Interview with Chronically Vintage

Some time ago fellow blogger and dear friend, Jessica of Chronically Vintage started an amazing series where she interviewed fellow bloggers, so we the readers could learn more about bloggers we already follow, as well as discover new blogs for ourselves. She asked those interested to express so, and I willingly offered up myself as a participant! And today my interview with Jessica was published! So hop over to her amazing blog and learn a bit more about me!

I want to thank Jessica so much for this opportunity. She is a gem among the vintage and blogging community, as she is extremely active in her posts, social media, and commenting on the blogs of others. She genuinely cares about vintage and the community it has created.

In the meantime I am overjoyed to share that I will be attending San Diego Comic Con! It’s THE con! And I am shocked I am finally going, through the luck and grace of a friend of mine, Deela Designs. I didn’t make any new cosplays for this con, as it was relatively short notice, but I altered one to work as another cosplay, so I have a sort of new one! Sadly, Patrick will not be attending, so I won’t have my “personal photographer” with me, but I hope that I’ll be able to snap some pictures and share my experience with you either live from San Diego or when I return next week!

Sabado en la Plazita

Over the weekend a few friends and I got together for a Saturday afternoon at Olvera Street, dining on delicious Mexican food, peeking into the museums, and shopping the unique stalls and shops along the oldest stretch of Los Angeles.

We dined at Casa La Golondrina Mexican Cafe, which opened in 1928, and is located within Los Angeles’ first brick building. Afterward we went into Avila Adobe, which is the oldest structure remaining the LA, built in 1818, and is now a museum reflecting the the lifestyle of the early days of California. I also bought myself another pair of the shoes I’m wearing in these photos, except in green. Seriously, these faux tooled (also known as pressed) leather wedges have quickly become a favorite and go-to shoe for me. They are comfy once broken in, and work with so much of my closet.

Also, can I just gush about my dad’s awesome shopping skills for a moment? He spied this beauty of a skirt at an antique mall and sent me a picture of it and followed by calling me to make sure I got the picture text, and asked me if I wanted it. I was in line to me Kylo Ren at Disneyland at the time, and thankful for his call, because this skirt is beyond amazing. Not only is it a spectacular print, it’s in amazing condition and fits perfectly, oh and has pockets! Thanks, Dad!

Peasant Top: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Skirt: Found by my dad!
Purse, Earrings, & Bracelet: I don’t remember!
Necklace: Made by a friend
Shoes: Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California

Happy 4th!

Like most holidays, Patrick and I spent Independence Day at Disneyland. I especially was happy because I had the most perfect pin set for the occasion!

I haven’t had time to work on any new parasols, so no new themed parasol for the day. However, I realized I had yet to share this one on the blog! This autographs parasol is my “go-to” parasol as it goes with everything! No, I didn’t have the characters sign it, I figured it may be too awkward for them, so I “forged” Mickey and company’s signatures for this parasol.

We also spied another one of Disneyland’s cats!

This one is known to those who follow DisneylandCats on Instagram, as Francisco. And he is so fluffy! As mentioned previously, the Disneyland Resort does “employ” feral cats. They are there, ironically, to take care of the rodent population, keeping Disneyland rodent free, with a few rather large exceptions of course, like Mickey! The Disneyland Resort does take care of them too, both feeding them, and spay/neutering them. If you spy one you may observe a clipped ear, that is to indicate they been spayed/neutered. It’s important to keep in mind that while they are “maintained” they are still feral, and skittish around people. You can read more about Disney’s cats here.

Once again I hope that all of you who celebrated the Fourth yesterday had a wonderful and safe day!

Peasant Top:  Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Chip and Dale 4th of July Pin Set: Ebay
Shorts: Vivien of Holloway, via The Girl Can’t Help It, San Diego, California
Shoes: Re-Mix
Parasol: Made by me

Spirit of ’76

When someone says “Knott’s Berry Farm” a lot comes to mind… Boysenberries of course, fried chicken, the infamous Ghost Town created because of the massive lines for said famous chicken, and perhaps Peanuts characters. What may not immediately spring to mind though is the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall, even though an exact replica of both the bell and the hall exist on the property of Knott’s Berry Farm! With Independence Day tomorrow I thought it was a rather fitting time to visit the perfect recreation Walter Knott built.

