Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

It’s been been two weeks since my last post, and a lot has gone on that has kept me from blogging. In my last post I mentioned I had been stressed out over something, and I was planning on sharing the reason behind that in the near future. That stressful situation has come to a close, but with an outcome I had not planned on. Rarely do I like to talk about the downer moments in my life, but I feel like this is one I need to touch on.

When I began my career at the Disneyland Resort my end goal was to become a Tour Guide for the guided tours Guests are able to take. I knew it was a multi-step process, and just starting out anywhere within the Resort was the first step toward that goal. The next step was moving into the Guest Relations Department of the Resort. After several interviews I received the call formally offering me a role with Guest Relations, and soon began training. Throughout my training process I began to have doubts about the role. Not only is being a Guest Relations Hostess a role that covers way more than I thought, it also includes mastering multiple computer systems and applications, which is not my strong suit, especially in a short period of time. I also learned that every person in Guest Relations is expected to train to become a Guide. However the number of guided tours some Cast Members perform can be as few as two a year at times due to the limited number of guided tours and the large number of Guest Relations Cast Members. Near the closure of my training I was having concerns about my ability to do this role successfully, and the level of satisfaction and happiness I would receive from the role. Thankfully, if you transfer, and are unhappy, or the department does not believe you a good fit at this time, you have the ability to go back to your previous role. In a meeting with superiors in the department they informed me that, at this time, I was not a good fit for the role. While I had already come to those terms myself, and contemplated opting to return to my previous role, it still stung that I was informed I would not be continuing with Guest Relations.

The last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster as I sorted out how I felt about the whole thing. It’s a complex group of emotions that I have been feeling, but I still am thrilled to be a part of the magic that is the Disneyland Resort, and look forward to returning to my role later this week. Thank you to those who commented on my Facebook status update a few days ago, your support means the world to me.

Thanks again for your patience. It’s time for me to continue making dreams come true for those who come through our gates by spreading some of Tink’s finest pixie dust! Along with continuing to explore and sharing my adventures with you.


Oh my, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Well, for several reasons, I was really stressed out over something, which I hope to share soon, and my summer cold has been dragging on and on. But I still managed to get myself to the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend for D23 Expo.

So, what is D23, you ask? D23 is hailed as “The Ultimate Disney Fan Event”. It is an event hosted by Disney to celebrate Disney, the old and the new, and all forms, such as films, parks, and products. In a way, it’s basically like ComicCon, but strictly Disney (which of course now includes Lucasfilm and Marvel). There are booths to shop at, actors and artists doing signings, exhibits to explore, and of course panels to sit in on – most of which did not allow photos.

This was my first D23 (and only the fourth that the Company has hosted) and I was super excited, especially with the newly added Walt Disney Archives Stage, a platform for the Archives to present unique looks back at Disney’s past. Another panel that offered a peek into Disneyland’s history was hosted by Charles Phoenix. I have been a fan of Phoenix’s work for a long time, but it was the first time I heard him speak, and it was a delight to see old images of Disneyland and hear him tell stories. We also attended a panel on the shortly lived Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue, which was hosted by DeFore’s sons, and a panel, similar to Phoenix’s, but hosted by Disney archivists, sharing images and information about long since gone Disneyland attractions. But by far the highlight of the entire event was Disneyland: The Exhibit, presented by the Archives. So read on if you’re a Disneyland fan, and would like a peek at some of Disneyland’s most unique artifacts!  Continue reading

The 60th in 120

If you recall my post from our visit to Disneyland on July 17th, you’ll have spied our Kodak dual lens camera that we brought along. Patrick shot a few rolls there as we celebrated Disneyland’s 60th birthday. Well, I’m happy to say we got the film developed and I’m eager to share some of the shots with you today!

I certainly had a lot of fun with my popcorn box that we frantically made the night before. And the neat 1955 map that the Park printed on the other side of the current map.

