear as someone was rehearsing on the organ! Which was just hauntingly beautiful.

Dress: Purchased from Christine’s sister actually!
Hat: Buffalo Exchange, but embellished by me.
Shoes: Re-Mix
Purse: Found by my dad!
Necklace: Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, California
Bracelet: Belonged to my grandma
Ring: Family heirloom

“You are Traveling through Another Dimension…”

At San Diego Comic Con, Disney announced they are planning to transform The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction into Guardians of the Galaxy – MISSION: Break Out at Disney California Adventure Park. You can read more on the announcement and see concept art here. Now, I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, and I am thrilled about the sequel that just wrapped filming, however this announcement left me crushed. First, I am a fan of The Twilight Zone, more so of the man behind the show, Rod Serling, and I adore the attraction at the Disneyland Resort. I especially love all of the little “Easter eggs” in the library and photo viewing room that reference specific episodes, like the Mystic Seer from “Nick of Time”, and the Victoria West and Rod Serling envelopes from “A World of His Own” just to name two. Prior to the announcement I began work on a Twilight Zone parasol, and even though I’m not quite over my cold, I was eager to share my finished product!

I’m not opposed to a Guardians attraction by any means, however I hate to see what I consider to be one of the few modern classic attractions disappear and be replaced by one that will be so entirely out of place within the “land” that it is in, which is “Hollywood Land” and themed to Hollywood of the 1920s through the 1940s. And I’m not alone. Someone even started a petition. As of right now Disney has no plans to change the Tower of Terror at any of its other Resorts. But who knows what the future holds. The Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure is slated to close “Early 2017”, no specific date has been announced. So, you can expect to see more Tower of Terror inspired posts within the coming months, before the Hollywood Tower Hotel forever resides in The Twilight Zone.

But now let’s talk about this parasol and outfit. Much happier things. I pulled each of the objects from the Twilight Zone‘s iconic opening (though it should be noted for as memorable as it is, it didn’t arrive until season four, and there were five seasons) to place on the parasol. This was quite possibly my most difficult parasol yet. Especially when it came to the shattering window. The window in the opening was actually painted on some form of plaster or other solid, white object, so when it shatters it actually produces a great deal of white carnage. The clock provided another unique challenge. Upon close inspection I discovered that it features all of the zodiac signs in the middle, as well as a sun on the pendulum. And being a stickler for accuracy, I included these fine details, even though they are virtually invisible when watching the opening.

I also had to break out my Hamilton Ventura, the very same Mr. Serling wore in each introduction to The Twilight Zone. As well as my Rod Serling necklace, which I was pleased when a few people actually recognized it for what it was!

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their August! It’s a busy month for us! We have things planned for every weekend in August, which should translate to lots of blogging!

Top: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Shoes: Re-Mix
Necklace: Purchased at Halloween Town, Burbank, California (but I know it was made by Fable & Fury)
Hamilton Ventura: Coburg Antique Fair
Hollywood Tower Hotel Purse: Disneyland
Twilight Zone Parasol: Made by me