Keep reading to learn more about Knott’s Independence Hall and take a peek inside.

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“It’s Called a Hustle, Sweetheart”

If you follow me on Instagram you may have spied I recently completed a parasol inspired by Disney Animation Studio’s recent film, Zootopia, which I quite enjoyed. Well, the other day I finally took it for a spin and Disneybounded as Nick Wilde.

Both Nick and Judy are currently at Disney’s California Adventure for meet-and-greets, however on the day I visited Judy was delayed in a meeting with Chief Bogo, and only met Nick, but he quite liked my outfit.

Seriously, this parasol may be one of my more detailed ones, with regards to line work, and the number of colors I used. I switched to using some really fine tip markers to do the line work. The fill is Nick’s “pawpsicles” and carrots to represent Judy, hinting to her her family carrot farm and her carrot pen.

So, remember all that Pin-Up Girl Clothing credit I won at their event, Pin-Up Parade? The top is one of the items I bought with it. Well, actually I bought a lot of their peasant tops (I think five so far…), since they have them in so many colors, I love me some peasant tops! Especially in colors! I really do dig them, but I have to say I find the sizing/measurements a bit off (sadly, like a lot of PUG stuff). I actually opted for a large for a couple of reasons. A medium did indeed fit, and was flattering in abdomen, however was uncomfortable in the arms, and the underbust seam wasn’t where it needed to be, under the bust. The large is better with both the arm and the underbust seam, however even at a large, it likes to ride up on occasion.

Peasant Top:  Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Fox brooch: Birthday present from a friend
Skirt: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Scarves & Bangles: ???
Parasol: Made by me

Museum of Neon Art

Over the weekend Patrick and I spent a day shopping in Burbank (I came home with quite a few goodies which will show up sooner or later on the blog, I’m sure) followed by a visit to the Museum of Neon Art. I would likely say that signage from the mid-20th century is my favorite art. Neon is simply spellbinding to me.

Scarf: I don’t remember…
Blouse: Buffalo Exchange
Shorts: Elsewhere Vintage, Orange, California
Purse: Flea market
Shoes: Re-Mix

Interested in seeing what the museum has to offer? Keep reading!  Continue reading

Countess Vibes

Last night one of my dear friends celebrated her birthday, and as a fan of the 40s and big band music, she selected one of the big band nights at Cicada to celebrate. As Cicada is house in the oldest art deco building in Los Angeles, the Oviatt Building, many people dress 20s for their visit, and I originally planned to wear a beaded 20s style number I purchased ages ago for an event in April, which was cancelled. But as I thought more about it…the fact the music was going to be more 40s, all the other people in our group were going for a 40s look, and the fact I’m on the tail of a cold, I decided at the last minute to go in a more comfy, yet still glamorous and kind of 40s-ish (but actually 70s) number that I recently acquired. Besides, it also gave me Countess vibes, which was fitting, seeing as Cicada’s exterior was used in American Horror Story: Hotel, and the interior was the inspiration behind the set for the hotel, and when the show was completed, the club acquired the chandeliers used in the show.

So, yes, this gown is 70s, I mean I think it looks it, but also still offer a bit of an old Hollywood vibe, and everyone kept telling me it had a Ginger Rogers feel. It’s also incredibly comfy, and has a cape. So…it’s a win-win. It’s one of the few pieces I kept from my grandmother’s vintage clothing collection (many pieces were too large) when I helped my sister with downsizing our grandmother’s place before her move to an assisted living situation.

Unlike our last visit, where we dined, this time we opted to just sit upstairs and enjoy the music and the bar. I can honestly say that the night ranks among one of my favorites since moving, and in life. I had a complete ball chatting with all of my other glamorous friends, and we even got down on the dance floor joined the conga line there was going for a period of time.

Hope your weekend is going well so far!

Gown: Belonged to my grandmother
Shoes: Re-Mix
Purse & Bangles: Buffalo Exchange
Earrings: I don’t remember…