Independence Day

Without getting too political, the last couple days have been rough, culminating in yesterday, with Independence Day. I’ve been getting back in touch with my love of the American Revolution, and recently took a quick visit to the replica of Independence Hall at Knott’s Berry Farm. Some of you may recall my visit last July, well, I had so much fun with that, I decided I wanted to have a tradition of doing 70s (because the fashion that emerged during the Bicentennial was amazing) inspired patriotic outfits and shooting them there around this time every year.

To learn more about Knott’s replica of Independence Hall, please check out my first post on it here. If you are in the Southern California area, I highly recommend visiting this unique attraction. It’s free to visit, and is open every day (except Christmas Day), from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

I hope all of my American readers had a wonderful and safe Independence Day!

Dress: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Junk 4 Joy, Burbank, California
Bracelet: Flea market

Christmas Eve at Knott’s

For Christmas Eve this year, Patrick and I spent the day at Knott’s Berry Farm. I bought two Christmas themed string ties at Joyride (the menswear counterpart to my favorite vintage clothing store, Elsewhere Vintage) recently, and I’ll admit the other one is way cooler than this one, but I just couldn’t create the perfect ensemble for it. So I hope between now and next year I’ll find just the right shirt for it.

We spent part of the day interacting with some of Calico’s returning citizens from Ghost Town Alive, as well as hanging out with some of our friends who also chose to spend their Christmas Eve at Knott’s. To top off the day Patrick and I were selected to help with lighting the Christmas tree! So I must thank Mrs. Parnell, Kenny, and Mr. Knolls for one of the best Christmas gifts this year!

As for Christmas Day, we spent it at Disneyland, and I’ll share that with you next! I hope you all had a lovely holiday, whatever you celebrate!

Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt: Rockmount (but found by my dad!)
String Tie: Joyride, Orange, California
Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Purse: Lafayette School House Antique Mall, Lafayette, Oregon
Earrings: An antique mall in Cathedral City I think…
Rings: Various

Knott’s Merry Farm

During the holiday season Knott’s Berry Farm transforms into Knott’s Merry Farm with spectacular shows, lights, and even a tree lighting. I was very eager to visit Knott’s for the holiday season as just a few weeks prior to kicking off the holidays they announced that some familiar faces from Ghost Town Alive (read more about Ghost Town Alive here) would be returning for the holiday season.

One of Calico’s returning citizens was Doctor Carter, the town doctor and a bit of an inventor. Inspired by his new bride’s love of Christmas and wanting to keep the town safe, he told me he created a generator so the town’s Christmas tree could be lit with electric light instead of candles. He was very proud of his invention and took us to see it after showing us his plans.

At five o’clock, Mayor Parnell and gemologist Ophelia arrived along with Doctor Carter to light the tree, along with the beautiful lights in Ghost Town.

If you are local and didn’t get to Knott’s Berry Farm this year, but thinking of getting a pass for 2017, I recommend doing it soon! They are currently running a promotion where if you buy a pass for next year, you get to go one day this year! So you can go and enjoy Merry Farm and get a taste of Ghost Town Alive (which will be returning next summer)! Visit Knott’s website to learn more. If you aren’t local but visiting California during the holiday season or during summer next year, I highly recommend a visit to Knott’s! You won’t regret it!

In the meantime, Patrick and I have been decorating for Christmas, so I hope to share our home with you in the near future!

Cowichan Sweater: Monticello Antique Marketplace, Portland, Oregon
Peasant Top: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Deja Vu, now known as The Frippery, Palm Springs, California
Pressed Leather Wedges: Olvera Street, Los Angeles
Tooled Leather Purse: Found by my dad
Coral & Mother of Pearl Necklace: Ebler’s Leather & Saddlery Emporium, Columbia, California
Bracelet: Ortega’s Trading Post, San Juan Capistrano, California
Rings: Here and there…

Ghost Town Alive!

Is there ever something you keep meaning to blog about, but you just keep never getting around to it until it’s almost too late? That has been happening to me all summer with Knott’s Berry Farm‘s Ghost Town 75th anniversary celebration. Yes, 75 years ago, Walter Knott created his Ghost Town, using a combination of actual old west buildings, and ones he and his team built from the ground up. And I’ve gone a handful of times over summer, but just never got around to taking all of the photos I wanted to to share their unique celebration with you! Which there are loads of photos of! Yes, this is quite the picture heavy post!

When Ghost Town opened to the public in 1941, it was designed as a way to entertain guests awaiting their table at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner, where they sometimes had to wait up to three or four hours, but it soon blossomed into what is considered America’s first theme park. Knott and his team of talented artists breathed life into the buildings by furnishing them not just with antiques of the period, but with amazing hand carved wood mannequins, and guests could peek into the buildings and see a full scene going on. Hence they were named “peek ins”. But when the 75th anniversary came, Knott’s Berry Farm decided to truly bring Ghost Town to life with real life citizens, such as the mayor, school teacher, doctor, newspaper man, and even a gang, along with many more wonderful and colorful citizens, and allow guests to finally enter the peek ins! Also, each citizen has stories that play out over the course of the day. They use the guests to help these stories blossom, including asking them to deliver letters, packages, join a posse, and even vote for the next mayor, all ending in a rousing hoedown at the evening!

