Marc Davis: Walt Disney’s Renaissance Man

Oh, here we are with another Disney related post! I have apartment shooting slated for this week, however next week is creeping up on me faster than I thought! And we return to Portland next week for Expo/Patrick’s work/a friend’s wedding. So I must get that in order, in addition to dealing with some other more dull matters regarding the move. I also have my Halloween costume to share with you! And I hope to have that post up within the week too! But for now, here’s a mega Disney geek post!

One of my favorite Disney artists is Marc Davis. If you don’t follow Disney animation or Disney Imagineering history, the name Marc Davis may not mean a whole lot. But if you have enjoyed such Disney animated classics as Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, or visited Disneyland and laughed at the poor trapped African safari on the Jungle Cruise or enjoyed the happy haunts of the Haunted Mansion, then you have seen Marc Davis’ work. Marc Davis was one of Disney’s “Nine Old Men,” who were the core team of animation for Disney. Many would go on to direct and some would go on to work at Disneyland as Imagineers. Marc Davis laid pen the paper and brought to life many of our beloved animated characters, including Tinker Bell, Maleficent, and Cruella De Vil and later went on to do work for attractions at Disneyland. Recently Disney published a book covering Marc Davis’ work, Marc Davis: Walt Disney’s Renaissance Man, and over the weekend Disneyland hosted a signing of the book with several of its contributing authors and Alice Davis, Marc Davis’ wife, who also did work for Disney.

Alice Davis is another favorite Disney legend of mine. We have her to thank for the darling costumes the children of “it’s a small world” are wearing, and the wide array of costumes seen in Pirates of the Caribbean, including the beloved redhead in the auction scene, in fact, many of the scenes throughout Pirates were originally conceived by Marc Davis in concept, and this Alice smoothed out the edges in costume design and construction.

While a short book, it covers Marc Davis’ childhood, self-taught drawing skills that he honed at the zoo, followed by his entry into Disney, working his way to Imagineering. The book showcases a wide range of his work, everything from early portraits to life sketches to animation drawings to concept art for attractions and most surprisingly his stunning abstract art. Alice Davis receives a small section in the back, showcasing some of her early non-Disney costume sketches, as well as those done for “it’s a small world”.

For those who have helped Disneyland become what it is today, by creating memorable moments for families every day, a special honor is receiving a window on Main Street. For those who may be unaware, next time you walk down Main Street take a look up at the windows. Each and every name you see is a real person who had a hand in creating the magic. Both Marc and Alice Davis have windows on Main Street, side-by-side, of course.

It was a true pleasure to meet Alice Davis, as well as many more, including Don Hahn, who was very active in Disney animation during the 80s and 90s, and was involved in the documentary covering that time period, Waking Sleeping Beauty.

Marc Davis: Walt Disney’s Renaissance Man is available at the Disneyland Resort, as well as on Amazon.

Happiest Haunts Materialize!

I can see the end of our move in sight! We’ve had so many random little hiccups during the move in process, but I think I’ll be able to share our new place with you all in the near future! There will still be a few bare spots, as we still quite haven’t found some decor we wish to have, but over time I’m sure the blank spaces will get filled in, the down side to furnishing and decorating the vintage… you may not always find what you want when you want it! In the meantime…last night Patrick and I went on the Happiest Haunts Tour at Disneyland. I know what you’re going to say, “My goodness, another Disneyland post?” But it’s also an outfit post! I guess I should mention that you can expect lots of Disneyland posts! Between being annual pass holders, and living within five miles of the park (close enough we can hear the fireworks, and even see them if positioned just right) and my extreme passion for Disneyland, there will be many visits!

The Disneyland Resort offers quite a few different tours that are available year round at the resort, however during the Halloween and Christmas seasons there are special seasonal tours to tempt guests! Since we had such a marvelous time on our Walking in Walt’s Footsteps Tour last year, we decided we should do all of the tours that the resort offers, selecting the Happiest Haunts Tour as our next one, as it is limited only to the Halloween season, the tour also takes place as dusk arrives, and most of the tour takes place at night.

For our tour I did an extremely simple “Disneybound” of Katrina Van Tassel from the 1949 Disney version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, including a spectacular Sleepy Hollow pin I bought at the Walt Disney Family Museum last time we visited.

Our tour began with a walk down Main Street were we were told about all of the details the resort does to get the spirit of Halloween (pun of course intended) including creating over 300 pumpkins to decorate Main Street alone! As we made our way down Main Street we popped into the Candy Palace for a little trick or treating and received a marshmallow pop before making our way into Adventureland to hear of tales of ancient tribal traditions of communing with the dead.

