120 Film at Disneyland

Taking our Kodak Dual Flex II (one of many vintage cameras we own) and shooting 120 film has become a tradition of ours when visiting Disneyland. However I’m not sure how often this tradition will continue, as we will be visiting Disneyland more often and 120 film isn’t exactly cheap, but it sure is a lot of fun, but for the time being, here is a look at some of the shots from our most recent visit to Disneyland.

Patrick has gotten much better over the years in determining distance, and it shows each time as we seem to have more and more good photos, so there are quite a few here! Like previous 120 posts, all of these photos are exactly as they were shot – no editing has occurred (with the exception of watermarks).

Currently we’re up to our ears in boxes as we pack up our apartment that has been our home for the last four years. We have just a few more weeks left in the Rose City and we’re working to get rid of stuff and pack, but still have fun with many of our friends. Once again, I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be getting in between now and getting settled in our new home, but stay tuned!

Treasure Island

After visiting Mission San Juan Bautista, we took a very quick detour to visit another filming location, the Treasure Island Administration Building, located on Treasure Island between San Francisco’s downtown and Oakland. The building is one of the most accessible filming locations from one of my favorite films, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. While Petra may be the most iconic location in the film, Jordan isn’t exactly easy for just anyone to visit.

Seem familiar? Well, the Administration Building of Treasure Island was used for the airport in Berlin.

I didn’t do must research to see if we could go inside (as it was really the exterior that was important), but we arrived after 5:00 and when I pulled at the massive doors they were locked.

After snapping a few quick pictures, we intended to go to Mountain View Cemetery to visit the grave of Elizabeth Short (a good follow up to visiting where her body was found). But time and unpleasant weather (as you can see it was quite windy, and rather chilly, and I wasn’t exactly dressed for it!) ruled it out. While I was initially bummed out, I recently saw Elisa of Like a Tree in the Desert visited, and I saw how beautiful the cemetery was! I would have been even more upset to just run in and run out of such a gorgeous cemetery! I had no idea it was so stunning! I think that a visit to Mountain View will happen in the future, maybe next time we visit the Walt Disney Museum we’ll swing by, as I think it deserves a proper visit with ample time to walk around.

While I usually do a haul post from the shopping we do while traveling, our apartment has recently been taken over by the titanic task that is packing up our apartment, and leaves it in a rather unfit state to take pictures, plus one garment has already been shoved into the bag to go to the dry-cleaner, another had seam split, and already been packed up in a box labeled “Repairs Pile”, and another is in the hand-wash pile. But I am certain that over time you’ll see my treasures from this road trip. I think this wraps it up for post from this trip, with the exception of our 120 shots from Disneyland, which have just now been dropped off to be developed. But as you can see, these posts have really highlighted what it is about California that is so alluring to me; roadside Americana, Disneyland, and filming locations, among so many other things that I look forward to visiting once we get settled into our new place. I’m unsure how much more blogging will happen between now and arriving in Orange, we have a little under a month left in the City of Roses, but I’m certain a few posts will get in!

Mission San Juan Bautista

After securing our apartment and spending time in Disneyland, we headed back north, stopping at Mission San Juan Bautista. I had visited this mission back in 2006 with my dad, but at the time, we could not go inside, and I was eager to revisit the location and step inside the 15th Spanish mission, as well as the site of the climax of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo. In this post you’ll find screencaps from Vertigo intermixed with my own photos, as done similarly with my past Vertigo location posts, which you can read here and here.

I suggest not going any further unless you’ve seen Vertigo!

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California Bound

So I’ve debated when to post this…now, or after all of our road trip posts, but I think I’ll go with now. Some of you may have noticed that our trip to California was a bit long. And that is because Patrick and I were on a secret mission! And that mission was successful! We are moving to California! Orange to be exact! And I couldn’t be more excited!

This is a move I’ve wanted to make for a few years now, but it wasn’t possible until now, mainly do to Patrick’s unique job situation (tech start-ups and acquisition transitions are quite complex) and I am thankful that we are now capable of making such a move, and I am thankful for Patrick’s willingness to try this huge shift.