Shooting 120 has quickly become a passion of Patrick’s, and it’s been fun to see his progress over the years. Of course some still turn out a little blurry, but they are still fun, and it’s part of the charm of vintage cameras and shooting film.

A Diamond Studded Affair

Despite my many visits to Disneyland Resort during its 60th anniversary Diamond Celebration, I had yet to meet our beloved characters along Main Street USA in their special outfits designed just for the 60th. Part of that was because I wanted to wear an outfit inspired by their outfits! And I finally was able to put one together. So yesterday we enjoyed a day in the park meeting Mickey, Minnie and more! I can honestly say I’m in love with Minnie’s dress and want Daisy’s shoes.

Goofy was an absolute doll, kissing my hand, and taking me for a walk along Main Street. But the fun didn’t end with characters. We also enjoyed the new parade, Paint the Night, along Main Street. For those who remember the Main Street Electrical Parade, Paint the Night is heavily inspired by it, with many floats that are homages to those in the original Electrical Parade. Plus many of the costumes of the dancers wear are simply phenomenal.

I truly love that I can spend a day at my work on a day off. It is so amazing to both create magic and experience it.

For those Disneyland fans out there, how many of you saw the Main Street Electrical Parade?

Mickey Ears & Tee: Cast Member exclusives
Skirt: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Shoes: I think Ross like six or so years ago
Purse & Charm Bracelet: Disneyland
Vintage Disneyland Pendant: Don’t remember…

Join us on our Patio

My relationship with plants has often been described as a hateful one. As a child I went on many hikes with my dad through Oregon’s many forests, visiting majestic waterfalls and spectacular views. I loved these hikes, but as I grew up I began to get a destain for Oregon’s evergreen forests with their creeping ferns and looming trees that never changed color. They bored me, and for some reason no longer beckoned in a friendly manner. And the rain that turned pathways into mud didn’t help my affection toward Mother Earth’s creations either. I didn’t care for flowers much, especially tulips and the roses that Portland was known for. But with each trip to California I became entranced with the palms, cacti and bizarre plant life that dotted the streets. My visits to Joshua Tree solidified that passion for the strange and otherworldly like plants that called California home. Living in Oregon, having plants or a garden was never high on my list, mostly because I knew that my choice in plants may not survive the wet climate, but when we moved into our new place here in California I couldn’t wait to fill our patio with plants that looked as if they just came off a 60s Star Trek episode.

Over the last month or so Patrick has been surprising me with various cacti and even with vintage planters he scored on Ebay. He has done a fine job in selecting succulents, and also purchased two small patio umbrellas and outdoor lights. Prior to all of this, our patio just had two butterfly chairs and a small table. He even built some stylish palettes for our plants to sit on, so they would have a smooth surface, but not take up room on the concrete. Much of the inspiration for our patio stems from our visits to California lush missions (hence our Madonna) and the Joshua Tree Inn.

I simply adore sitting outside in the warm sun with a book. So I thought I would share a peek into a lazy day at home on our patio.

We also wanted some covering for a bicycles, and purchased this swell shed on-line. It keeps our bikes from getting faded, or rained on (which still happens!). Like with most apartments, we suffered from some restrictions that are common when renting, and it made Patrick and I all the more eager to own a home. But in the meantime, I’m happy to have this lovely patch of paradise.

Tee & Shorts: Buffalo Exchange
Mocs: Minnetonka
Hair Arrows: Gifts
Jewelry: Here and there – mostly antique shows I think!
Book: I’m with the Band by Pamala Des Barres, available on Amazon

Happy Birthday, Disneyland!

On July 17th, 1955, Walt Disney, famous prior for his feature length animated films and a little guy called Mickey Mouse, introduced the world to a new form of family entertainment with his creation, Disneyland. On that day, which was full of festivities, though not without issues (including women’s heels sinking into the freshly laid asphalt, as temperatures reached 100), Guests got to step into the stories that Walt brought to life, through the innovative attractions in Fantasyland, they got to look into the future in Tomorrowland, join skippers on a dark jungle cruise in Adventureland, hitch a ride on a stagecoach in Frontierland, and of course walk down Main Street USA to see how their grandparents may have lived. Sixty years later, Disneyland is just as magical, with new lands and many new attractions over the years, and on July 17th, 2015, Guests got to reflect on Disneyland’s history.