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Spirit of ’76

When someone says “Knott’s Berry Farm” a lot comes to mind… Boysenberries of course, fried chicken, the infamous Ghost Town created because of the massive lines for said famous chicken, and perhaps Peanuts characters. What may not immediately spring to mind though is the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall, even though an exact replica of both the bell and the hall exist on the property of Knott’s Berry Farm! With Independence Day tomorrow I thought it was a rather fitting time to visit the perfect recreation Walter Knott built.

Keep reading to learn more about Knott’s Independence Hall and take a peek inside.

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Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

For the last two weeks Knott’s Berry Farm has been celebrating its annual Boysenberry Festival. As a fan of all things boysenberry, I had to go! The list of unique boysenberry dishes was quite long, and it actually took two visits for us to eat all that we wanted to. But the fun didn’t end with food, Ghost Town offered fun boysenberry themed games, along with some talented musicians.

Patrick and I had a lot of fun sharing the multitude of special boysenberry flavored things. My favorite was the “Fun Stick” which was, get ready…deep fried cheesecake on a stick with boysenberry sauce. It was for sure one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten!

Boysenberry Festival ends on the third, but Knott’s is still always a good place to get a boysenberry fix. Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant closed for the first time since it opened in 1934 earlier this year, and is slated to re-open sometime this spring, and I’m pretty excited to see what renovations they did.

I hope your April is off to a good start and you didn’t fall for any April Fool’s Day jokes!

Blouse: Bohemian Vintage (now Yours), Portland, Oregon
John Wolf Textiles Western Town Skirt: VintageCritter
Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm Charm Bracelet & Tooled Leather Purse: Found by my dad!
Cowboy Brooch: Classic Hardware
Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm Fan: Antique Depot, Orange, California

Knott’s Berry Farm

Some of the perks of being a Cast Member at Disneyland is that we are offered discounted tickets to other amusement parks in southern California, including Knott’s Berry Farm. I hadn’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm since the mid-90s, and in all sincerity, all I remember is getting so drenched on Bigfoot Rapids that we had to go to our car to change clothes, and the Camp Snoopy store, which I thought was pretty nifty especially since it offered plushes of Snoopy’s siblings. Additionally, Patrick had never been to Knott’s! So, with a Saturday off, we decided to head over there!

The origins of Knott’s Berry Farm are incredibly humble, and unique, and not as well known as Disneyland. What we now know as Knott’s Berry Farm today began just as that, a berry farm, owned by Walter Knott and his wife, Cordelia, where they sold berries, preserves and pies. Eventually Cordelia began selling chicken dinners. Soon, word of how delicious her chicken was spread like wild fire. Massive crowds began to line up, and to entertain them, Knott began relocating buildings from real ghost towns, as well as constructing buildings inspired by other ghost towns, including Calico, and Knott’s Berry Farm and Ghost Town, as it was officially called then, was born. Over the decades the park has grown and expanded. In 1983 Camp Snoopy was added, an area themed used the world of Peanuts created by Charles M. Schulz, including character meet-and-greets, and now the park has many thrilling roller coasters, various kid friendly rides, and of course the famous Ghost Town.

Peanuts has always been one of my favorite comic strips, and has been present in my life since I was born. My mother is a massive Peanuts fan and collector, and I grew up with the strip and the various animated features. While for some A Charlie Brown Christmas is where their Peanuts films begin and end, I love all of the holiday films and TV shows that starred the characters of Schultz, and It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown is my favorite of the holiday specials. By and far Linus is my favorite character, with Lucy a close second, and certainly relatable, she’s a bit of a drama queen, and fights for women’s lib.

The Ghost Town portion of Knott’s is especially neat. There are actual blacksmiths at work who can make you unique souvenirs, many shows to enjoy, a stagecoach, and best of all, you can pan for real gold! Which we did! And it was pretty gosh darn nifty! One thing that is rather interesting about Knott’s is that it didn’t shy away from some topics of the wild west (like Disneyland does) and even includes nods to the the west’s infamous ladies of the night.

Since it has been so long since I had been to Knott’s I opted for a pretty casual look, not knowing how many wild rides we would do. I was also very pleased to take my new cactus brooch from Match Accessories for a spin. I picked this, as well as two others brooches, up at the Dapper Day Expo last week. Before you ask, no, I didn’t go to Dapper Day. I was actually working at the Resort that day. But swung by the Expo to see what was going on. There were many tempting vintage goodies, as well as some vintage repro/inspired lines, including Pin-Up Girl Clothing who debuted some samples from their upcoming Mary Blair collection. I also wore my vintage Knott’s Berry Farm charm bracelet. I’m a sucker for a good charm bracelet, especially touristy ones!

We had a pretty swell time, and I can see a return to Knott’s in the future, but it still can’t ever replace Disneyland in my heart. But I love Knott’s for its unique origin and many original gems, and details to the old west.

Top: Magpie, Portland, Oregon
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Mocs: Minnetonka
Knott’s Berry Farm Charm Bracelet: An antique mall somewhere!
Cactus Brooch: Match Accessories
Purse: My dad…or Stars in Portland…I don’t remember!