Nothing But Blue Skies

Well, I hope you liked Patrick’s first post in his new series! It will be a rather inconstant series (ie: not on a regular weekly or monthly schedule) but a series none the less! Additionally, with the move to southern California, I’m excited to share similar types of posts with you, ones of architecture and filming locations, unique landmarks and a slew of museums that the area has to offer. All fall into my passion for history and am eager to share with you all!

On Sunday, Patrick and I joined fellow vintage and Disney loving friends for a meet-up at Disneyland. You may recall the holiday themed meet-up we went to in November. The theme selected for this January meet-up was “Blue Skies” and those attending were encouraged to wear something blue. I was elated, as blue is my favorite color to wear for January! The initial outfit that I planned when the meet-up was announced consisted of a black wool dress with ice blue accents, including a blue wide brimmed wool felt fedora, but when the weather report announced the day was going to be an incredible 85, I had to rethink my ensemble, and ultimately went for a rather summery “State Fair” look…oh well! It still had blue in it!

To kick off the day we met up in California Adventure and I finally met Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! And look! He was even dressed in blue like us! How fitting!

For those who are not super familiar with Walt Disney and his history, Oswald was one of Walt’s earliest creations, but in 1928 economic hardship and bad relations between Walt and a producer meant that Walt had to let Oswald go. However, on his way home Walt came up with the idea of Mickey Mouse. Since then Oswald was held by NBC Universal, until Disney’s current CEO, Bob Iger, expressed a desire to bring Oswald home, and in 2006 Disney negotiated for Oswald to return to Disney, by trading ESPN (as Disney owns ESPN) sports anchor Al Michaels for Oswald. Yes, Disney traded a real live person for a cartoon, and Michaels now reports for NBC Sports. But Oswald has had quite the homecoming and is now the icon of Disney’s California Adventure and loved by many who visit the park.

As a group, we went on various attractions together, and of course got many questions, most asked “Is it Dapper Day?” Some with a hint of horror in their voice, fearing they had missed it. As the sun went down we boarded the Mark Twain for a leisurely cruise along the Rivers of America.

I didn’t snap too many group photos, as we used someone’s PhotoPass+, and I’m still waiting on those photos, but I couldn’t wait to share, as we had so much fun! Maybe I’ll share them on my Facebook page…So if you don’t already like Atomic Redhead on Facebook, go do it now!

Boater: Garage Sale!
Suit: House of Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Nude Fishnets: Oroblu, Nordstorm
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Purse: Found by my dad!
Disneyland Brooch: TheEmaE74
Disneyland Charm Bracelet: Can’t remember!

Patrick’s Outfit
Short: Living Threads, Portland, Oregon
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Shoes: Nordstorm

Case Study House #25

When Janey and I moved to California we already had a list of places we wanted to visit, and then I remembered that the majority of the famous Cast Study houses were in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. I first heard about the Case Study House program while taking an architecture course in college, although Janey had already previously known about them, and the homes were quickly added to our list of places to go.

It so happened that one of the Cast Study houses was close to Don the Beachcomber, where we were for Tiki Marketplace, and we made a quick stop before heading home.

After World War II, the magazine Arts & Architecture, lead by several young editors, embarked on an ambitious program against the “speculation [of housing design] in the forms of reams of paper” that dominated discussion of post-war housing.

The goal of the project as they saw it was to…

… begin immediately the study, planning, actual design and construction of eight houses, each to fulfill the specifications of a special living problem in the Southern California area.

They then invited eight architects including Richard Neutra, Charles Eames and Eero Sarrinen and asked them to submit designs that fit the constraints of creating “good living conditions for eight American families” within contemporary styles and strict budgets and most importantly…

… each house must be capable of duplication and in no sense be an individual performance.

As insane and ambitious as the plan was it was wildly successfully, the houses were put on public display and had over 350,000 visitors when they were opened to the public before being closed and used by either the client the home was intended for or the architect’s own use. The program was so successful that it continued into the 60s with almost 30 homes.

Now that you have a bit of background, today I bring you the first in a new series, Cast Study Houses. As Janey and I visit the Cast Study houses that are scattered about California, I will be guest writing a post sharing photos and the history of the house and their revolutionary designs.