Leading up the the Park’s birthday, Disneyland announced they wished their Guests to “Show their 1955 Disney side”, by wearing “1955-inspired ensembles”. As I selected my outfit, I knew I would have change out of it, store it, and change back into it, as I did work that day, and chose for a rather no-fuss outfit, but one that I still felt was neat for the day. Awhile ago, Joanna of Dividing Moments, brought this skirt to my attention, and I was thrilled to finally wear it to the Park. It is a skirt that was originally sold at the Guatemalan Weavers shop in Adventureland, which today is the Indiana Jones Outpost. You can actually spy Guatemalan Weavers in the background of this photo I found on the blog Stuff From the Park. I also wore a vintage Disneyland button featuring Tink.

To celebrate, Disneyland hosted a small ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, with the president of Disneyland, Michael Colglazier, who was later joined by Richard Sherman, one half of the incredible song-writing and composing duo, the Sherman brothers, who penned the classics from Mary Poppins, among many other Disney works. Sherman was joined by the current Broadway Mary Poppins, Ashley Brown, who sung one of Walt’s favorite songs, “Feed the Birds”, as Richard played the piano. The two then lead Guests in singing “Happy Birthday” to Disneyland.

Prior to the day-time parade, Mickey’s Soundsational, they had a mini parade featuring Cast Members who were there when it all started in 1955, along with a few very lucky current Cast Members.

Additionally, Guests were given cupcakes, and had unique photo opportunities throughout the park, including backdrops made by blowing up images of old photographs of Disneyland, and one of the old stagecoaches!

Patrick brought along the dual lens, and I’m eager to get the pictures back from the photo shop, and hope to share them with you!

I’m not sure that Walt knew that what he created that day would have the reach and draw it does today, with multiple parks across the globe, and tens of thousands coming through the turnstiles everyday. I feel very special to have been a part of celebrating Disneyland’s 60th birthday, and I also feel special to continue Walt’s dream of creating a place where dreams come true.

Top: Jet Rag, Los Angeles, California
Skirt: Ebay
Disneyland Button: Expo
Scarf: Who knows!
Shoes: Miss L Fire

The Hollyhock House

Today Patrick and I visited another incredibly icon of Los Angeles architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House.

Originally designed as a residence for oil heiress Aline Barnsdall, the Hollyhock House house began construction in 1919, and was completed in 1921, and was Wright’s second ever project in California. It included a water feature that ran through the house, around the fireplace, and the rooftop was designed as a patio living space, with staircases going up outside, but each of these unique and innovated features played into the house never being used as a residence. Soon after completion, Barnsdall viewed the house as too costly to maintain and donated the house to the city of Los Angeles in 1927, however only if it was given a fifteen year lease to the California Art Club.

Over the years it has been used as an art gallery, and in 2007 became a National History Landmark. Recently went under a massive restoration, and was reopened to the public just this year. And I know what you’re thinking, the house has a temple like quality about it, right? It may be fun to know that the house was as a temple in the 1989 B-movie Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. You can watch the trailer and see shots of the Hollyhock House here.

Sadly, but understandably, they do not allow photographs inside, which is spectacular. The Hollyhock House is open Thursdays through Sundays, 11 am to 3 pm, and costs only $7 per person for a self-guided tour, though there are volunteers inside to provide you with more information. You can also learn more by visiting their website.

Blouse: Thrifted
Pants (yes, they are pants!), Shoes & Bangles: Buffalo Exchange
Hat: Slone Vintage, Burbank, California
Necklace: Rummage sale, Portland, Oregon
Ring: Found by my dad
Purse: Actually a folio from Tanner Leather Goods, Portland, Oregon