We then visited New Orleans Square for a ride on the Haunted Mansion, which was decked out for the Halloween and Christmas season with its Nightmare before Christmas overlay. After we exited the attraction we discovered with picked up a hitchhiking ghost! Madam Gracey, who told us of tales of the Haunted Mansion, and she joined us for the rest of our tour. Next we visited Frontierland to look upon Disneyland’s own Halloween Tree, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s story of the same name, and hearing of more ancient ghostly traditions from around the world. We then walked to Big Thunder Mountain where we heard of a spooky tale surrounding the gold rush tour, before riding the attraction. Fantasyland was next for a visit to Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Our last attraction for the tour was Space Mountain, with its Halloween overlay of Ghost Galaxy. We made our way back to Main Street for one more trick or treat stop, receiving a pumpkin cookie and then returning to the tour gardens. As our tour ended, we were also given an exclusive pin, strictly for this year’s tour.

For those close in proximity to Disneyland, or are planning on visiting the Disneyland Resort during the Halloween season, you can learn more about the Happiest Haunts Tour by visiting the Disneyland Resort website. Book as soon as you can! As the tours fill up!

Sweater: Garb-Oh Vintage
Dress: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Nordstorm
Shoes: Remix via a rummage sale
Bangle: Who knows!
Sleepy Hollow Pin: Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, California
Purse: Don’t recall…

Settling In

As I mentioned in my last post, moving in is going a lot slower than we thought. It’s been a game of Tetris for sure, and we’ve had a few hiccups along the way. We also got rid of a great deal of items before leaving, both items that we simply didn’t want or need anymore and items that we wanted new versions of. So we’ve been rushing around trying to make things work out and replenishing our stock of cleaning supplies and groceries. We’ve made four trips to Ikea (a place that I positively loathe) countless trips to Target, and quite a few to Home Depot. There are still unpacked boxes scattered around, and a mound of empty boxes on our patio that we have yet to haul out to the recycling. But here is a little peak into our lives lately. If you follow me on Instagram then these will be old photos to you, but if you don’t follow me (just search for atomic_redhead) or don’t have an Instagram account, then these will be fresh!


I received this delightful golden horseshoe has a going away present from Christine of Living Threads Vintage, one of Portland’s finest vintage clothing stores. Not only does it offer a delightful western touch, the “saloon” inside Disneyland’s Frontierland is called The Golden Horseshoe! I also recently unpacked my boxes of records. Before leaving my dad let me go through his record collection, and I was granted permission to take some of his records, including original pressings of three of Gram Parsons’ albums, The Byrds’ Sweetheart of the Rodeo and the first two Flying Burrito Brothers albums!

One item we got rid of was our entertainment center, wanting to find a Heywood Wakefield buffet or something vintage that could house our TV, media players, and movies. While searching we found one of my dream Hey-Wake pieces, the room divider. Often described as the “Holy Grail” of Hey-Wake, the room divider is one of the most versatile pieces their line, as it is finished all the way around, and can serve, as its name boasts, as a room divider, with cabinets on one side, and open shelving on the other on its lower half, and and open bookcase on top. The piece can act as a wonderful library piece, or as a China hutch of sorts. Additionally, the top and the bottom are two separate pieces, and separating them is very easy, and leaves no trace that the two really go together (for example, there are no holes or pegs to keep the shelf portion in line with the bottom). So for us, we are now using the bottom as our entertainment center, and the top is sitting by itself as a bookshelf. Here you see Patrick setting up our new TV and the room divider as it is suppose to be used. I’m a bit sad that we won’t be using it as it was intended at the moment, but one day we shall reunite the two!


Saturday we took a brief break and went to Disneyland for dinner, where I enjoyed a tasty and adorable coffin shaped cake, and Fantasmic. Fantasmic is quite possibly my favorite thing at Disneyland, and I decided to do my very first Disneybound (wearing street clothing that carries the essence of a Disney character) as Maleficent a la Fantasmic. In case you haven’t been to Disneyland and/or haven’t seen Fantasmic, it is a live, water, fire and laser show that happens along the Rivers of America, where Mickey explores the power of the imagination, and explores beautiful fantasies, while also experiencing nightmares, using live characters, projects on water screens and use of the Mark Twain Riverboat and the Sailing Ship Columbia. The show’s climax is Mickey facing off against Maleficent when she turns into the dragon version of herself and breathes fire and lighting fire to the water. It’s nothing short of spectacular!


Well, there you have it, a quick little update! Now it’s back to unpacking! I really can’t wait to have this place in order and share it with all of you! It may be a series of posts, sharing a room or two at a time to showcase some details within our place.


Tiki Day coincided perfectly with an official Disneyland tiki event, Mahaloween Luau. The event was hosted at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar, a bar located within the Disneyland Hotel, and is nothing short of spectacular. The event included food, drinks and live entertainment. What really peeking my interest was the addition of Imagineers (yes, that is the name that the Walt Disney Company gives their engineering staff) who discussed the history of tiki within Disneyland, including the gone, but not completely forgotten Tahitian Terrace, which was located where Aladdin’s Oasis is now, and personally, I think wasted space. Adventureland could really do with more food aside from the Bangle Tiger Barbecue and the Dole Whip stand, but I digress.  The Imagineers also discussed the upcoming Trader Sam’s that is going to be added to Orlando.

When we arrived we saw many familiar faces from Tiki Day and enjoyed the extended social hour as well as the benefits of the event.

