During our stay at Hicksville we visited a place that could only exist in California, Pioneertown.

I had visited in Pioneertown back in March (though did not blog about it) with my dad, who grew up with heavy doses of the western TV shows in the 50s, which is all how Pioneertown began. Looking to have a permanent 1880s era western town to not only use for sets while filming a variety of western TV shows and movies, but was also a place for those working to stay, as the place had real buildings, instead of just facades (although some are facades), including homes.

Today, Pioneertown is still indeed a real town, with residents, including Bill and JoAnne, who breed and own Pygora goats (often mistaken for sheep – seriously, so many people were saying “Look! Sheep!” when we there there), and use their goats for their fiber and milk. JoAnn sat on the porch of a small shop along Mane Street (get it?) spinning, her and her husband’s goats outside in a small pen. Inside the shop there was a variety of items made from the goats, including hand spun and woven socks, scarves, as well as soap made from the goats’ milk.

The most popular aspect of Pioneertown has to be Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, a true honky-tonk if there ever was one, complete with real cowboys and bikers as patrons, and a small stage for performers. It’s also one of the best places to get some grub in the Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley area. In addition to the strange old sets, small shops and Pappy and Harriet’s there is a motel on site, and I am tempted to stay there in the future, as I’m all about unique destinations.

If you love bizarre, off-beat tourist destinations, or the west, and find yourself even as close as Palm Springs (roughly a 40 minute drive), I suggest a visiting Pioneertown.

Tee: The Jackalope, Austin, Tex.
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Mocs: Minnetonka
Fringe Leather Jacket: I don’t remember!

Kickin’ it at Hicksville

On Sunday Patrick and I had our four year wedding anniversary, and to celebrate we planned a little getaway to a place I’ve been dying to stay at, Hicksville.

Inspired by the Madonna Inn, with its kitschy themed rooms, writer/director Morgan Higby Night created Hicksville by pulling together several vintage travel trailers and theming them. But the fun doesn’t stop there. On site there is a ping-pong table, photo booth, archery and BB gun range, tipi, mini golf course and much more! Plus it’s a short distance from the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park. With nine themed trailers, there were plenty of options, though our mutual love of western made the Pioneer an easy choice, as it was painted to look like a log cabin, fitted with its very own porch and was cowboy themed inside!

During our stay we also ventured to Pioneertown, which I had already visited once before, but Patrick had yet to visit. So stay tuned for another post about that place!

Patrick and I had an absolutely marvelous time, and already have plans to return in spring! If you love kitsch and the desert, I can’t recommend Hicksville enough. Be sure to read the rules and amenities of each trailer before booking to make sure you’re okay with the communal aspect of some of Hicksville’s amenities.

Cowgirl Tee: Atomic Swag
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Mocs: Minnetonka
Fringe Leather Jacket: I don’t remember!!
Scarf: Nordstorm Rack

Once Upon a Wintertime

Earlier this week Patrick and I went on the Holiday Time tour at Disneyland. Like the Happiest Haunts tour we took in the fall, the Holiday Time tour is also seasonal, limited to the time when the Disneyland Resort is celebrating the holidays.

For our tour I wore a pin from a trio I bought at the Walt Disney Family Museum, which featured the couple and sleigh from the 1954 Disney cartoon short “Once Upon a Wintertime”. I remember watching it, along with many other Christmasy Disney cartoons on several VHS tapes as a kid, now if only Disney would release all of those on DVD! Of the other two pins, which may make an appearance during the holiday season, one features the couple as they ice skate, the other features the bunny couple that tag along on the adventure.

Like the Happiest Haunts tour, which discussed the roots of Halloween traditions across the globe, the Holiday Time tour took us through the park as our guide discussed the various holidays celebrated throughout the winter months, and the origins of many of the season’s traditions, as well as drawing attention to the uniquely Disney decorations throughout Disneyland. Our guide offered insider details as to the history and process of decorating the giant Christmas tree found just as guests enter the park. As the tour was holiday themed, we made our way to the three attractions that have decked their halls, including The Jungle Cruise, which during the holiday season is transformed into The Jingle Cruise, as the skippers take passengers through the wilds of the jungle rivers, spotting the missing shipments of holiday decor the skippers were expecting, only to see them be scattered and used by the animals and local natives! We also visited the Haunted Mansion to see how Jack Skellington does Christmas, and then to “it’s a small world”, where decorations from around the world are seen, and carols are sung in a variety of languages. While “it’s a small world” has gotten a bad rap for being annoying with its repetitiveness, the holiday overlay is excellent (and a variety of songs are sung) and the attraction is worth a visit if you are at the resort during the holiday season.