Even among Case Study houses #25 is fairly unique. Built in 1962, long after the original eight houses, it was built for a “bachelor and boating enthusiast” along the Napels Canal in Long Beach, and designed by Edward Killingsworth. The front of the house faces the canal, with no street access directly in front. The garage is located in the back.

You make your way to the 17 foot, yes, 17 foot, front door by way of stepping stones across a reflecting pool that continues into the lath covered 2 story atrium.








The house is still in incredible condition and surprisingly blends in nicely to the eclectic collection of houses around it. The house is divided into 3 parts, on the right side (facing the house) are the main living areas all the bathrooms, bedrooms the kitchen, living room and dining room are all the same side and the atrium on the left side.

Below is a photo from the original article about the house, showcasing the atrium and walls of glass revealing the rooms within

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.19.41 PM

Behind the atrium is the garage on the first floor and a terrace on the second. A large olive tree was planted to give the master bedroom some privacy. The original article talks about the architect worrying that the large front door would constitute a “performance” under the program, but the magazine found that the massive front door was essential to the experience of the atrium.

I’m looking forward to visiting some more houses including the Stahl house and the Eames house both of which offer tours. The rest are all private residences but you see them from the outside and in the original articles.

Where the Palm Trees Sway

Today Patrick and I decided to go to the International Tiki Marketplace, as I felt I was sorely lacking in tiki-riffic hair flowers, and I remembered there being several women selling some fabulous hair flowers there when we went last month.

It was unbelievably windy when we snapped these pictures! I’m still getting used to these incredibly windy days that California has every once in awhile.

I was also keeping an eye open for a fresh Hawaiian frock to add to my closet, but there were not many vendors with clothing this time, but my hair flower mission was a success! I bought these two beauties from Fancy Fruits.

After eating lunch at Don the Beachcomber, we took a small detour home to take some pictures of what will become a new series on the blog that Patrick will be writing. So look for that soon!

Blouse & Palm Tree Skirt: Simply Vintage Boutique, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Purse: Thrifted
Palm Tree Brooch: Expo
Bangles: Here and there

Hello, What Have We Here?

Today Patrick and I decided to pop over to Disneyland for lunch, yeah, we do that. We both needed a break (I’ve been cramming in Etsy drafts in the weeks leading up to my first day with the Resort), and were craving corn dogs. We also snapped a few pictures of this new tee I just bought and I’m utterly in love with.

As some of you may remember from my last Wizard World post, Lando Calrissian is my favorite Star Wars character, and I was overjoyed when I saw something with him on it at the park, so I had to snag it, besides, it’s hilarious. I’ve also been digging crazy 70s and early 80s stuff lately. I blame a recent re-watch of American Hustle, and when I saw these platforms at Buffalo for $9.00, I couldn’t pass ‘em up. Although I quickly learned today I’m not great in super platforms.

We also bumped into Solanah of Vixen Vintage who was celebrating her cousin’s birthday! It was nice to see a familiar face from the Pacific Northwest! The park was unbelievably empty, although there are a great number of attractions closed at the moment, some due to the holidays (such as the Haunted Mansion and it’s a small world) and others are being refurbished or getting touch-ups so, I assume, they can be nice and sparkly when Disneyland celebrates its 60th birthday later this year.

Lando Tee & Purse: Disneyland
Vintage Levis Jeans: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange, Fullerton, California
Earrings: Aquanetta

When You Wish Upon a Star

Things have been rather quite lately, haven’t they? Well, for good reason! I’ve been rather stressed out as I’ve had several interviews for the beginnings of my dream job. Some of you may have read in my California Bound post that “I no longer see a viable career for me here [Portland] . . . Today I have new career goals, and they can only happen in California.” Well, those career goals are something I’ve kept under wraps, but as I have now achieved the first step, I feel I can finally share some really big news with you all. I am now a Cast Member for the Disneyland Resort.

Working at Disneyland is something I have given great thought to over the years. When I was in college, I saw a flyer for the Disney College Program and thought about doing it, but I had never even done sleep-away camp, and, as I was still very close to home, was fearful of such a dramatic change. Additionally I was in a very good relationship at the time (with Patrick), and I didn’t want to risk losing that. Which was a good move, as we eventually got married. I pushed aside the thought for some time, telling myself it was childish and irrational, along with a slew of other notions, but the idea kept nagging at me, tugging at me every time we set foot inside Disneyland as Guests. As I attempted to go forward with opening up a vintage clothing shop in Portland, I was learning more and more about what it meant to be a shop owner, the rigors of having to quite literally hunt to put food on your table and pay your bills. That wasn’t for me. The more we visited Disneyland the more I realized that freshman college me was right all along, Disneyland is where I should be.