The evening had a fair bit of breeze so my not too painstakingly done hair-do suffered slightly. For the event I wore one of my last purchases in Portland, a Nani of Hawaii black and white number that I picked up at Red Light just days before our move. I loved the bust, and on our way to Trader Sam’s I noticed that the print even had what appeared to be Mickeys in the pattern!


Mahaloween also offered a swag bag, complete with a fabulous zombie tiki mug! And as much as I never intended us to have a tiki mug collection, I think it’s going to happen. Especially considering we bought one at Hale Pele before leaving Portland.

Unpacking is going so much slower than we thought! And these events certainly didn’t help! But I couldn’t resist these fun, once a year events that allowed us to begin socializing with the southern California crowd. And also, we needed a few breaks! But now it’s back the grind, and I hope to have our place squared away by the end of the week! But that may be wishful thinking.

Nani of Hawaii Dress: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Faryl Robin via Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstorm
Bangles: Here and there
Purse: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Parasol: Thrifted by my dad!

Patrick’s Outfit
Shirt: Thrifted by my dad!
Shorts & Shoes: Nordstorm

Third Annual Tiki Day

On Sunday Patrick and I took a break from unpacking for Tiki Day, one of the now many unofficial theme days at Disneyland. We attended last year, and had a blast and were super happy that our move coincided just perfectly for us to attend again this year. Tiki Day is a great time for both tiki lovers and Disney geeks to get together and chat about both, and often wear their tiki Disney gear at the Disneyland Resort. This year I opted for my Enchanted Tiki Room jumpsuit, which you can read more about here.

Last year, since we were just visiting California, we didn’t really get to socialize too much as we were busy trying to do other fun things at the park, but this year we were able to take a much more relaxed approach to Tiki Day. We participated in all of the activities that were arranged, including riding the Jungle Cruise and Sailing Ship Columbia together, visiting the Enchanted Tiki Room, and ending the night at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel. I met so many delightful people, including fellow vintage lovers who offered great information of vintage shops in LA, as well as tiki bars.

This isn’t the end of tiki and Disneyland though! The day after Tiki Day we went to the Maholoween Luau at Trader Sam’s, which I plan to blog about soon! Meanwhile, back to unpacking!

Enchanted Tiki Room Jumpsuit: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: The Clothes Horse, Eugene, Oregon
Bangles: Various
Purse & Scarf: Thrifted

Patrick’s Outfit
Likeke Tiki Shirt: Antiques Colony, San Jose, California
Shorts & Shoes: Nordstorm

Greetings from Orange!

Well, here it is! My first blog post from our new home in Orange! The move so far has been a bit of a surreal experience, and I have been feeling the need to pinch myself to make sure this is actually happening.

Our drive down was pretty uneventful, which is good, as it was safe and smooth. But sadly, moving in and getting things arranged is going a lot slower than I thought, mainly due to I still really hadn’t decided where a lot of things were going to go, and some pieces not working out in the manner I thought they would and needing to run around finding replacement items! I hope to get a blog post up to share our new place with you all once it’s all settled, but in the meantime I hope to share two wonderful Disneyland events that we will be going to tomorrow and the next day! Tomorrow is Tiki Day, which we attended last year and Monday is the Mahaloween Luau at Trader Sam’s, which is an event actually hosted by the Disneyland Resort. I have a dress I would really like to wear for the Mahaloween event, but it’s been in my alteration pile for quite some time and I am doubtful in the stressful atmosphere I’m currently in that I will be able to get it done before Monday. Oh well…

I should probably get back to unpacking! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Brunch Time

Well, the moving countdown continues! We are exactly a week away now! I’ve been continuing to pack as well as make time for all of my friends who still want to hang out before we hit the road. And over the weekend we did some of that, meeting up with Suzanne (of Sweetie Suz) and her husband, Dave. I feel like we are switching places, as Suzanne and Dave just moved up from California to Oregon! Which is why we were able to meet up with them again. You may recall I met Suzanne at Tiki Day, and the two of us met back up again when we were in San Diego not that long ago.

We went out to brunch at Doug Fir, and then popped over to Bombshell Vintage for a bit of shopping before they had to head back to their new home in southern Oregon. Sadly, it looks like Suzanne and I won’t be meeting up for Tiki Day again this year, but we both have plans on attending Viva and Tiki Oasis next year, and hope to meet up again.

I wore this dress and cross section brooch to Black Lodge Burlesque (a David Lynch themed burlesque show) a few weeks back – the brooch being a homage to the Log Lady of Twin Peaks – but failed to capture the outfit before going out. I felt the outfit was also fitting for going out to Doug Fir, which is a kitchy though also kind of swank restaurant that takes its name and runs with it as a theme throughout the restaurant. Like Hale Pele, Doug Fir is another Portland institution that I’ll most certainly miss.

Dress: Villain’s Vintage, Orange, CA
Belt: Nordstorm
Cross Section Brooch: Gift
Bangles: Here and there
Purse: Don’t recall…I think Retro Rejuvenation
Shoes: Remix via a local rummage sale