Our tour came to a close with reserved seating for Disneyland’s holiday parade “A Christmas Fantasy” as well as cocoa in souvenir travel mugs, adorable Mickey ear wearing gingerbread men cookies, and of course a pin! While I’m not (yet, as Patrick likes to point out) a crazy pin-trader/collector, I do especially love the pins that the tours offer, as they are unique to the tour, and the seasonal tour pins change every year! I was delighted when I saw this year’s pin featured my favorite Disney pals, Chip and Dale!

If you are in the Anaheim area, or plan on visiting the Disneyland Resort during the holidays, you can learn more about the Holiday Time tour by visiting Disneyland Resort’s website.

Sweater (part of a sweater set): Red Light, Portland, Ore.
Dress: Bombshell Vintage, Portland, Ore.
Belt: Nordstorm
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Purse: Belonged to my grandmother
Pin: Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, Cali.

Mele Kalikimaka!

Today Patrick and I went to Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach for the International Tiki Marketplace. While my interest in tiki is not as deep as some, my brother is really into tiki, and I felt it would be a great opportunity to find him a unique Christmas present.

There were loads of swell vendors, each ranging from artists selling their own wares, which ranged from jewelry to art pieces to clothing, to those selling vintage tiki goods, including mugs, clothing and decor. And we couldn’t help getting something for ourselves too. Patrick came home with a swell shirt, and I got myself a really neat purse, one that I think will work well for both tiki and adventurer chic outfits.

Sweater (part of a sweater set) and purse: Antique Alley, Portland, Ore.
Skirt: Bettie Page Clothing (now Tatyana)
Belt: Belonged to my grand
Pinstriped Shoes & Earrings: Gifts
TCB Necklace: Ebay
Hawaiian Charm Bracelet: Gift from my dad

Merry Kitschmas!

While I finally finished decorating awhile ago, I hadn’t felt up to photographing, especially since the living room had become a bit of a sick bay for me, complete with blankest, humidifier and mug of tea, Jamba Juice, bottles of Gatorade, and a massive pile of DVDs. But I’ve been feeling better, and as December has arrived, I felt it time to share some of our holiday decor.

The ceramic Mary in the last picture is a new addition, and I adore her to no end. I’m tempted to leave her up year-round. You may have noticed there are quite a number of odd little reindeer. I’m obsessed with these little guys. Most were made by Japanese company Dakin, who created the Dream Pets, a line of kooky looking animals made of velveteen and filled with sawdust. But of course knock-offs surfaced over the years as they became more and more popular. The reindeer are by and far my favorite, and I lovingly call them my “demented reindeer collection”. The current tally is 31.

Like previous years, we managed to get four aluminum trees up! Though two are small, one-footer trees. Our two larger trees are entirely decorated with space themed ornaments, with images of stars and planets on them, and even a few with atoms!

This year took what seemed to be an awfully long time to decorate! I think it was a combination of a new space and being sick. But we eventually found home for everything! Though I won’t be surprised if in our Christmas shopping I come across more festive decor that will be added! Additionally this is the first time Patrick and I have had a fireplace! So we need to get ourselves stockings!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Autumnal Hues

I am feeling on the up and up with this cold I’ve had for awhile, and yesterday Patrick and I went out to do a bit of holiday shopping at some of the antique malls in town. Though this is often my problem when I catch something, I start to feel better, run around and do things, and have a relapse, making my cold last longer. Which I think is why this has stuck around for so long, between Joshua Tree and several trips to Disneyland. So Patrick put a cap on the number of shops we went to, limiting it to just three. Currently I’m trying to put together a vintage shopping guide, like the one I did for Portland, for the area we now call home. It may be some time in the works, as there are many places to visit and get a feel for.

I am often a very seasonal color palette kind of girl, and while I have Christmas decorations up, and the streets of Orange feature garlands spanning the streets, inspiration for a very autumnal colored outfit hit me, and while it is still technically fall, I had to wear it! Not to mention I wanted to wear something comfy, as I’m still sniffily. The blouse is on the boxier side, so it’s loose and comfy, though I may put darts in it eventually. And the skirt, is a bit on the big side, but the print was just too marvelous to pass up on when I saw it at my friend Lyndsie’s shop.

For now it’s back to the sofa with some tea and television. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Do you find yourself drawn to seasonal colors when looking for something to wear? Do you have any regiments when you catch a nasty cough or stuffy nose?

Blouse: Simply Vintage Boutique, Portland, Ore.
Skirt: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Ore.
Tooled Leather Shoes: Villains Vintage, Orange, Cali.
Purse: Lafayette School House, Lafyette, Ore.
Saddle Brooch: Found by my dad!
Turquoise Bracelet: Don’t remember…
Saddle Ring: Central Park Antique Mall, Bakersfield, Cali.