Flea Market Dos and Don’ts

With the holiday season (which for me includes Halloween) arriving soon, Patrick and I have been hitting up more flea markets in search of fresh vintage Halloween decor to add to our home, and after witnessing and overhearing certain things at the flea market I decided to go ahead with a dos and don’ts for flea markets. The same of course can be said for antique shows!

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Vintage Beauty: Hairstyling

Ready for some more vintage beauty tips from Hollywood’s Ern and Bud Westmore?  Last time we covered face shapes, and today we’re covering hairstyles to compliment your face shape.



There is a lot of great 1940s hair inspiration here too, along with some tips to compliment your facial structure.

I know doing vintage hair can be complicated and frustrating, but nothing perfects like practice, practice, practice.  YouTube is a great resource for video tutorials, just search for “vintage hair”.  Additionally, there are many books on the subject including the hair volume of the Style Me Vintage series (my personal recommendation) as well as Vintage Hairstyling, which I know many gals who have enjoyed this book, I however did not have much luck with it.  But nothing can replace a personal interaction with a person who knows their stuff.  Portlanders have the luxury of having the amazing Kristen Behlings as a resource who frequently does hair workshops.  She has done my own hair for several fashion shows, and I have attended two of her workshops, the most recent last March.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask if you see someone who has their hair done up or even at a vintage clothing shop, they may know some tips or know someone who does.

Eye make-up next time!

Vintage Beauty: Face Shapes

Earlier I blogged about this fab 1947 beauty book I picked up.  I mentioned I would be sharing some of book’s tips and tricks, so are you ready for the first entry into the world of vintage beauty?

The following pages from Erin & Bud Westmore’s book Beauty, Glamour and Personality offer up images of the five face shapes, which include oval, round, square, oblong and triangular, followed by dos and don’ts for each! The last pages in this entry regard the use of rouge.  Click the images for larger, readable pictures.





So, what’s your face shape?

Next up, dos and don’ts regarding hair!