I expressed the desire to move to some in my social circles, some of whom were California transplants, and they became nothing but Negative Nancys about it, and as the notion became more of a reality, I began to button up about it. So if you’re one of those who is wondering why I would ever leave Portland, the mecca of vintage, here are a few reasons.

First off I’m bored. So bored that I am teetering on the verge of depression. The truth is, that aside from vintage shopping there isn’t much else for me to do here. And vintage clothing isn’t all there is to life. And in fact, the frequency of my shopping was causing problems, mainly with space. And while I have a new found love of sewing, it too creates more garments, though at a slower rate. While Portland, and Oregon in general, has a lot of offer with regards to the outdoors, such as skiing, snowboarding, camping, rafting, hiking, that just isn’t my scene. I’m a history and film geek, I enjoy museums, visiting historical landmarks and filming locations. Oregon’s history is dullsville to me, and doesn’t offer much with regards to film history. California meanwhile is rich in history that is actually appealing to me. Additionally, there are way more museums, not just on California history subjects, but on general subjects that don’t have museums in Oregon, like neon museum or an entire museum dedicated to strictly modern art! Both of which Los Angeles have. I realized I could fill ten years of vacations in just California, and I really want to see more of the world, and by living in California, Patrick and I can make day-trips and weekend visits of the long list of places I want to visit, and take real vacations somewhere else.

Secondly, I am tired of Oregon’s trademark rain and evergreens. The rain limits my desire to go outside, as my wardrobe has never been rain-friendly, nor have I ever really seen a way for it to be so without my personality and taste disappearing, and let’s be honest, rain isn’t fun. I began to dread the rain, and the evergreens were boring and creepy. Our multiple visits to California over the last few years solidified a passion for palm trees, cacti and tropical flowers, such as birds of paradise, and I one day hope to have a beautiful garden full of these.

Thirdly, I no longer see a viable career for me here. When I moved back to Portland after graduating from the University of Oregon, I envisioned opening up my own vintage clothing store, but over the last four years I have learned so much by befriending multiple shop owners, and witnessing their struggles. In those four years I became friends with two shop owners to closed their doors, and witnessed two friends open stores, and listened their their woes and struggles, in addition to the already established shop owners I became friends with, and I came to the conclusion I could not be a shop owner, for a variety of reasons. Vintage is getting harder to find and more expensive. And I won’t lie, here in Portland, it can feel rather cutthroat, as we have a plethora of brick and mortar shops, as well as strictly on-line sellers. It takes a special kind of person with an extreme passion for vintage to own and operate a vintage clothing shop, and in witnessing my friends’ struggles, I realized that I didn’t have that passion in me. While I love vintage, I just can’t do what they do to stay afloat. I greatly admire the people I have met who own and operate their own shops, who pay their bills with vintage, but I know I cannot be one of them. Today I have new career goals, and they can only happen in California.

So what does this mean for the blog? Well, there will certainly be a less blogging as we pack up, move and get settled. But I also think this means I will blog more! And more on the subjects I care about! My blog was never meant to be a strict fashion blog, it just became that, and I was growing unhappy with that. I honestly think I will be doing more and wanting to share more, more than just outfits! Visits to filming locations, museums, etc. And what does this mean for my Etsy shop? Well, the shop will go into Vacation Mode sometime soon, and stay in said mode until we are settled, then I plan to continue to keep selling strictly vintage sewing patterns.

To those who were aware that this move was in the works, I thank you for keeping it on the down-low, as I requested. I also want to thank you for all of your kind words of support.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more from our road trip!

Disneyland Daze

After three days on the road we checked into our hotel in Anaheim before doing a bit of shopping, but that’s another post! Right now I want to talk about Disneyland!

This trip to Disneyland wasn’t for any special event like Rock Around the Park or Tiki Day, it was a much more relaxed one, a much needed vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth. The days were a complete blur, and instead of splitting them up into different posts for each day, I’m just going to offer a catch-all Disneyland post of our days in the park, including three different outfits!

Early on one day I met up Chip and Dale, who adored my newly purchased ears, but had a bit of an argument as to which side should face front!