I will openly admit that at this time, I am not fully aware of all of the social media restrictions for Cast Members, so this post may be removed in the near future. I probably won’t know until a month from now, when I begin training and finally start making dreams come true for others. But I couldn’t wait to share with all of you this huge step in my life! It is a true thrill and I am overjoyed!

An important note on future Disneyland posts. Currently I plan to continue my Disneyland posts, sharing things such as tours or other unique events. But keep in mind that anything that is said is my own opinion, and that I do not speak for or represent Disney as a company or any of its affiliates.

Cultivating the Magic

Over the weekend Patrick and I took what is perhaps the most unique tour that is offered at Disneyland, the Cultivating the Magic tour. This tour highlights the vast and unique vegetation found throughout Disneyland. The Park’s history and seasonal changes were showcased as our tour guide took us throughout the park, describing the extensive work that a large team of horticulturists do each day throughout the year, from changing plants out seasonally, such as the iconic floral Mickey, to the detailed pruning that is done to the miniature plants found in Storybookland.

Like with all of the Disneyland tours, this one came with an exclusive pin, which featured the Disneyland Rose, as well as a seed packet for guests to plant at home.

When looking at the various tours that are offered, we were told that the Cultivating the Magic tour changes somewhat with the seasons, and I can say that I look forward to taking it again, possibly next summer, as some plants that were mentioned during the tour were not in bloom, such as the Disneyland Rose. We also enjoyed several attractions, including Storybookland and the Jungle Cruise, in which our tour group were the only members on board, and our tour guide provided the narration to both attractions (instead of the Storyteller for Storybookland and the Skipper for the Jungle Cruise) giving insight into the processes behind maintaining the plants on the attractions, as well as the types of plants used. The Cultivating the Magic tour was certainly fun and informative, and full of unique bits of Disneyland trivia.

For the tour I decided to combine both Disney and flowers by wearing my Ferdinand the Bull pin, as Ferdinand loves nothing more than to sit under his cork tree and smell the flowers. And I pulled from the colors in the pin when deciding what to wear. It was actually a slightly chilly day, but the cooler temperatures allowed me to wear one of my favorite pieces of clothing, a 50s fleece pullover! Yes, a 50s fleece pullover! It is hands down one of the softest things in my closet, plus it’s my absolute favorite color! I honestly can’t believe I debated buying it when I saw it at Simply Vintage.

There are still more Disneyland tours for us to take, and I can’t wait for our next one! I just need to decide! You can read more about the Cultivating the Magic tour, as well as learn how to book a tour by visiting Disneyland’s website. And if you’re an Annual Passportholder, you get a discount!

Fleece Pullover: Simply Vintage Boutique, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Tatyana (when it was Bettie Page Clothing), Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Re-Mix
Mexican Tourist Jacket: Gift from my dad!
Ferdinand the Bull Pin: Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, California
Hair Clip (not really visible): Gift
Earrings: Aquanetta
Turquoise Bracelet: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Turquoise Ring: Don’t remember!

Gifts from Afar

There are many things I love about the vintage community, and especially the vintage blogging community. There are so many women I have met through blogging that, while we may have never shared a warm hug of hello, I would call a friend. Through our mutual blogs, we peek into each others’ lives, learn about one another, and through comments and Facebook we build friendships over the internet.

One of these persons is Emileigh, of Flashback Summer. Not only does Emileigh have a very inspiring and interesting blog, she is also very sweet, and she recently thought of me when some Egyptian items came into her possession. She was very aware of my passion for Egypt, and my “adventurer chic” look, and she even did a guest post with her own spin on the look! Plus she used to live in Egypt! How neat is that? So I was very pleasantly surprised when a packaged arrived the other day with darling items from far off Egypt!

I can’t wait to wear the necklace, and Emileigh even mentioned that she had seen the coins made into jewelry! Something I may do myself one of these days! Thank you once again for your kindness and thoughtfulness, Emileigh!