They also liked my Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers tee! And I also popped over to Gadget’s Go Coaster and snapped a picture with Gadget. I hope to go as her for Halloween or for a con sometime.

I also did one thing I’ve wanted for awhile, a parasol from Disneyland, especially since they can now do character designs! I opted for my name, Mickey shaped balloons, castle, and Maleficent, since she is my favorite aspect of my favorite show at Disneyland, Fantasmic.

I can seriously never get enough Disneyland. There is so much to do, see and experience.

Day One Outfit
Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Tee: Ebay
Black Clam Diggers: Hollywood Babylon, Portland, Oregon
Mocs: Minnetonka
Chip & Dale Ears: Disneyland
Purse: Target (a last minute in Anaheim buy as my original purse broke!)

Day Two Outfit
Blouse: The Brick Basement, Fullerton, California
Shorts: Patti Smith West, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Don’t remember!
Cowboy Hat: Disneyland

Day Three Outfit
Disneyland Tee & Parasol: Disneyland
Shorts: Patti Smith West, Portland, Oregon

The Wagon Wheel

Yes, we are still in California! Although the Disneyland portion of our trip is over, we still have lots of plans! Meanwhile I want to share with you our detour to the Wagon Wheel.

As some readers of this blog will already know, I am a complete and utter sucker for roadside Americana. Seriously, I brake for old neon signs, or in this case, frantically exit the freeway.

On our way south on the 101 my eye caught sight of a ginormous neon sign featuring a buckboard wagon with horses pulling it. I quickly changed lanes to exit the freeway as Patrick attempted to locate the sign on his phone for us to get there without getting too lost. We ended up on Saddle Avenue, and also saw signs of Winchester Drive and Cactus Drive before coming upon a pile of rubble with this gorgeous sign towering above.

As I snapped pictures through the chain link fence, my mind raced with thoughts of what this place must of looked like, and my heart ached to think that yet another piece of roadside Americana bit the dust. Patrick meanwhile was busy looking up the history of the Wagon Wheel on his phone.

Built in 1947 by Martin “Bud” Smith, the Wagon Wheel Motel and Restaurant quickly became an icon of the city of Oxnard, with its stunning neon, and western themed building. Later Smith added more buildings, including a roller rink and a bowling alley, both of which still stood during our visit, though the Wagon Wheel itself had been reduced to a mound of concrete hunks and twisted iron rods.

The restaurant portion closed in 2005, and the motel shut its doors the following year. Preservationists attempted to get landmark status as plans began to roll out to demolish the motel and build bland, cookie-cutter homes, and a group even sued the city of Oxnard over the project. But, as you can see, history lost in the end, making way for housing. Though it seems like it’s slow going, as I was shocked to learn that the site was bulldozed back in 2011, though it looks as if it were just yesterday!

Lots more to come from our trip to California! Stay tuned!

On the Side of the Road

…just outside of Cholame there is a lonely stretch a road that winds between sun drenched hills there is an intersection that is the location, on a September 30th, one of the brightest stars in Hollywood was snuffed out. James Dean.

I had been to the crash site of James Dean as a kid, in fact you’ll get to see that in a bit, but it had been years, and it was worth a revisit for me, also Patrick had never been.

While there is a James Dean memorial along the highway, the actual crash site where James Dean met his end is at the intersection of 41 and 46 (though in 1955, it was 466), and those in the know pay their respects there. Often it’s easy to spot as those who love Jimmy leave tokens.

It was incredibly winding and brutally hot. I was thankful for wearing a dress that was a little too big and sans belt. Plus we had been on the road since 7 in the morning, so comfort was a bit of a priority.

After stopping at the crash site, we went to the memorial.

I also felt a need to recreate a childhood photo. I think this photo is from 1996…

Shame the rattle snake sign wasn’t there anymore!

I guess it should be noted that we have indeed arrived in California and are off having lots of fun adventures! And as much as I love instant blogging, my 11-inch laptop is quite the change from our 27-inch iMac with regards to editing photos! Also I’m often just beat by the end of the day! So we’ll see if more blogs posts happen while we’re here! Otherwise it will be a flood of posts when we get back to Portland!